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---------------------------------------------------------------- EVERYTHING A HACKER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT GETTING BUSTED BY THE FEDS ---------------------------------------------------------------- Written By Agent Steal (From Federal Prison, 1997) Internet E-mail, Contributions and editing by Minor Threat and Netta Gilboa Special thanks to Evian S. Sim This article may be freely reproduced, in whole or in part, provided acknowledgments are given to the author. Any reproduction for profit, lame zines, (that means you t0mmy, el8, you thief) or law enforcement use is prohibited. The author and contributors to this phile in no way advocate criminal behavior. ---------------- CONTENTS ---------------- PART I - FEDERAL CRIMINAL LAW Foreward Introduction A. Relevant Conduct B. Preparing for Trial C. Plea Agreements and Attorneys D. Conspiracy E. Sentencing F. Use of Special Skill G. Getting Bail H. State v. Federal Charges I. Cooperating J. Still Thinking About Trial K. Search and Seizure L. Surveillance M. Presentence Investigation N. Proceeding Pro Se O. Evidentiary Hearing P. Return of Property Q. Outstanding Warrants R. Encryption S. Summary PART II - FEDERAL PRISON A. State v. Federal B. Security Levels C. Getting Designated D. Ignorant Inmates E. Population F. Doing Time G. Disciplinary Action H. Administrative Remedy I. Prison Officials J. The Hole K. Good Time L. Halfway House M. Supervised Release N. Summary FOREWORD Nobody wants to get involved in a criminal case and I've yet to meet a hacker who was fully prepared for it happening to them. There are thousands of paper and electronic magazines, CD-ROMS, web pages and text files about hackers and hacking available, yet there is nothing in print until now that specifically covers what to do when an arrest actually happens

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