Nail UV lamp: Importance in the nail care industry by rockam2012


									Nail UV lamp: Importance in the nail care industry

Nail UV lamps are becoming very popular now days, with the increase in demands of gel
nails in the fashion world; everyone wants to have perfect nails. With the increase in the
number of daily fashion products, everyday one or the other product is available in the
market. Gel nails are one of such new product which has emerged as a big demand;
everyone wants to get these gel nails as they are like natural nails but are very beautiful.
These nails look glamorous and add sheen to the whole personality. For getting these nail
enhancements, UV lamps are required. These lamps are easily available in the market in
different bulb watts, one can select as per the need and usage.

For home use these nail UV lamps are available with low watt bulbs so that one can use
them easily and safely at home. One can cure nails by using these nail lamps by using
simple steps like:

   ●   First, remove the old nail polish from the nails by using the remover.
   ●   Clean your nails with some hand wash.
   ●   Then apply a thin coat of primer on the nails and let them dry.
   ●   Take a simple gel kit which can be used at home.
   ●   Apply a thin coat of gel with brush on the nails.
   ●   Always remember to apply it from the middle and not on the cuticle.
   ●   Cure the nails by keeping them under the nail UV lamp for three minutes.
   ●   Apply the second coat in the same as the first and place the nails again under the
       lamp for two minutes.
   ●   You get the best gel nail as the result.

Nail care industry(fresa per unghie industria) have suddenly emerged as one of the most
followed industry, many nail salons have established by seeing the demands increasing.
Now even people are becoming aware of these nail enhancements and are willing to get
them. The nail UV lamps are very equipped as they can perform various tasks related to gel
nails, nail polish, etc.

The UV light cured nails look extremely stylish and are very natural looking, one can easily
maintain them. These lamps are available in various sizes, from small portables to the big
sizes for professional use. One can get the portable one for personal use as they can be
stored easily, sleek designs are also available. These are like boon for everyone, now no one
will face the problem of bad nails, everyone can get best looking nails.

Proper care should be taken before using these UV nail lamps, as these bulbs are very hot.
The far the lamp is placed; more time is taken for curing the nails. Professional facilities are
also available for getting cured nails, so if one is not confident to do the process than it is
must to take professional services. Everyone wants to have beautiful nails and these UV
lamps are the perfect solution for completing the desire.

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