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					                 Donor Appreciation Letter
Ms. Gandhali Datta

Helpers of the Poor

Diamond Harbour Road, Joka

Kolkata – 700 104

March 16, 2010

Mr. Lagan Bhaskar

Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore – 560 076

Dear Mr. Bhaskar,

Our organization would like to express to your company our earnest appreciation for being one of
our donors this month. It is because of kind donors like you that our organization continues to
function and serve the hundreds of poor children in our country. your contribution has helped us to
give shelter to 100 street children and give them food and education.

It is heart-warming to have such generous donors. It is proof that there are many groups in the
business sector that care about the poor children and are willing to help in any way to solve the
problem of abject poverty plaguing our country. This encourages us to go on and strive more to
reach our goal of having no more poor children roaming in the streets of our country.

Thank you and may you continue supporting our cause.


Ms. Gandhali Datta


Donor Appreciation Letter

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