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					                                    Lease Agreement Between
                        ________________ Gardens and ________________ PO
                                 G= Garden, PO = Property Owner

_________________________, owner, agrees to lease the property located at _______________________ in
____________ (city) free of charge to __________________________garden. The property is ____________
square feet not including the __________________________.

The leased property is to be used as a public community garden with subleased plots, to be administered by
________________________garden. This lease agreement shall commence ________________(date) and
continue through ____________________(date).

__________________________garden agrees to sublease plots to ___________________________ at
_______________________ for $______________during the 2010 season). _____________________garden
agrees to pay the full cost of water used during the time the lease is active.

______________________PO agrees to care for the front lawn leading up to the gates surrounding the
community garden area. ________________________ garden agrees to coordinate the planting and
maintenance of perennial plants around the garden area, with boundaries as follows:
       - ________________________PO will maintain landscaping and plants outside the gates
       - ________________________garden will maintain landscaping and plants inside the gates.

This lease agreement will be reviewed at the termination date stated above with the option of renewal each year
according to the desires of ________________PO. _____________________PO agrees to permit
________________________garden and the community gardeners participating on the leased property to hold
at least one community party/event on the property.

__________________________garden agrees to act lawfully and will operate at all times in accordance with the
city and county zoning codes. The garden “Rules and Regulations” are attached to and considered part of this
lease agreement.

________________________garden will be open daily to the public from 6am to 9pm. The garden’s Rules and
Regulation will be visibly posted at the entrance of the garden. If any member of the public acts in violation of
these Rules and Regulation, they will be given a preliminary warning. If a further violation occurs the individual
will be asked to leave the property for the remainder of the day. If repeated violations occur, the individual will be
officially banned from the garden.

All gardeners will be required to sign a “waiver of liability” clause as well as an agreement to the garden Rules
and Regulations as part of the plot rental application (see attached “Rules and Regulation” and “Community
Gardener Application” documents).

__________________garden agrees to hold an active general liability insurance plan for the property during the
full duration of the lease agreement.

____________________garden will not discriminate against any individual or group on the basis of sex, race,
sexual orientation, religion or political affiliation.

At the termination of this agreement the site will be returned to the owner in a neat and orderly condition.

Property owner:

____________________________                                                   ___________
Property Owner                                                                    Date

For _____________________garden:____________________________                                     ___________
     (                  ) Director                                                                    Date


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