To a wedding by 56K74R


									Welcome to the gallery at the Ashe Arts Center. The title of this exhibit is The Best of the Blue
Ridge. All of these paintings were done by artists from Ashe County and our neighboring
counties of Watauga, Wilkes, Alleghany, Johnson (TN), and Independence (VA). We hope you
enjoy your visit and the exhibit as you complete your scavenger hunt.

                                     SCAVENGER HUNT
   1. In the painting A Fine Fall Day in the Mountains by Cher Shaffer, how many blackbirds
      can you count in the picture?       10

   2. What kind of animal is Nosey in the painting by Susan Dahlin (Bashford)?      cow

   3. What colorful painting resembles a juggling clown at the circus? Jester by Marion

   4. How many of the paintings in this exhibit have a dog in the picture? six
      Name two of these and the artist:Christmas Time in Ashe County by Cher Shaffer
                                       A Fine Day in the Mountains by Cher Shaffer
                                       Precious Footprints by J.B. Hamm
                                       Nicky and Spike by Robert Franklin
                                       A Working Dog by Joan Bell
                                       Relaxin’ by Nancy Shoemaker

   5. Find the painting with three hands. Why are they red? They have been picking berries

   6. In the painting by Marion Cloaninger, what kind of flower is the young girl holding
      behind her back? Rose

   7. What painting has a snowman is it? Christmas Time in Ashe County by Cher Shaffer

   8. What kind of fruit is in the painting Late Afternoon by Beth Andrews? apples

   9. What painting has a snowfall scene with a red cardinal in a tree? Precious Footprints
      J.B. Hamm

   10. Where are the five girls in purple dresses going?    To a wedding
11. Find the painting with several brightly colored houses. In what state can this scene be
   found? West Virginia

12. What number is on the train in the painting Tuckerdale by Stephen Shoemaker? 382

13. How many sinks are in the Biltmore Laundry by Elliot Coatney? four

14. What painting has a girl walking in a garden holding an umbrella? Springing—
   Brookgreen Gardens by George Kosinski

15. Which painting was created by painting dots of different colors (pointillism)? Nesting
   Warbler by Michelle Savka Hill

16. Three paintings in the exhibit have fall scenes with reflections in water. Can you find
   all three?
   Autumn Abstract by Edward Perzel
   Fall Relections, Wilson Creek by George Kosinski
   Reflections of Fall by Phyllis Haile

17. Which painting looks like a downtown scene in the rain? Main in the Rain by Clayton
   Proctor     What town do you think this is? West Jefferson

18. Name as many different animals as you can find in the paintings in this exhibit.

   horse, cow, dog, bird, deer, mouse, sheep, geese

19. Four of the paintings in the exhibit have flowers as the main subject/object in the
   picture. Name two of them.
   Morning Debut by Holly Soukup
   Spike of Purple Irises by Alan M. Huston
   A Gathering of Irises by Alan M. Huston
   Autumn Sunflowers by Ruth Nixdorf

20.In the painting with the girl holding a flower behind her back, what do you see in the
   fabric of her dress? musical notes
21. Which painting in the exhibit is your favorite?

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