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Experience the new Italian cuisine at NYC


The best Italian restaurant in NYC with the ambiance to sooth your mood and make you feel happy. The inviting candles, the soft aria which pulls you closer to the restaurant. The mesmerizing view of the New York and the aroma tantalize of your taste buds! You have been transported to a city of true essence of Rome and Italian Lifestyle.

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									                           Experience the new Italian cuisine at NYC

Lattanzi, the restaurant is a standing landmark in the city serving the best theatre district cuisine
in a traditional way. The space, ambiance reflects a different part of Italy’s style and its heritage
all that enhance your dining experience.

In our romantic and relaxed setting, you can celebrate and enjoy the flavors of Rome and whole
lot of Italian peninsula. The family of Lattanzi ensures every single detail from cooking till it is
served on the customer’s table. Our only motto is that each meal should be memorable, unique
and full of fun which would make you drop at Lattanzi again and again to enjoy Italian cuisine

Learn more about our cuisine!

As you enter Lattanzi, you discover a different world under thief roof. The ambiance is masked it
red bricks, wooden beams which gives you a feel of warmth, coziness and stylish. The restaurant
looks sophisticated and stylish. Each room within the restaurant has a different charm to admire.
An open sky garden welcomes you to Lattanzi, A Street-level bar provides you for a vocational
drink with your friends and family before you hit the menu card. At the second level, you may
discover the real beauty of New York City. The evening around green plants and trees and cool
breeze crossing you and making you feel special once again

Give us our time; we will serve you the best

There are many pre-theater restaurants NYC but none can be like Lattanzi. Lattanzi takes care
of your single detail you wish to include in your dish.

Lattanzi has been a proponent of fine dining what has come to be called “Slow food” Each and
every component of the dish is carefully chosen and used. Time and love has a vital role to play.
They become our main ingredient of every dish we prepare in our kitchen

When you drop in to Lattanzi for Pre Theater dining NYC makes sure you have ample amount
of time. There is quick meal at Lattanzi but that does not mean we serve “fast food”. We prepare
with New York Timing in mind, yet with every single meal we serve, we delight you with the
freshness of the ingredients and the taste which will make your palates to crave for more tasty

Italian restaurant is catching its space in the hotel industry. Italian food is now more preferred to
other cuisines and here, Lattanzi occupies the place as one of the best Italian restaurant NYC.
The romantic ambiance, the soft music and the sky open, makes you feel as you have dropped in
a safe haven on earth. Lattanzi prides to top the list of best Italian restaurants NYC

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