; Mexican born guitarist rocked America
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Mexican born guitarist rocked America


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									                           Mexican born guitarist rocked America

Here we will discuss about the great Carlos Santana, who was an expertise in singing and
his songs are like the blessed one since his birth in the year of 1947 in Brazil. This kid was
amazing in his performances during their programs and shows. Later on when he moved to
San Francisco, he was very talented and that’s why he decided to design his team which
was famous by the name of Santana doldrums in the latter half of the 1960s. The amazing
songs that was produced by his fellow members was doing tremendously well in the 70s half
in singing and now in the year of 2009 Carlos Santana was provided with the award for
their achievements in the field of singing.

The qualities for which Carlos was known are the doldrums, salsa and most importantly
American tempos. His fan following was maximum from the san Francisco companies. His
popularity among the peoples shows in the period of 1969 at Woodstock. Santana’s history
was gone up at every moment and was a big hit. Although his team members were
changing but the common part that remains the same was the singing and the popularity of
this team due to Santana among his team. One memorable reveal about him was that he
converts towards the spiritual songs and his concept brings the fire places with the
acquaintances by the variations in the jazz songs.

His work towards the stone songs provided with a new standard that was unknowingly
untouchable from any other singer till now. He became famous by the name of penchant
expert too. He became the only Brazilian who provided a new route to the stone songs.
Santana remains the name of his band and in the year of 2002 he released the Shaman,
which becomes not as much famous as that of his precursor but the friendship was there
between the two.

In 2008, after achieving a lot Carlos believes that he should also try some other profession
and hence he tried in the politics but didn’t got success in that and then he becomes the
songs writer and the technology that are now used for the stone songs music was earlier
given by the Santana with his best doldrums that was used by him. In all this the most
amazing music technology that came and becomes the new innovation was the same as
that was given by Santana who has 40 years of experience of occupation.

Once he had also released a series which becomes effective options for the people of team
to be engaged with Santana. During the starting he continued to work for the team
member by later on he realized his talent and for an instance when he worked for his own
he achieved a lot of appreciation from the audience. However Santana has always awarded
with the popularity that deserved by him during the years he was contributing by his voice
and talent with the drums, not selling out his experiences but sharing with the peoples as
always he does.
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