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Essential Safeguards Against Loss
Effective Oct 1, 2003, all military shipments will require shipments containing high-risk/ high-value
items have a high-value, high-risk inventory prepared and security seals applied to the cartons.
Such items include electronic equipment, figurines, collectibles, CDs, DVDs, computer software,
games, etc. For items in cases, such as CDs & DVDs, the origin agent is strongly urged to count
and randomly open and confirm that the disc is inside the case.

At origin, the packing agent will apply the security seals, in the shipper’s presence, to the top and
bottom of the cartons and have the shipper put his/her signature on the seals. The shipper and
the agent will sign the high-value, high-risk inventory.

At destination, the shipper opens the cartons bearing security seals in the presence of the agent.
The shipper and the agent acknowledge, by their signatures, that the seals were intact and the
items accounted for. This procedure is required even when unpacking is waived. The delivering
agent should do a random inspection of CD/DVD cases as well.

With this proven program, the shipper will benefit from knowing that high value items are
accounted for. The agent will benefit from reduced charge-backs. Our companies will gain from a
reduction in claims overall, and fraudulent claims in particular.

Our agents should see positive influences immediately. They will be pleased to find that the
benefits will more than compensate for their increased administrative involvement.

-Sandi Hamlin, Operations Manager

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