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									Services of Rx Medco

Many people around me have informed that the services of Rx
Medco, who provide transportation services with well
equipped medical facilities as well as translation services
is very good.

I had met with an accident and had to visit the hospital
once in a fortnight. Having heard about the services of Rx
Medco, I decided to call them as they provide all types of
transportation    services   like   Ambulatory,   Wheelchair,
Stretcher, ALS/BLS, Air Transportation and they don’t have
any age limit.     Their services are well preferred by all
like   private   citizens,   hospitals,  doctors,   insurance
companies and HMOs not leaving aside nursing or group homes
and assisted living facilities. They have services in all
50 states in US and so, no one has the difficulty in
locating them.      The only negative part is that their
services cannot be used in case of emergencies.

The staffs of Rx Medco were very cooperative while they took
me to the hospital and brought me back after the checkup. I
am really pleased with Rx Medco services and have preferred
transportation to hospital through them only for all my
remaining checkups.

Rx Medco staffs understand the needs of the patients well
and support as per the situation.

For more information visit:   KWWSU[PHGFRFRP

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