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ulemist warden by vTIBB8E1


									The Legend of Ülemiste
        Janne Kants
   Estonia, 3rd June, 2007
Lake Ülemiste
Every autumn at a dark midnight a little grey man
  rises from Lake Ülemiste, goes down the hill and
  asks the people: „Is the town ready already or is
  there anything left to build?” As it is now common
  in bigger cities: building and construction work
  never ends. And even if new buildings are not
  erected, the old ones need to be fixed and
  renovated so, that there will never be such a
  break, when workers would rest. But even if all the
  work would stop for a while, it should never be told
  to the lakeman. Because of that, the people are
  told to answer the old grey man each and every
  time: „The city is far from being ready, many
  things have to be done, still. It may take some
  years before everything will be finished!”
The strange old man would nod his head
   angrily then, mutter words, turn around
   and go back to the lake, where his
   permanent residence is.
If anyone should answer his question, by
   chance, that the city is ready and there is
   nothing to build, then the city would be
   finished at that very moment, because
   Lake Ülemiste would pour all its water
   down into the valley and drown Tallinn for
The city would look like this then
But how did Lake Ülemiste and its warden
 come into being?
Once there had been a field in the place
 where now Lake Ülemiste lies. One
 peasant had been ploughing his field when
 a dark cloud came and shouted: „Get out
 of the way!” the man couldn’t run fast
 enough and drowned in the lake pouring
 down from the cloud. He had to remain in
 the lake as a lake warden.
At present Lake Ülemiste is the most
  important part of Tallinn’s water supply.
  Many artificial lakes feed it through
  channels. The fear that the city may be
  flooded is due to the fact that the lake is
  situated 36 metres above sea level and
  the city itself much lower than that.
In fact, the water of Lake Ülemiste has
  flown to the streets of the city many times
  through the history. Last time it happened
  in 1867. Today, after long periods of rain
  the water level of the lake is observed
  very anxiously.
The lake flooded Tallinn some
years ago
• So, if you happen to see an old gray man
 in the streets of Old Town late at night,
 asking if the city is ready, you know what
 to answer!
Thank you for your attention!

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