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Pricing and Reimbursement of the Healthcare System in India -
Low Levels of Drug Reimbursement Lead to a High Out-Of-Pocket


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Company, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research
Pricing and Reimbursement of the Healthcare System in India - Low Levels of Drug
Reimbursement Lead to a High Out-Of-Pocket Expenditure”. It provides a
comprehensive overview of the healthcare system, and pricing and reimbursement
process in India with a detailed analysis of the different regulatory mechanisms
used in India. The report closely scrutinizes the major changes in pharmaceuticals
related pricing and reimbursement in the recent past, and the impact these changes
will have in the future. The health insurance is responsible for facilitating demand
by making high-cost prescription drugs more affordable. Although the per capita
income is rising in India, the modest income of most of the population keeps the
high cost drugs and medicines out of reach of the majority of the population.


- Detailed study of the healthcare systems and roles of the key insurance players in
the drug reimbursement process
- Analysis of the major pricing and reimbursement mechanisms in India.
- Key trends that follow from the recent changes brought about in the pricing and
reimbursement mechanism.
- Build an understanding of the possible major challenges brought about by the
enactment of changes in the pricing and reimbursement scene in India.

Table of contents:

1.1 List of Tables 5
1.2 List of Figures 5
2 Pricing and Reimbursement in India - Introduction 6
2.1 GBI Research Report Guidance 6
3 Pricing and Reimbursement in India - Overview 7
3.1 Introduction to Healthcare System in India 7
3.1.1 Healthcare Expenditure Highly Correlated with GDP 7
3.1.2 Estimated Public Health Spending as a Percentage of GDP 9
3.1.3 Health Expenditure per Capita 9
3.1.4 Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditure as a Percentage of Private Expenditure on
Health 10
3.1.5 Demographics by Age 10
3.2 Public Healthcare System 11
3.2.1 Drug Distribution in the Public Sector 12
3.3 Private Healthcare System 12
3.4 Rationale for Drug Use in the Healthcare Facilities 13
4 Pricing and Reimbursement in India- Overview of Pharmaceutical Regulations in
India 14
4.1 PEST Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry in India 14
4.2 Regulatory Bodies in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector 15
4.2.1 National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) 15
4.2.2 Drug Prices Control Order (DPCO) 16
4.2.3 The Pharmaceutical Policy, 2002 16
5 Pricing and Reimbursement in India- Pricing of Drugs 17

List of Figures

List of Tables are also include.
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