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									                                    Children,s Padicipation
The issure of children,s Padicipation in paid work is a complex and sensitive one. It is difficult to judge
whether in childhood is wrong or valuable . Opinions will also differ from man to man especially no doubtt
teachers and factory owners. But I strongly oppose the idea of sending children to paid work, whether it is
risky or not.

It is a fact that in many countries children work because their families need the additional income, no matter
how small. It is also an unfortunate fact that many employers may prefer to use the services of children
simply to save money by paying them less than paying adualts. In many cases, child labor is also considred a
valuable experience for children. This is how children are involved in paid work.

Nevertheless, anyone in his childhood should be away of any laborious work, as it is quite risky. For example,
handling heavy machines with his poor strength and inadequate knowledge can cause a child lose his
valuable limbs or life. Secondly, one should not try to acquite experience in his early childhood. Rather he
should study and learn for his future. He should at that time relax and enjoy himself for development his
creativity. Moreover, any paid job aggravates a child’s mentality and he can think of him a laborer. So if
learning responsibilities and work experience are considered to be important, children can then acquire
these by having light, part-time jobs or even doing tasks such as helping their parents around the home ,
which are unpaid, but most valuable.

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