The license plates are available to daughters only by 8KY1ZJPu


									                                                            NEWS OF STATE INTEREST
                                           APPROVAL FOR ALABAMA DAR LICENSE PLATE GRANTED
                                                                                             The license plates are available to Daughters only! First
                                                                                          brought to members’ attention at the 2007 State Conference,
                                                                                          approval was finally granted April 4, 2008. Generic tag shown at
                                                                                             The tags will be $50.00 over and above cost of regular license
                                                                                          plates. The $50 is tax deductible.
                                                                                             An Alabama Daughter can go in anytime and complete an
                                                                                             We must sell 250 plates by June 1, 2009 for the tag to be
                                                                                          allowed. If the minimum isn’t met, all money received will be
                                                                                             If minimum is met by June 1, 2009, when it is time to get
                                                                                          your new tag, you will take your receipt for the $50 and they
                                                                                          will issue you the Daughters of the American Revolution plate.
                                                                                             Questions? Contact Raylene Izak, Heroes of Kings Mountain.

                                                                                       Doris Estes, Chairman, Public Relations and Media Committee
During District Meetings, 8 of the 9 members of the nominating                       “Your Alabama Daughters are doing an amazing job, “ said Lee Hunt,
committee will be elected, two from each district. Every member                   Southeastern Chairman, Public Relations and Media Committee.
should familiarize themselves with the bylaws pertaining to this most                Thank you for the publicity you generated last year. Let’s do equally
important event.                                                                  good next year – the more publicity that you do, the more publicity is
                                 ARTICLE V                                        created.
                   Nomination and Election of Officers                               Let us review the basics: Plan your publicity. Make a calendar to
Section 1. Nominating committee. There shall be a nominating                      remind you of each step of your program. Make contact with newspapers,
committee composed of nine (9) members, two from each of the four                 radio, and TV to find out who will handle your publicity. Make sure your
districts and one (1) from the Board of Management. The members                   publicity reaches the correct person. Make an appointment to find out
representing the districts shall be elected at the fall district meetings prior   their preferences. Some like email; others will never see your PSA
to the election year and shall not be from the same chapters: an alternate
                                                                                  (Public Service Announcement) unless hand delivered or sent by mail.
for each representative shall be elected; persons eligible to vote at this fall
                                                                                     Go to our websites for help with your PSA:
district meeting shall be as specified in these bylaws in addition to state
officers who may vote in their respective districts. One-fourth of the
authorized district voting representation shall constitute a quorum.               
    The member and an alternate from the Board of Management shall be                Use the “10 Tips for Writing Effective News Releases” mentioned on
elected at the October meeting of the Board of Management, prior to the           the NSDAR website. Keep a camera handy!
election year and shall not be a current state officer or a member of a              Call your media contact a few days after submission to ask if the
chapter already represented on the nominating committee. These                    information was received and if there are questions. Please use your best
nominating committee members and alternates shall be elected by ballot            manners - we want them to remain our friends.
and a plurality vote shall constitute election. Nominees with the highest            After your publicity has run, don’t forget to thank your contacts.
number of votes shall be declared the representatives. If a representative           Also use electronic bulletin boards, posters, cable companies, and
is unable to attend the meeting of the nominating committee, the alternate        other venues. Try piggybacking – if your area is having an event, try to
with the next highest number of votes shall become the representative.            connect some of our programs to that event.
    The member from each district may be elected to two consecutive                  See you at our District Conference for more information.
terms; the second member elected from each district shall not have served
on the immediate past nominating committee. No member of the
committee shall serve more than two consecutive terms.
    The state regent shall appoint a temporary chairman to call the
committee together at which time a permanent chairman shall be elected.
    The nominating committee shall select a nominee for each office to be
filled. The district representative members of the nominating committee
shall request all chapters in their districts to suggest nominees with their
qualifications for any state office.
        The Northern District Regents Council met in Cullman on May
        31 to update the standing rules and conduct the council's business.
Phyllis O'Connell, Northern District Director installed the new officers.                  TENNESSEE MEMBER’S GRAVE MARKED
From left, Phyllis O'Connell, Council President, Susan Jump, Secretary,        The William Rufus King Chapter marked the grave of Grace Landis
Candace Krugh, Treasurer, Betty Knight, and Historian, Rhonda Van McMillon, April 23, 2008, at Old Methodist Cemetery, Monroeville.
Zandt.                                                                         Mrs. McMillon, a member of Shelby Chapter, Shelbyville, TN, died on
                                                                            Sept. 25, 1956. When Mrs. McMillon's belongings were disposed of a
        Thank you for your participation in the Scholarship Program grave marker was found with a note to have it placed at her gravesite.
        last year. I look forward to seeing you at the August District The marker was stored and the task never completed. Her granddaughter-
Meetings. Contact me if you have questions or need additional in-law, a member of William Rufus King, requested the chapter fulfill the
information.        Roberta Haden Greene ASDAR Scholarship Chairman request. Members of Old Federal Road Chapter and the Monroeville SAR
                                                                            attended the ceremony. (L-R) Dorothy McMillon (WRK) Sarah
        If you have your dolls ready for the Continental Congress Tea Countryman (OFR) Susan Loftin (OFR) Jean Wright (OFR) Dorothy
        2009 please bring them to our District Meetings where a table Klepac (OFR) Dora Pelham (OFR) Carolyn Dunaway (WRK) Seleta
will be reserved for them.                     Helen Hahn, Tea Chairman Llewellyn (WRK) Amy Sims (WRK) Madelyn Bowles (WRK)

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