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					             Medical Officer Cover Letter
(Your Name), M.D.
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Dr. (Name of Prospective Employer) (Title/Position)

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Subject: Resident Medical Officer Position

Dear Dr. (Last Name),

I came to know of a job opportunity in your hospital for a Resident Medical Officer from Dr. Bryan
Maxwell, a co-member of the Association of Medical Professionals. Please consider this letter as my
application for the said position.

I have enclosed my resume for your appreciation of the basic information about me. Highlights of my
career as a medical doctor is given below:

Responsible for a team of doctors who initiated the preparation of hospital guidelines and procedures
to meet the requirements of the national regulating body for recognition as tertiary hospital in my
present position as assistant medical director at (Name of present hospital where employed).

I have enhanced most of the hospital administration procedures that boost the settlement of insurance
claims and improved patient handling resulting to higher rate of customer satisfaction.

My present position has likewise honed my management skills related to medical situations as well
as medico-legal cases. This further improved my communication and negotiating skills with other
professionals such as senior medical consultants, lawyers, police officers, and government officials.

I believe that my professional experience will give me an advantage to be considered for the position.
An interview with you will give me the chance to explain in detail my job qualifications. Please let
me know of your most convenient date and time to conduct the job interview through phone 555-
555-5555 or email at

Dr. (Your Name)
Medical Officer Cover Letter

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