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Chapter 17
Section 3 - Guided Reading and Review            Date:                                       _______
Mr. Randel                                                                                        22
Directions: As you read Section 3, organize information about cause and effect in Greece by completing
the chart below.
                    Cause(s)                                               Effect

1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
                                                     Greece may be considered part of
  ______________________________________             Mediterranean Europe.
3. ______________________________________

                                                     4. ______________________________________
The African and Eurasian tectonic plates meet
in southern Greece.                                    ______________________________________

5. ______________________________________
                                                     Greece has experienced soil erosion.

                                                     6. ______________________________________
More than one third of Greece’s total
population lives in and around Athens.                 ______________________________________

7. ______________________________________
                                                     Greece relies heavily on trade over water;
  ______________________________________             shipbuilding is a key industry.

                                                     8. ______________________________________
Greece has experienced military conquests by
other cultures.                                        ______________________________________

Directions: Complete each sentence by writing the correct term in the blank.

9. The Aegean Sea to the east of the Greek mainland occupies a sunken area of land called a(n)

10. Fewer than 200 of the islands south of Greece are ________________________, or able to support
permanent residents.

11. The giant waves that were once thought to have helped destroy Crete are called

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