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									Successful IT Projects
       Presentation to Seattle University

             Steve Densford
            project manager
  Starbucks Coffee Company

                        July 26, 2001
About Steve
Starbucks Coffee Company (1997+)
    IT Project Manager
    Managed Enterprise Database development, retail
     systems, and supply chain systems projects
    Current Project: Store Inventory

World Vision (1987–1997)
    Managed Marketing & Decision Support Systems
    Responsible for data warehousing and data marts for
     analyzing effectiveness of marketing activity

Successful IT Projects                                     2
About Starbucks
    Global enterprise
    Approximately $3 Billion Business
    25% annual growth
    IT Strategy: package integration
    IT Staff: 250-300 plus contractors
    Strong brand, known for quality products and
    Progressive corporate culture
    Young, but maturing processes, methodologies

Successful IT Projects                              3
 Project Management Processes

                                Risk Management
                               Issue Management
                              Change Management
                              Product Management
                              Quality Management
                          Human Resource Management
                           Communication Management
processes                                             tools
 Successful IT Projects                                   4
Project Methodologies
    SDLC, PLC, IBM SI/Method, etc.
    IT Framework encompasses all
     methodologies, providing standard phases,
     deliverables, and quality metrics

Successful IT Projects                           5
Project Framework

Successful IT Projects   6
Project Phases
All project phases include:
 Kickoff: brings relevant team members up to
  speed on the upcoming project activities
 Phase Review:
          ensures readiness for next phase
          documents lessons-learned (worked and what
           didn’t) – continuous process improvement

Successful IT Projects                                  7
Project Phases: Initiate
 Charter & Funding            IT Manager
                              Project Sponsor
                              Project Stakeholders
 Establish Project Team and   Project Manager
 Steering Committee           Business Lead
 Initial Project Plan         Project Manager
                              Business Lead
                              Project Sponsor
                              Project Stakeholders
 Project Kickoff              Project Manager

Successful IT Projects                               8
Project Phases: Initiate
Successful Project Teams…
    Begin with a well-defined charter (what we’re doing and why)
    Begin with a supportive project sponsor (represents the “customer”)
    Understand the Measures of Success (target to shoot for)
    Have a clear project organization
    Understand their individual roles
    Are skilled at what they do
    Receive recognition for effective performance
    Have a lot of fun

Successful IT Projects                                                     9
Project Phases: Define
 Finalize Project Plan             IT Project Manager

 Establish Business Requirements   Business Analysts
                                   Business Team
 Initial System Managed Object     IT Development Lead
 Guide (SMOG)                      Production Support Lead

Successful IT Projects                                       10
Project Phases: Design
 Develop Technical Design        Development Team
 Specifications                  Business Team
 Develop Organizational Design   Business Lead
                                 Business Team
                                 Project Stakeholders
 Develop Implementation Plans:   IT Project Manager
       Testing                  Business Lead
       Training                 Development Lead



 Update SMOG                     Production Support Lead

Successful IT Projects                                     11
Project Phases: Develop
 Develop / Integrate Solution   Development Team
 Testing:                       Development Team
 Unit                          Business Team


 User Acceptance

 Produce Test Documents:        Development Team
 Scripts                       Business Team

 Product Change Management

 Finalize SMOG                  Production Support Lead

Successful IT Projects                                    12
Project Phases: Deploy
 Formal Product Acceptance   Project Stakeholders
                             Project Sponsor
 Release Deployment:         Development Team
 Proof of Concept           Technical Services


 Initiate Product Support    IT Project Manager
                             IT Application Manager
                             Development Lead

Successful IT Projects                                13
Project Phases: Close
 Project Review                    IT Project Manager
 Recognition                       IT Project Manager
                                   Project Sponsor
 Turn Over Project Documentation   IT Project Manager
 Close Project Accounting Books    IT Project Manager

Successful IT Projects                                  14
A Final Note About Successful Teams

Successful IT Projects                15

Successful IT Projects   16

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