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									                     Break Up Letter to Him


Subject: Break up

Dear Mike,

It is very hard for me to write this letter. I was thinking to talk to you face to face, but you are far
away and I am not sure that I will have a courage to tell you this looking at your eyes. But I think I
have to tell you at least through this letter.

I decided to end up our relationship. It wasn’t an easy decision, I was thinking too long about it. The
relationship doesn’t work for me. The distance plays its role. You are in New York, I am in London
and neither of us is going to move since we have already our jobs, families there. I really enjoyed the
time we spent together. I really appreciate if we can stay in touch, I am not using the term “Friends”
since I know that it is going to be difficult. But you are a great person, and I still want to
communicate with you.

I hope for your understanding. Sorry, if I hurt you, I didn’t want it.

All the best


Break Up Letter to Him

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