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									Sunshine Coast         Marketing Company


We go through your business with a fine tooth comb, and examine what
solutions it brings to your market.

we look at the most profitable segment of your business (and those you
wish to develop further)

We identify your ideal client or customer, and their unique set of needs.

we match your advertising message to the people in your niche, so that it
‘meets them where they are at’.

we can outline your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), or in plain
language, what makes you different, and sets you apart from your

                                                       sunshine coast marketing company
  Why Choose Us

                                         We’re Marketers
Co-ordinate Your Marketing               First, Technicians
With an In Depth Audit                   Second

                                            We encourage
Transition Marketing                        ‘steady growth’ not
Experts                                     ‘huge outlay’

           Experience        3

                                 sunshine coast marketing company
                             Give you peace of mind that
                             experienced experts are handling
                             one of the most sensitive, critical
Help you release the         aspects of your business. That is,
entrepreneurial guilt many   the conversion part of the Traffic
small business owners feel   and Conversion online business
because they are not doing   formula.
everything they know needs                                              Begin to free up your
to be done, but just can’t                                              time so you can focus
make the time to do.
                                                                        on building your

                                                                   sunshine coast marketing company
  Four concepts of marketing on the Internet

          Concept #1                         Concept #2

When a potential customer or        The content of your website
client comes into your business,    should always be high quality,
you should already have a good      relevant, accurate and benefit
idea of the set of circumstances    driven information which
which have driven them to come      delivers your ideal customer
and see you.                        what they are looking for.

          Concept #3
                                                Concept #4

before you build a business         your job is to figure out where they
website or start marketing on       are looking for you. You will want to
the Internet, you will want to      explore the search and content
have a very clear picture of who    networks for the best places to
your ideal client or customer is.   promote your business, and
And think beyond                    optimize it for highly targeted
demographics, these are far too     keywords relevant to the niches
broad.                              you have identified.
                                                    sunshine coast marketing company




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