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									Remote Desktop Acces- Paving Way for the Globalized Business World

The changing business scenario with globalization playing a major role has made remote access an
indispensable technology for the millions of mobile workforce. Technological innovations enabling the
access to the internet through various means besides the traditional personal computers have created
a demand for development of various remote access tools.

The ability to access the internet or the corporate network from a number of new age hand held
devices such as the iPads, notebooks, laptops, smart phones etc. have only created a market for the
remote desktop access software. Further, with businesses houses also seeking the latest technology
innovations for anytime anywhere access for retrieval of information has made the increasingly
mobile and geographically distributed workforce more efficient.

The need for effective RDP has promoted the leading IT giants to work out remote access tools that
facilitates "virtual conferencing" and allows users to communicate via web cam or text chat, while
being able to share programs and files. Such innovative remote access tools helps the workforce in
easily accessing the remote desktop and the corporate network irrespective of the distance and
device, making them increasingly mobile and geographically distributed. For the organization these
RDP remote access tools helps to boost productivity and mitigates the effect of business disruptions.

The remote desktop access solutions from the leading service providers benefits the client
organization by providing full application availability without the requirement of additional licenses or
duplicate environments. This also eliminates any possibility of data leakage as data never leaves the
corporate network. By being able to reduce the reliance on VPN for any remote and mobile access,
this helps to keep the devices off-the-network, thereby reducing cost, complexity and risks.

With the availability on all secure access gateway appliances, this remote access solutions can
seamlessly scale to absorb any remote desktop usage to ensure business continuity and enables the
workforce to be productive even on weekends. Through minimal changes in mobile device
management, organization can cost-effectively access from the new age tablets or even support
bring your own device options. Further, with device-based identification, end-point controls and anti-
spyware the service providers ensure access through remote devices do not compromise on corporate
data and information.

By allowing users to remotely log on to their PCs when needed, even the small and medium sized
companies can benefit from savings in energy costs and also reduce their environmental impact from
carbon dioxide emissions. Understanding the company’s remote desktop access requirements will
help organizations invest in the right solution and make business applications more secure.

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