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Pediatric Vaccines Market to 2017- Strategic Focus on Partnering
as Licensing and Co-Development Accounted for 69% of Deal-
Making Activity from 2004-2011


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Company, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research,
“Pediatric Vaccines Market to 2017- Strategic Focus on Partnering as Licensing and
Co-Development Accounted for 69% of Deal-Making Activity from 2004-2011”,
which provides insights into global pediatric vaccines market forecast until 2017.
The report provides an in-depth analysis of six vaccines which include hepatitis A,
hepatitis B, polio, rotavirus, Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR) and Diphtheria,
Tetanus and Pertussis (DTaP). The report also examines the immunization
schedules for the covered vaccines. In addition, the report also includes insights into
the vaccines Research and Development (R&D) pipeline.


- Data and analysis on the global pediatric vaccines market
- Annualized market data for the vaccines market from 2007 to 2017
- Key drivers and restraints that have had a significant impact on the market
- The competitive landscape of the global vaccines market
- Key M&A activities, licensing agreements and co-development deals that took
place in the pediatric vaccines market

Table of contents:

1 Table of Contents 3
1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 8
2 Pediatric Vaccines Market to 2017 - Introduction 10
2.1 GBI Research Report Guidance 11
3 Pediatric Vaccines Market to 2017 - Market Overview 12
3.1 Vaccine Preventable Diseases 12
3.2 Vaccine Manufacturing Process 13
3.3 Determinants of Immunization Coverage 13
3.3.1 Immunization Programs 13
3.3.2 Public Private Partnerships 14
3.3.3 Production Capacity 14
3.3.4 Reimbursements 14
4 Pediatric Vaccines Market to 2017 - Global Vaccine Market 15
4.1 Market Forecasts 15
4.1.1 Market Share by Disease Sector 16
4.1.2 Market Share by Geography 17
4.2 Average Cost of Vaccination per Child 17
4.3 Target Population 18
4.3.1 Immunization Coverage 19
4.4 Drivers and Barriers of the Pediatric Vaccines Market 20
4.4.1 Drivers for Pediatric Vaccine Market 20
4.4.2 Barriers for Pediatric Vaccines Market 21
5 Global Pediatric Vaccines Market to 2017 - Geographical Landscape 22
5.1 The US 22

List of Figures

List of Tables are also include.
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