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									                                                Head Of Team
                                   ELT Supervisor: Mrs. Azza Yehia

Amaal Al Attar - Jehan Basyoni – Rania Ali – Hiam Hejazi - Rania Abdul Haleem – Fatma Assad - Nora Al Qahtani –
                            Eman Ebraheem - Afaf Al Khateeb - Ghada Salah
                           Unit 1 ( Lessons 1-5 )                                                                   Unit 2 ( lessons 1 – 5 )

At the end of the unit learners are expected to :                                            At the end of the unit learners are expected to :
 1-Use modal verbs (can, could & will) for polite requests appropriately.                    1- Listen to a text about "Shopping" to answer simple questions, orally.
 2- Orally use imperatives (come here. / be careful), correctly.                             2-Read a text about "Shopping" silently to answer detailed comprehension
 3- Identify and use new vocabulary in meaningful sentences, orally.                         questions orally.
 4-Differenciate between polite requests and orders through a listening text , properly.     3-Individually read a text about "Shopping" aloud using proper .
 5- Extract the main idea through a listening text about…. ., properly.                      4-Use the new vocabulary (……..) in meaningful sentences orally.
 6- Read a text about …. silently to answer detailed comprehension questions, orally.        5-Act-out the lesson story in pairs/groups.
 7-Communicate information about the topic orally, in pair /groups.                          6-Talk about their favourite places for shopping correctly.
 8-Identify the meaning of the key words in a listening text about.., correctly.             7-Discriminate between "something" & "anything" in sentences correctly.
 9-read and match 6 polite requests with their suitable corresponding responses              8-Make suggestions orally, using visual prompts in pairs correctly.
 correctly                                                                                   9-Respond to different suggestions, properly.
 10-Produce written questions or answers in a dialogue, using punctuation marks              10-Complete sentences using "something" & "anything" correctly.
 correctly                                                                                   11-Write the answers of simple "wh-" questions about "Shopping" correctly.
 11- Use picture prompts ( signs ) to write polite requests, correctly.                      12-Choose the correct word between brackets to complete sentences correctly.
 12-Trace and copy sentences in cursive neatly, using punctuation marks, correctly.          13-Extract the main idea of a reading text about "Shopping" properly.
 13. Read years correctly e.g. 1999.1950.1820.                                               14-Use adverbs of sequence in sentences correctly.
                                                                                             15-Use conjunctions "and" & "but" in sentences correctly.
14- Identify the past simple tense through a listening text about…properly.
                                                                                             16-Ask and answer Yes\No questions using "something & anything" in pairs
15- Trace and copy down sentences in cursive neatly paying attention to the use of
descanters for( y , p and g)
                                                                                             17-Answer 5 simple wh- questions to write a paragraph about "Shopping" correctly.
16- Write the missing words in five sentences, correctly to complete the meaning.
                                                                                             18-Punctuate 3 simple sentences , correctly.
17- Complete a word puzzle correctly to find previously learned words.
                                                                                             19-Listen to a text about "Markets" to choose the corresponding picture correctly.
18- Write a complete sentence using one of the puzzle words correctly.
                                                                                             20-Talk about markets & shopping correctly.
19- Listen attentively to six sentences to re-order them to make a meaningful story,
                                                                                             21-Talk about past events using the past simple tense correctly.
                                                                                             22-Choose the suitable response to written stimuli appropriately.
 20-Trace and copy down sentences in cursive neatly using correct punctuation and
                                                                                             23-Convert sentences according to given written instructions correctly.
 capital letters.
                                                                                             24-Produce written sentences using the past simple tense with the help of picture
21- Express the feeling of happiness when they hear something good using the word
                                                                                             prompts correctly
(Hooray) orally.
22- Participate in a dialogue using ( will ) to express prediction for the future with the
help of four prompt questions in the book
e.g. What will you o when you leave school? I will go to the university
23-Read and circle the correct answer in 6 sentences about previously learned
24-Complete (in written) the missing letters in 4 previously learned words correctly,
pictures are provided.
25-Convert 6 verbs into their past simple form in writing correctly.
                        Unit 3 ( Lessons 1-5 )                                                                Revision 1 ( lessons 1- 2 )

At the end of the unit learners are expected to :                                      At the end of the unit learners are expected to :
1- use new vocabulary (………) in meaningful sentences, orally.                           1- orally describe places with the help of picture prompts, correctly.
2- talk about past events using the past simple tense , correctly.                     2-read names of places to match them to the pictures, correctly.
3- talk about (express) likes and dislikes using connectors " but & and ",             3-listen carefully to a text about places to decide which place each speaker is talking
correctly.                                                                             about.
4- use the modal verb " would" in meaningful sentences , correctly.                    4-express likes/dislikes using would/ wouldn't, correctly.
5- use the past simple tense in sentences orally , with the help of guide verbs        5-listen to four questions attentively to complete sentences , accordingly in writing.
and pictures , correctly.                                                              6-classify words under different headings, accordingly.
6- describe " Dickson house' orally using prepositions of place, correctly.            7-write complete sentences to answer yes/no questions using would/ wouldn't, correctly
7- locate places using suitable prepositions properly.                                 8-answer a self-assessment exercise ,correctly.
8- ask and answer oral " wh-questions" about different locations , correctly.          9-practice writing simple sentences in cursive thoroughly.
9- inquire about "Dickson House" ( in pairs/groups) using word prompts ,               10-use the pre-taught voc. in meaningful sentences, orally.
correctly.                                                                             11-extract the main idea through a listening text about (Kuwait in the past), properly.
10- respond to certain situations through some dialogues, appropriately.               12-answer comprehension questions based on the text ( Kuwait I the past ) , orally.
11- listen attentively to a recorded text about " Dickson House" for specific          13-communicate information about the topic orally, in pair /groups.
information.                                                                           14-listen attentively to a text about (Kuwait in the past)to answer comprehension
12- listen attentively to a dialogue to say what people " would / wouldn't" like to    questions, orally.
do properly.                                                                           15-individually read a text aloud, using proper intonation, correctly.
13- listen attentively to a short story about " Jack and the Beanstalk" for specific   16-produce simple sentences based on visual prompts, orally.
information                                                                            17-answer some written questions by completing sentences, correctly.
14- read at text about " Dickson House' silently for specific information.             18-produce written "Wh" questions using do, does or did, correctly.
15- read a short story silently for fun (Free Reading Project).                        19-use the short form of the modal verb would , correctly.
16- decide if sentences based on the story are true or false , accordingly.            20-participate in a dialogue orally using (would) to express likes/dislikes, correctly
17- act out a lesson – story using masks of characters, properly.
18- sing a along with a song chorally with mime for fun.
19- write completions of some simple sentences, using guide words , correctly.
 20- write sentences using the past simple tense, properly.
 21- re-write sentences using long / short forms correctly.
 22- write the negative form of some verbs in past simple tense , correctly.
 23- practise writing simple sentences in cursive , neatly.
24- work in small groups to design a project about ' school" properly.

  E.L.T.S: Azza Yehia Zakariya                                                                                           S.E.L.T.S: Helena Mohammed

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