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									                               Spring – Time for Wedding Fever

Spring Fever is upon us, and soon enough we will all have a case of wedding fever. Now is the time we
can start to see what is going to be popular at the wedding receptions for the next year or so.

Your wedding is your special day from start to finish it is critical that you and your guests recognize
and embrace this. The magic of your wedding day begins long before you walk down the aisle.

For the wedding couple the magic begins the moment you wake up that morning. For the wedding
guests it begins the second they arrive at the venue. Disc jockey entertainers, would have learned the
importance of creating a good mood for you and your guests ahead of time. The great feeling of
celebration and the magic of love should last from the start of the day until the last dance of the night.

Now a days there are lot of demand for single venue events. This would be really exciting. Sing venue
wedding are quite trendy. Brides and grooms seem to be deciding that they can have a wonderful
wedding day if they hold their ceremony and reception at the same venue. After all, a single venue even
is more convenient for for the bridal party and the wedding guests. Everyone is able to enjoy
themselves as they won't have to travel from one location to another. Plus a cost saving could be
involved since multiple venues and extra transportation won't be needed.

If you are planning on a ceremony and reception being held venue, consider letting the DJ's to master
the mood of the entire day. After all, they are the experts in setting the right mood. They work on this
for days and hours before they even arrive on the site. And more importantly, when the bid day arrives,
they will go the extra mile to put in the necessary time to help create this magical feeling.

This start before the ceremony, DJ's play music before the first guest even arrives. The right
background music will leave your guest with a great first impression of your bid day. Disc Jockey
Entertainers will have the full list of traditional and unique prelude favorites. These tunes and include
tracks like “In my life,” by the Beatles and “I Do Cherish You,” by 98 Degrees, and orchestral favorites
like Vivaldi's. The four Seasons: Spring Allergro.

As the ceremony begins DJ's will be happy to work with you to find the right Processional and Bridal
Entrance Songs. If you don't have the tracks in mind just yet, browse the web, there is a full list that
will guide you through both and they are happy to work with you one-on-one. After all, the entertainers
will have more years of experience in doing this.

During the ceremony the DJ's can offer you the full sound system for the ceremony that will be setup
before the fist guests even arrive. So they can enjoy the magic of the great company and scenery of the

After the ceremony, nothing could be worse than an awkward silence. They are on sight and able to
help play the right recessional music and keep the music and feeling going through a cocktail hour or
the beginning of the wedding reception.

So as you book your single venue event consider hiring Disc Jockey Entertainers to create the mood
with you start to finish on your big day.

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