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									Port of Duqm Company

  Muscat, January 2012
A. Introduction.

B. Company creation.

C. Regional facts.

D. Development plan ( Commercial Berths and Dry Dock).

E. Port key figures

F. Port stakeholders.
   A. Introduction
• Early 2000 : GOSO embarked on a visionary project to create a new port in Duqm.

• 2007: MoTC started to build the first phase of the port.

• 2010: Port of Duqm Company (PDC) was created.

• April 2011: concession agreement initialled between GOSO and PDC.

• May 2011: port starts receiving vessels for the Shipyard (ODC).

• Mid 2012: first cargo handling operations (cement, project cargo, bulk).
B. Company Creation
• Port of Duqm Company SAOC (PDC) is a Joint Venture between Consortium
  Antwerp Port and the Government of the Sultanate of Oman.

• 20 April 2011: Concession agreement for PDC was initialled.

• Duration of the concession: 28 years (3 years + 25 years).

• The Concession is for the operation, management and marketing of the port.
 C. Regional facts
                                                 The pyramid shows
                                                 each region’s total
                                                 and gateway traffic
               Mid-East               Mid-East   in Million teu and
                                                 growth rate over
Red Sea                                          last 10 years
                          ISC                    (2000-10)

          East Africa
                                ISC                         Africa
D. Development Plan
Duqm Area
D. Development plan
D. Development plan
D. Commercial Berths
D. Dry Dock
E. Port key figures
• Area:
     – Total port area: 197 km2 , of which 60 km2 is land
     – Rentable port-related Industrial zone area: about 6,000 hectares

•   Breakwaters:
     – Lee breakwater: 4.1 km
     – Main breakwater: 4.5 km

• Water depths: to allow safe reception of vessels with capacity up to 150 000 DWT
     – Approach channel: -19m
     – Quays: -18m (commercial berths)

• Indicative Capacity of Phase 1 (2.3km berth, 80 ha. terminal, 900 ha. back-up storage):
     – Multipurpose terminal : 0.8 Mt
     – Container terminal :    3.5 M TEU
     – Dry bulk terminal :     5.0 Mt
• Phase 2: at least 10km quay length and/or several liquid jetties (still to be tendered)
E.Port Stakeholders
              Commercial Quay                              Oman Dry
              (container, bulk &                            Dock

                                     Port of Duqm Company
    Liquid                          (pilotage, maritime safety,
   Terminal                                                                           Containers
                                     emergency response, …)                            back-up
                                   ROP (customs, immigration,                          storage
                                           civil defence)                                area
                                        Ministry of Health
  Government                                                                        Light
berth (ROP, Royal                                                                 industry
    Yacht, …)                                                                       area

                                Future                                Logistics
                              expansion                 Liquid          area
                                 area                  Storage
Thank you very much

     Port of Duqm Company

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