20 Colorful And Trendy Umbra Bathroom Accessories

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					20 Colorful And Trendy Umbra Bathroom Accessories For A
Flamboyant Bathroom
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Great many bathroom accessories are needed not for just adding the finishing touch to your bathroom but also
to provide the basic functionalities for a smooth lifestyle. The colorful and trendy bathroom accessories from
Umbra are sure to brighten up the space. Each one of them is designed with detailing and can create a more
cheerful bathroom atmosphere. Mix Match these stylish accessories to induce a distinct character to the space.

1. Umbra Banu Bamboo Bath Mat – Natural

The oval banu bamboo bath mat is a very stylish design, featuring wood slats and
slip resistant rubber feet. It will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your
bathroom and is highly functional. Designed by Jason Nip for the world famous
brand Umbra. Eco-friendly bamboo bars grid a flexible mat that feels cool,
therapeutic underfoot. Caramelized color derived naturally by heating the bamboo.
No-slip rubber strips; polypropylene thread weave.
2. Umbra Flip Wall-Mount Multi Hook – White

Designed by David Quan, this simple yet elegant flip wall mount multi hook in white will give
your bathroom a facelift. The understated design of the hook makes it complement well with all
styles of the interior. Made from wood and topped in gloss white features 5 evenly spaced metal
hooks to hang on the garments. Multi Use Hook by Umbra. Store ladders, timber, lawn
furniture, pushchairs, pipes and more with the multi-use rack. Mount two hooks for storing
horizontal items. The multi use hook rack is made from solid steel with a black epoxy finish.
This hook is part of the Inter Change modular wall storage system. Each product in the range
comes with a wall dock and two mounting screws. Simple fix to the wall and attach your chosen
storage solution. A single wall dock can hold up to 50lb/22kg. The full range includes a number
of items all designed to help you keep your garage neat and tidy.
3. Umbra U-Lock Mirror

The U lock fog free mirror from umbra is non breakable and has two hooks for the added comfort. An
easy to use flip down latch ensures firm seal on the wall and can be used in showers, tubs etc.

Designed by designer David Quan.

Fear not because the innovative U-lock system by Umbra allows you to attach fixtures with the use of a
vacuum suction grip that holds firmly to any tiles or smooth surface.

Simply push the suction cup firmly to the tile and flip the U-Lock lever down to hold it in place - No
need for licking those yucky things anymore. The U-lock Mirror by Umbra is ideal for shaving in the
shower and has two storage hooks to attach the razors to when not in use.

This designer bathroom mirror itself is fog-free and non-breakable so theres no excuse for having bad
luck in the shower! The U-lock systems works perfectly within the shower cubicle and are an ideal
alternative to fixtures if living in a rented property!
4. Umbra Capelli Accessory Storage Organizer

Capelli accessory storage organizer designed by Matt Carr in clear and white polycarbonate help you
to minimize the clutter. Multi-opening capelli from umbra can safely hold hot appliances like hair dryer
too. The 6 openings of capelli offer easy access to the belongings.

5. Umbra Otto Sensor Pump - Chrome/White

The otto sensor pump designed by Dennis Chengis looks very much futuristic and dispenses 2ml soap each
time, enough for one wash. The sensor senses the movement and accordingly dispenses off the soap. It has a
capacity of 266ml and is a no touch soap dispenser.
6.   Umbra Palm Towel Tree – Nickel

Add some sophistication to your bathroom with the T shaped palm towel tree. It is very appealing to the eyes
and neatly holds two wash cloths or guest towels making them easily accessible. Designed by Matt Carr, Palm
towel stand has a concave base which can be used to hold the jewelries while washing hands or at times can be
used to hold the guest soaps.

7. Umbra Shamboo Bamboo Shower Caddy – Natural

Made from bamboo, the shamboo bamboo shower caddy designed by Luciano Lorenzatti is an ideal accessory
for all showers. It offers plenty of storage space to stack up soaps, razor, shampoos, and other such bathroom
accessories within your arms reach. This natural finished shower caddy is designed by Luciano Lorenzatti.
8. Umbra Straddle Rubber Bathtub Caddy – White

The versatile straddle rubber bathtub caddy by Umbra sits astride the side of a bathroom bath to offer smooth
access to various bathing essentials. Made of transparent white molded rubber, the caddy is highly flexible and
has two compartments with two strong suction cups on either side for the stability reasons.

9. Umbra U-Lock Corner Basket

The corner basket designed by David Quan offers ample storage space and neatly hangs on to the walls
eliminating the need of screws and drills. The u-lock suction mechanism of the basket securely holds it and
ensures tight seal. Further the basket also features holes at the bottom for swift water drainage and can be fitted
in the shower stall or placed next to bathtub or sink.
10. Umbra Hangover Metal Over-The-Door Valet Rod – Nickel

The umbra hangover metal over-the-door valet rod with steel brackets is great for your bathrooms and
bedrooms alike (keeping them clutter free). No external hardware is required, just slide the bar in, hang
it over the done and its ready for business. Designed by David Quan for Umbra.

11. Umbra Oasis Expandable Bathtub Caddy – White

Expandable Oasis bath caddy lets you bathe in luxury and complete relaxation. It has built-in book shelf, wine
glass holder and a self draining soap dish. So, enjoy a spa like experience while taking a sip of wine and reading
your favorite book at ease. The adjustable arms can be extended up to 25 inch. The oasis bath caddy can be
folded back when not in use and is designed by Alan Wisniewski.
12. Umbra Duo Double Soap Pump

The sleek, stylish and semi transparent Umbra Duo double soap pump presents a perfect balance of form and
functionality. Duo contains two reservoirs – one inside the other, for storing and dispensing soap and lotions. It
is visually appealing and virtually unbreakable.

13. Umbra Twofold Plunger and Brush – White

The two fold plunger and brush set is designed by Stephen Copeland for Umbra – the leader in contemporary,
functional and affordable design for the home. The clamshell design tactfully keeps the tools out of sight and
handy, virtually blending into any decor.
14. Umbra Sticks 5 Hook Wall-Mount Hook Rack – Espresso

Umbra sticks wall mount hook rack in espresso brown finish offers ample storage for bags, clothes and other
such accessories. The sticks comprises of 5 hooks that can be flipped when not in use creating a clean seamless
profile, perfect for any modern or cosmopolitan home. Designed by Luciano Lorenzatti.

15. Umbra Grassy Organizer - 2 Colour Options

This grass organizer is a great fun keep your countertop neat and clean. Designed to resemble grass, the plastic
prongs hold the items intact and keep them ready for use. Ideal to be used in bathroom to hold toothbrush,
toothpastes or office to keep the desk tidy. Available in two color choices – Green and white.
16. Umbra Raya Ceramic Stoneware Soap Dish - 2 Colour Options

Designed by the legendary pottery designer Jonathan Adle, raya ceramic soap dish boasts and organic shape
which enables it to effortlessly blend into a variety of bathroom styles. The dish has an interesting hexagonal
design with ridged detailing for quick wash away of water keeping the soap dry and fresh for longer period.
Made from ceramic stoneware, dish is highly durable. Available in two color options – white and black.

17. Umbra Joey Soap Pump with Scrubby Holder - 3 Colour Options

This small, subtle and eye catchy joey pump with scrubby holder is designed by Sativa Turner for Umbra.
Constructed from high gloss ceramic, this multi faceted soap pump is easy to use and available in white, black
and red colors. With the capacity of 8 ounce, the colorful joey pump makes a perfect side companion for the
kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities. It features a stainless steel nozzle for a trouble use.
18. Umbra Wishbone Flexible Soap Dish - 3 Colour Options

The dish is made of flexible rubber and securely holds the soap in place. The fish ribs allow water to be drained
enhancing the lifespan of the soap and keeping it dry for future use. The very attractive wishbone soap dish is
perfect for a kid’s bathroom and comes in an array of hues – bright pink, lovely teal and cactus green. No sharp
edges, thus ideal to be used in any family bathroom.

19. Umbra Visor Can - 4 Colour Options

The 6L visior step can with retractable lid is a perfect trash for rooms that don’t have extra space. The bin
features a step pedal for easy opening of the visor lid and disposing off the trash without bending. The narrow
profile of the visor can allows for convenient positioning, next to the cabinets, vanity unit or the bath. Designed
by David Quan, the visor cans are available in 4 color choices – Black, White, Nickel and Bronze respectively.
20. Umbra Touch Bath Accessories Set - 5 Colour Options

Touch bath accessories set is specifically designed to add a touch of your personality to the bathroom. The
playful designs and vibrant colors are sure to imbibe life in your bathroom. Feel free to choose from the range
of colors namely - Blue, Avocado, Raspberry, Grey and black. Designed by Alan Wisniewski.

These colorful, sculptural and functional bathroom accessories from umbra are sure to make your bathroom
more juvenile and inviting. The accessories are not only stylish but practical too and seamlessly blend into your
current bathroom décor. With little creativity, imagination and trendy umbra bathroom accessories make your
bathroom flamboyant and peerless.

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                         accessories feel free to visit Victorian plumbing.