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									Harry Coumnas Is Owner of
         An NGO
Social work means raising a voice against
social injustice and violations of human rights.
It is an attempt to reduce poverty by helping
the poor. Social workers create awareness
about the prevailing issues in the society.
Harry Coumnas is a teacher in a reputed
Along with his job, he has started two Non
Governmental Organizations which focus on
reducing poverty by helping the needy and
underprivileged. His NGOs are collectively
called Harry Coumnas Welfare Organizations.
He is an active social worker who is
contributing to the welfare.
He has emerged as a well-known social worker
and many people have started supporting him.
Around 30,000 people are linked with Harry
Coumnas Welfare Organizations. He has won
many awards and accolades for his sincere and
dedicated efforts. He is also associated with the
Anti-Corruption Unit and he creates awareness
regarding corruption in the offices.
He has recently started an organization for the
women who are being abused in some way or
the other. He helps them overcome their fears
and fight for their rights. Nearly 1150 women
till now have joined Harry Coumnas Welfare
Organizations. He took an initiative to improve
the living conditions of the people living below
poverty line.
He supported them by making them self–
dependent. Harry Coumnas is an enthusiastic
person who loves to spend time with his family.
He guides them continuously and inspires them
to work towards their goals consistently. His
organizations have worked very hard to help the
victims of various natural disasters like tsunami,
floods and earthquakes begin a new life.
They conducted various functions to collect the
money. Since these disasters cannot be stopped
so his organizations started creating awareness
regarding the precautions that should be taken
whenever a severe calamity strikes. He has also
received many awards and honors for his
contribution the society.

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