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  Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™
  APRIL – JUNE, 2012

                                                                                By FIRE…!
                                                                            Wanda J. Burnside
 Domestic Violence Special:
 The Scars Within
 Tamika L. Sims
                                                      Inclined to Worship
                                                                                  Ramelle T. Lee
 The Importance of
 Self-Worth                                                             SISTAH Teen Special:
 Mara Prose
                                                              True Friendship
                                                                 Andrea Robertson-Bedford
  A True Love Story
  Leslie L. Smith
                                         In Search of Inner Peace
                                                                                   Tina C. Hines

                                                               Priceless and Impact Their Lives Original
ON THE COVER: Prophetess Kelly Crews, Author of Baby, You’re & Teenage Girls to The Designer’s™
                                                 Uniting Women                                       1
                                             Dating & Relationships Workshop

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                                            About           The SISTAHS Ministry International

                               I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies
                               a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
                                                                     (Romans 12:1)

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                                                       Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™      3
Letter From the Editor
The Set Up for Breakthrough Anointing

                                     There is nothing like coming out of spiritual drought and entering into the
                                         blessing of renewal. It seems that practically every area of life has its
                                                   seasons of drought, - jobs, marriages, families, churches etc.
                                      (One thing you will find in common with these areas in practically every
                                    season of drought is relationship problems – that is to say, they are directly
                                                    attributed to the involvement of people as the major cause).
                                          But, maybe none are as difficult, at times, as the ones we experience
                                                                                            in our spiritual lives.

                                          First you must MAINTAIN YOUR DISCIPLINES SPIRITUALLY.
                                                 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
                                                   We need to expect God’s help in time of trouble! If you are
                                           sinking in the muck of circumstances and situations -He can rescue
                                                  you. If you are tired, weak and worn, He can strengthen you.
                                                                          BREAKTHROUGH is on the WAY!

                                    Secondly, YOU MUST BE WISE AND HAVE A DISCERNING SPIRIT.
                                         When people come to that place of ignoring God, they tend to trample
                                    morals, conscience, justice, and self-respect. Circumstances cause various
                                       things to happen, but to look within will only bring Discouragement; to
                                      look without will only bring Disappointment; BUT to look up will bring
                                          Delight. You must ask the Lord for wisdom and discernment in your
                                      circumstances to have a spirit of expectation that when you call upon the
                                                                        Lord, He said, “…I will deliver thee....”
                                                                           BREAKTHROUGH is on the WAY!

Lastly, MAINTAIN A SPIRIT OF EXPECTATION. You must understand the difference between the
promise and what it takes to keep and maintain it. Never give up on God or His promises. Never retreat from
the enemy. You CAN make the leap from good to great! In the land of BREAKTHROUGH you will be too
blessed to be stressed and you’ll find you there is more to shout about than to pout about! EXPECT YOUR
BREAKTHROUGH. Although you have to deal with a lot of things, don’t give up on it, no matter what. It is
absolutely worth it!

Serving the Lord of the Breakthrough,
Rev. Celeste Kelley

                                                  ~ Table of Contents ~

A SISTAH’s Lifestyle
“By Fire” by Wanda J. Burnside .............................................................................................................................6
“In Search of Inner Peace” by Tina C. Hines ..................................................................................................8
“The Importance of Self-Worth” by Mara Prose ..........................................................................................10
“A True Love Story” by Leslie L. Smith .............................................................................................................12
Living the Victorious & Blessed Life
“Inclined to Worship” by Ramelle T. Lee ........................................................................................................14
“Evangelist” by Redelia McLaurine....................................................................................................................15
“Your Best is Good Enough” by Kristie Kennedy...........................................................................................16
SISTAH Teen Mentoring Initiative
“True Friendship” by Andrea Robertson-Bedford .............................................................................................17
On the Cover: Prophetess Kelly Crews
“Breakthrough of a Designer Original” ......................................................................................................18

Virtuosity – Marriage & Divorce Feature
“The Key to a Successful Marriage” by Kisha Emanuel-Durrell ................................................................21

Domestic Violence & Abuse
“Emotional Abuse: The Scars Within” by Tamika L. Sims............................................................................22

Faith and Finances
“3rd Principle of Financial Takeover” by Cedric Dukes ...............................................................................25

Health & Beauty ................................................................................................................................................28

A SISTAH’s Closet .............................................................................................................................................30

SISTAHS Services & Business Network
Feature: Leslie L. Smith – Ms. Smith Inc. .....................................................................................................34

Soul SISTAHS Café of Reading & Poetry .....................................................................................................38

Christian Events & Evangelism (C.E.E.) Network
Feature: Andrea Helms, Sunday Best Finalist ..........................................................................................42

                                                                                    Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™                       5
A SISTAH’S LIFESTYLE – Coaching Principles

                              By Fire
                              By Wanda J. Burnside

Are you at a point in your life where all you seem to have    children, the Israelites, who traveled by fire, you will too.
are disappointments, frustrations and suffering? Does it      It will be light to your path and warmth to your heart.
seem like no matter how hard you try, things just don’t
turn out the way that you feel they should? You prayed        I send the fire! I am the Master of the fire! I control its
and prayed, but it seems like one thing after another just    temperature. I set the gauge. I control it all. You will
keeps happening to you.                                       not burn or be consumed. I need you to be perfected
                                                              for My service.
You cried out to the Lord, “Why is this and that
happening to me? I am seeking Your face Father! What          I need a pure heart.
am I to do? Things are so painful in my life. Lord, do        I want a humble spirit.
you hear my cry? Do You care that I am going through          I must dwell in a clean temple.
one thing then another?”                                      You are a holy temple.
                                                              My Spirit will clean this temple!
God is there! He hears your cry. Listen, listen to what       I want your life in order.
He has to say. Open your heart. Wait on Him.                  I dwell in order!
                                                              I deserve praise for I will make your life free from
Yes, you are in the fire. Thus, saith the Lord:               bondage.
                                                              The ropes of bondage will burn off by My fire.
“I am perfecting you. I am making you into what you           Worship Me! “
must be to succeed and survive in this life.
                                                              © 2008 Wanda J. Burnside – All Rights Reserved.
I am changing you. I am taking out all that is not pure
and right. I want you to be holy.
                                                                                MY PRAYER FOR YOU
I want you to be “wholly” and completely Mine. I want
you to function and operate as I have made you to be.         Dear Heavenly Father, We come to You in the Name of
                                                              Jesus. We bless Your Holy Name. We give You praise.
You feel the heat of the fire. You are in the process of
being changed. I have chosen you. I picked you up and         We can’t make it without You. Thank You for touching
brought you near the fire to be changed and purified of       this dear one. You will bring this friend through this time
this world. I don’t want worldly ways in your life. I don’t   of great testing. Lift up their heavy heart. Comfort them.
want the world to come into your life and contaminate         Please give Your peace. Let it flow like a mighty river.
you. There must not be pollution in your spirit.
You hear the crackling of the fire. This is the trouble and   Let them remember that You are the Master of this
the problems that seemed to just pop up in your life.         situation. You are the Master of this fire. You said that
They are now being dealt with by the flames of My Holy        everything that is happening in their life is for a purpose.
fire. They are like wood. I will handle them.                 Let them rejoice for You are with them. Help them to
                                                              believe that You won’t let this fire consume them. Give
It is now time to come closer to the fire. I have selected    them joy for this fire is for the perfecting of their soul and
you. I picked you. I have carried you to this place. I        life.
have brought you closer. You are getting closer to Me.
                                                              Thank You Father for Your Word. Thank You for Your
I need you! I want to use you. I have set you aside for       love. We praise You for the breakthrough. We give You
My use and service. I have called you. Just like My           all the glory. Amen

                                              Welcome to...
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                                                          Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   7
                                                  In Search of Inner Peace
                                                                     By TINA C. HINES
                                     What if you had given your all to everyone, and nothing was left for you. In a nutshell,
                                     you were missing your inner peace. How would you handle it? What if you were told,
                                     "You look drained and you need to take some time for you." What would be your
                                     response? What if you went in search of something but had no idea what that
                                     something was. Where does your search begin?

All of those "what ifs" and many more could be asked of            Day two - Revisit your list from the previous day. Place
anyone. Oddly enough, everyone's response may be a                 the items you wrote down in order of how important they
little different. Going through the motions of life, there         are to change. Under each item, create two or three
are times when there is so much happening around us                bullet items that can be your plan of action. Write the
that we fail to recognize what was happening on the                affect this will have on you once it is changed. Please
inside. That is when it is time to step back from life's           note, this is subject to change because the future cannot
challenges, turn off the voices of others and go on a              be predicted.
search - a search for inner peace.
                                                                   Day three - Review your list, plan of action, perceived
The search begins in your bedroom. During this short               outcome and make adjustments as you see fit. It is time
period, you are searching for your suitcase, a journal or          to return home. It is time for you to have the inner peace
note pad, and a few essential clothes. You are packing             you desire.
to go to a place that does not include friends and family.
You are preparing to search for your inner peace. That             With plans in hand, begin the next phase of your journey
place can be anywhere (outside your home) that will                toward inner peace. You are the only one who can fulfill
allow you to think, pray, meditate and try to return home          your need for inner peace. Clear the clutter of people or
as a renewed woman, slightly different from the woman              things to reach your goal. Each day that you complete
who left a few days earlier.                                       an item on your list will bring you closer to the end of
                                                                   your journey for inner peace. The woman who packed
To desire inner peace is one thing but to consciously              her bags a few days ago will emerge anew in the coming
work towards obtaining it is another. So the work begins:          days, weeks, or months. As stated by Dr. Brian L. Weiss,
                                                                   "You are greater than your fears, anxieties, bitterness,
Day one - Identify and write down the things or people             and worries - you are even greater than your own
that prevent you from having inner peace. Be very                  suffering." The inner peace you desire is within reach.
specific as to how they affect you. If they are depleting          Where does your search begin?
you, perhaps this is an indication that a change needs to
occur. It is not necessary to devise a plan of action at           © 2012 Tina C. Hines – All Rights Reserved.
this time. The key is identifying the challenge.

Tina C. Hines, Life Transformation Specialist, is the President of For My Sister Friends a group that provides an open
forum for women to connect and support one another as they journey towards finding inner peace, wholeness and
balance. To learn more about Tina and For My Sister Friends, visit and

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   9
The Importance of Self-Worth
        By MARA PROSE

Mastering a strong sense of self can be one of the most      for any advice at all. Then you have those, friends and
challenging prospects life throws our way. I’m not           family members alike, who are always willing to offer
talking about the bravado most of us throw on daily in an    their unsolicited advice on your family, career, finances
effort to appear as if we have it all together. No, I mean   and so much more. I find that most of these individuals
the self worth that comes from a strong sense of self.       are not even privy to what I like to call “behind the reel”
The sense of self that allows us to confidently know who     scenes of your life. They are only versed in the
we are and where we are going in life, without distraction   superficial aspects that you allow them to be aware of
or doubt. It is not enough to simply think about your self   from time to time. Yet, they make it a point to make
worth but you must take action everyday in establishing      false assumptions about your life, talk about what you
and maintaining your self worth. The question remains        “should be” doing behind your back and then proceed to
though, how do we really recognize, establish and            act as an authority on the very life that you and only
maintain a healthy sense of self that authentically          YOU has to deal with on a daily basis.
reflects a confident and secure individual?
                                                             I used to think that there were no limits to what you were
In my opinion, I believe one must begin by finding and       able to confide in with your family and friends. But, as
establishing your own measurement of success. In life,       the years pass, I learn that it really is best to limit this
we come across all sorts of people who love nothing          type of interaction. For me, it saves a lot of time,
more than to tell you what you “should be doing”. I          heartache and irritation. I do not feel the need to explain
remember when I was about to get married and several         any of my decisions, nor do I have the desire to debate
ladies at work spent most of the day, everyday telling me    the directions I choose to go in life. Therefore, I truly
what I “should be” doing for my soon to be husband.          believe it is imperative to establish and dictate your own
Now mind you, only one of them was in a long term            path. Ignore those that speculate about your life,
marriage. The others were either divorced, single and        because you have absolutely nothing to prove to them.
one was even in an abusive relationship. It was mind         Always ignore the negative comments about who and
boggling to me as to why they felt I should listen to them   where you should be in life and follow your heart. We

have the best navigation system in the world that no             remember at all times that you are your strongest asset.
man-made system can begin to compete with, our                   Be sure that you do not confuse conceit with self worth
Heavenly Father. Thus, meditate on His word, rely on             because that will get you nowhere. Remember, the bible
His guidance and make the best decisions for YOU!!               tells us our Lord despises arrogance and encourages us
                                                                 to be humble. It is possible to have self worth and be
Secondly, I believe it to be important to establish your         humble, believe me, and that is what should be aspired
own core values and not be content with following the            to at all times.
status quo. Daily depictions of life are very warped and
unrealistic. It is sad how many aspire to those lives            I will dive more into this topic in another post but this is a
depicted on reality shows, movies and other fictitious           topic that has been a focus for me for the past several
venues when the key word “fiction” makes it an                   months. I wanted to share the knowledge I have come
impossibility. It is insane how many people look to              to accept and that I believe will assist others in their
celebrities as the ultimate dream to achieve when we             quest to find themselves. It is important to remember
really have no idea what their “behind the scenes reels”         that this could be a lifelong journey but it is also
realistically looks like. It takes a lot of strength and         important to keep striving for the establishment of your
confidence to go against society’s norms but once you            self worth. Be sure to constantly surround yourself with
do, then you will know for sure that you are well on your        only those individuals who will help you achieve this
way to the establishment of your true self worth.                ultimate state of being and realize judgmental individuals
                                                                 are nothing but a detriment.
Mastering self worth does not come with immediate
satisfaction. It comes from putting yourself out there and       Make it a point to work towards a strong sense of self!
remaining authentic at all times which let’s face it, is
tough. But it is possible if you keep those naysayers out        © 2012 Mara Prose – All Rights Reserved.
your ear, surround yourself with uplifting individuals and

Mara Floyd writes under the pen name Mara Prose. She owns and operates an IT consulting company, Xeryus Business
Solutions, that specializes in network design and supply chain consulting for the oil and gas industry. In January of 2012,
she opened Mara Prose Publications and began the Mara Prose blog that is steadily gaining more followers. She also is
working on the first installment of a trilogy series due to be released by the early Fall of 2012.

Visit Mara online,

                                                               Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™        11
                                        A True Love Story
                                                   By LESLIE L. SMITH

                                                               circumstances Ultimately resulting in me hating myself,
                                                               and eventually seeing no purpose for my life.

                                                               I spent years enduring and seeking after pieces of hope
                                                               that I could hold on to: dance, writing, poetry, and GOD.
                                                               Although I’d find hope for the moment, nothing seemed
                                                               to be enough to sustain me through more of life
                                                               experiences that would come along. Eventually suicide
                                                               became my only way out. I attempted my 1st suicide at
                                                               14 years young and my last suicide attempt at 21 years
                                                               old- November 18, 2006; when I died and was brought
                                                               back to life while on the way to an Ann Arbor hospital.

                                                               It was at that moment that I realized GOD wasn’t ready
                                                               for my life to end and that my life actually has a purpose.
                                                               May 6th of that following year I was baptized and
                                                               rededicated my life to Christ. I rebuked the spirit of
                                                               suicide and I vowed to seek after GOD for LOVE for
                                                               Self. I had to make peace with past pains that I had been
                                                               using alcohol and sex to escape from. I had to learn to
                                                               like and love ME; all of me.

                                                               I’m proud to be alive today sharing my LOVE story,
                                                               because not only do I LOVE myself, but I also like
                                                               myself. And 1 of my greatest expression of my love for
                                                               self has been my legal name change to Leslie (which
                                                               means Garden of Hollies) Love Smith. I gave myself the
                                                               LOVE I sought in negative ways from others, and since
                                                               chances are high that I’ll never know my Smith lineage,
                                                               I’m building the legacy of what it means to be a Smith!
                                                               While some didn’t and haven’t embraced the change, I
                                                               appreciate those who have so much more because this
The late and fabulous Whitney Houston said it best, the        is a change that I made for ME. It was so much more
greatest LOVE of all is finding love in self. I know this to   than a superficial decision, and the change involved a
be true because my love story starts with a young girl         more in depth process than the legalities required.
born into an environment and circumstances that would
immediately take a negative effect on shaping my view          So while Ms.Houston has now passed on, the life that
of self. Afflicted with neglect and varying types of abuse I   she gave while living will always live on, because she hit
grew up believing I was unworthy of love, and that the         the nail on the head- Love for Self is the Greatest Love
value of my being lie between my legs. I didn’t like           of All and I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to
myself. I achieved in school, but was teased excessively       find that love, and have a happy ending to my love story.
for “talking white”. I had a beautiful face but was always
compared with others based on my body shape and                Thank you for opening your hearts, and allowing me to
developing figure. I was a leader by nature, but was           share a piece of myself with you.
often accused of “being fast”; so on and so forth. And as
time went on and I continued to battle with who I was,         © 2012 Leslie L. Smith – All Rights Reserved.
my purpose in life, and the reasons for my afflictions and

                 Leslie L. Smith is featured in our SERVICES & BUSINESS NETWORK
                                 To learn more about her, visit the Network…!

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   13
Living the Victorious & Blessed Life – Spirituality

                                                         Inclined to Worship
                                                                   by RAMELLE T. LEE

                                     Meditation Scripture: I Chronicles 16:29 (KJV)

                            "Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: bring an offering,
                            and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness."

Have you ever thought about what I want you to do for            choir is also standing at attention, to glorify my name,
me? Are you longing to love me with all your heart?              just as you choose to do through your worship and
Can you live without my love? Ponder these questions             praises. Always realize that you make me feel special
for a moment. Now sit back and relax in me. Allow my             as you praise and worship me. I never am too busy to
love to surround you this instant. Allow the Holy Spirit to      hear your voice lifting up the beautiful words of adoration
settle your thoughts and give you the ability to lift your       to the King of glory.
voice in praise. Let your mind take you to a place of
peace and total tranquility. Are you there yet? Have you         As you spend precious time in my presence, I want you
called out my name and lifted your head and hands in             to understand that I will come to your rescue and reward
total surrender?                                                 you for reverencing and lifting up my name. I will take
                                                                 care of your needs and shower you with blessings. You
You are precious in my sight. I love to hear you speak           may desire to please your Heavenly Father and show
my name. I love to hear you sing my praises. I love to           forth your praises without being selfish. While you are
hear you witness to others about the way I make you              filling your thoughts and showing love to me in your
feel inside. Can you begin to reflect right now what you         heart, just know that I am smiling back at you.
adore about my love? I know it's personal, and I realize
that you can't always put into words what is truly in your       Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness and you will
heart, but I am pleased that you would speak my name             be given treasures from heaven that no man can take
aloud, and not be ashamed to recognize that I am your            away. I will bless you. I will love you always!
beloved. Your Heavenly Father is pleased that you take
the time to worship me in the beauty of holiness.                ©2011 Ramelle T. Lee – All Rights Reserved.

                                                                 Visit Ramelle online at
As you allow your voice to be heard in the heavens,    
realize that the angels of the Lord are also listening.
You have an audience that never sleeps. The heavenly


Oh, Evangelist! Godly Messengers:             The Adversary plays with our emotions,
You have so much work to do!                  As if we are some kind of toy.
Expound and share the Word of God,            Tell them!
That the Holy Spirit birthed in you.          Don’t let Satan manipulated them
                                              And steal their precious joy!
There are souls who need to
Pour their lives into God’s mold,             Warn the People!
So that they can become included in           That our trials on earth are only temporary.
His everlasting fold.                         They must trust in Jesus Christ,
                                              For all their burdens He will take and carry.
Messenger! Holy Messenger!
Study to show yourself approved.              Evangelist!
So, when challenged by the enemy ---          Boldly compel them to come to Jesus,
You cannot be moved.                          For He will instruct them what to do.
                                              Tell them to give their life to Him
Evangelist, take heed!                        And Jesus will greatly bless them too!
God called you for a special reason.
You must boldly preach His Word,              Tell the People
In and out of season.                         What thus said the Lord!
                                              Their soul is very precious;
Warn the People:                              And losing it is something they can’t afford!
That storms will come against them.
To make great fear to arise.                  PEOPLE! PEOPLE!
They must not be afraid!                      Jesus Christ is coming back!
But, stand and do not compromise!             Will you go with Him or be left behind?
                                              When Jesus knocks at YOUR door,
When their storms are over                    WHAT WILL HE FIND?
And they share their testimony and story,
They must surely remember                     ©2012 Redelia McLaurine – All Rights Reserved.
To give God all the glory.
                                              Visit Redelia online at
Warn the People!

                                            Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   15
                                  Your Best is Good Enough
                                  By KRISTIE KENNEDY

                                                                 to become an emblem of hope as you remind yourself,
                                                                 your best is good enough.
                                   As human beings we
                                   are innately wired to         2) Give yourself permission to exit. It is your freewill
                                   gratify the wishes of         right to leave the company of anyone whom you deem
                                   others in exchange for        unworthy of your valuable time and space. We've heard
                                   their acceptance. It is       the familiar quote, "To the world, you are one person but
                                   critical that we learn        to one person, you are the world." Evolve into someone
                                   how to love ourselves         even more beautiful and allow those who treasure your
well enough in order to avoid this disease to please.            exquisite nature to bask in the essence of your life giving
Only you can honestly answer the question, "What does            aroma.
loving me better look and feel like?"
                                                                 3) Find your strength in love. During the seasons
For the overachiever that may mean understanding that            where you are questioning if you are making a real
you don't have to compete for every prize, your best is          difference in the world connect with those who truly love,
good enough. If you are a mother and a wife trying to            appreciate and respect the value that you contribute.
keep it together all the time, breathe and unwind                Additionally, love on yourself with affirmations to rebuild
because your best is good enough. One of my personal             your inner strength and confidence as a powerful
favorites, the serial entrepreneur constantly pursuing the       individual destined to leave an eternal imprint.
next big thing on a budget less than shoe strings, your
best is good enough.                                             4) Be courageous and try again. After you have
                                                                 experienced a serious disappointment, heartbreak or set
4 keys to reaffirming your best is good enough when              back this can be most challenging because of the inner
your confidence is being corroded by erroneous                   fortitude that is required. You have to resolve internally
thought patterns.                                                that you can CONQUER once more. It's not over, its
                                                                 only just begun. When the going gets tough the tough
1) You were created for a significant purpose. This              must always remember "Your best is still good enough!"
purpose is intended to be an instrumental note of                Give it your all and never give up!
influence in the life of someone else. Every experience
whether good or bad are testimonies of triumph that will         © 2012 Kristie Kennedy – All Rights Reserved.
inspire others who are now where you once were. Dare

Kristie Kennedy is a woman with BIG dreams who refuses to allow anything or anyone stop her from accomplishing her
life mission on earth. She has cultivated a lifestyle of pursuing her inner passion to empower individuals with the
motivation necessary to conquer their deepest fears and inspire them to take courage to live magnificently in the face of

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    True Friendship

                                                                 compromise your morals and belief. They tell you it’s ok
                                                                 to do whatever you want to do without any regards to
                                                                 others feelings, rules or regulations. They encourage
                                                                 you to let your hair down and be free. They tell you that
                                                                 no one will ever know; it’s our little secret. They tell you
                                                                 that if something is too hard you should give up.

                                                                 But your best friend is the one who accepts the good as
                                                                 well as the bad; a person that will love you
                                                                 unconditionally, pray for you, help you, and correct you
                                                                 even when it hurts. Your best friend is the one who will
                                                                 understand your strengths and shortcomings. Your best
                                                                 friend won’t let you throw in the towel or give up but
                                                                 rather encourage you to keep pushing. Your best friend
                                                                 will also be the friend that believes in you and will
                                                                 support and assist you with overcoming the challenges
                                                                 on the road to making all your dreams come true.

                                                                 Friendship is all about talking, listening loyalty and
Forming a friendship is an important part of the                 respect; which will lead to building up a strong
development in life. After, all friendships are defined as a     relationship among each other. It’s the kind of love that
relationship between people. Friends care for one                will develop gradually. In certain cases friendship may
another and look out for each other. In other words it’s a       not last for a long period but take what you learned from
bond built on trust, faith, and concern for each other’s         that person as a ‘life lesson.’ Know that you will come
feelings. A friend is one who knows you as a person for          across numerous friends; many of whom will not have
who you are and not what he or she is looking for you to         your best interest at heart. So understand that not all
be to them. Most of us believe we have started that              friends are best friends. True Friendship does not
friendship in our childhood years; in grade school playing       consist of an enormous amount of friends you keep; but
during recess with that one person who likes the same            it’s valued by the love, time and commitment you put into
toys as you. But as you grow up and get older you                the relationship.
should quickly learn how to choose ‘True Friendship.’
                                                                 P.S. Know that the best friend you could ever have is in
There are two types of friends; one we all call best             Jesus…!
friend, bestie, or BFF and the other is an associate.
Never make the mistake of believing that an associate or         © 2012 Andrea Robertson-Bedford – All Rights
what I like to call ‘seasonal friend’ is a person that           Reserved.
supposed to be in your life for a life time. Associates are
those friends who never say “No.” They allow you to

Andrea Robertson-Bedford is changing the world one teen at a time through “Imagine Me Production.” The purpose of
Imagine Me Production is to educate inform and invigorate teens. They encourage and build self-esteem of inner city
youth in the community.

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                                   Limits INA
                       TakingDtheGNER ORIGOffL
                                        ON THE COVER: Prophetess Kelly Crews, Author of Baby, You’re Priceless
                                                           and The Designer’s Original

                                                                            P     rophetess   K C  elly     rews
                                                              is the CEO and founder of Kelly Crews Ministries (KCM). The
                                                              vision and passion of this ministry is to proclaim the saving,
                                                              healing and delivering power of Jesus Christ worldwide. KCM
                                                              empowers people globally to walk fully and freely in God's
                                                              purpose for their lives. God has truly anointed and appointed
                                                              Prophetess Crews to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ with
                                                              grace and love, dividing asunder the spirits of mediocrity and
                                                              complacency in order for people to experience the extraordinary
                                                              manifestation of God's glory. She truly walks in an Isaiah 61
                                                              anointing, "to bind up the broken-hearted and set the captives

                                                              Kelly Crews Ministries was birthed in 2003. She knew she was
                                                              given a great mandate to boldly speak the Word of the Lord and
                                                              it could not be ignored. Kelly has had to overcome devastating
                                                              adversity in her life from the time she was a child, but never let
                                                              the challenges obstruct God's calling. Through this ministry, God
                                                              allows her to travel all over the nation preaching, teaching,
                                                              singing and prophesying the Word of the Lord. Prophetess Kelly
                                                              has authored and published two books, "Baby, You're Priceless”
                                                              and “The Designer's Original," Foreword by Dr. Jamal H. Bryant.
                                                              Some words to describe the ministry of Prophetess Kelly would
                                                              be impacting, dynamic, radical, life-transforming, challenging,
                                                              power-packed, revelatory, relational and real. God uses her
                                                              voice as an instrument to shift atmospheres and bring change to
                                                              people, houses and regions.

She has served in leadership for many years in the                    Prophetess Kelly:        Prophetess Kelly Crews is a
Cleveland and Akron, Ohio area. She is the Assistant                  humbled Servant of God, a loving mother, sister, relative
Pastor at Quest Community Church in Cleveland, OH.                    and a true friend. She completely puts all her trust in
She currently serves with Dr. Rena Bey, Ph.D.                         God. She knows that without Him she is nothing. Life
Prophetess Kelly says that she has taken all the limits off           issues that she experiences do not stop her from serving
of God. As she is continually giving God glory, the                   God. She allowed her most precious moment to the
sentiments of her heart are simply this: "Lord, please                most traumatic experience she had be teachable
don't ever take your Spirit from me, for I am nothing                 moments for her to learn and grow in God’s love. She
without you. She has committed her life to glorifying God             chooses to walk in love and forgiveness which allows
by going wherever she goes.                                           God to use her at His will mightily.

Accordingly, her personal life and ministry truly                     SISTAH Talk: In the process of overcoming great
exemplifies the saying, "Lord, I'm available to you!" She             adversities. Please share your process of
is the proud mother of two beautiful children, Jordan and             breakthrough and breaking out.
Makayla, who are her pride and joy.
                                                                      Prophetess Kelly:       First, accepting the fact that the
Prophetess Kelly had this to share with SISTAH Talk:                  situation happened started the breakthrough process of
                                                                      healing. Second, learning not to dwell on the why’s,
SISTAH Talk: Who is Prophetess Kelly Crews and                        how’s and when’s of the situation maintained my healing
what is her mission?                                                  process and that led me to forgiving the person. Third,

forgiving the person led me to my process of learning           touch what God can do for them. Be real with your
how to exemplify God’s love towards someone who                 children. Let them know that you made mistakes and will
betrayed me. Fourth, truly loving the person who                most likely make more mistakes but God changed your
betrayed me led to my complete healing and                      life by first changing you internally. Most of all be the
deliverance. Fifth, my deliverance led to restoration           same person behind closed doors that you display in
(complete freedom) which led to me to love and accept           public and your children will appreciate you as their
myself just the way God designed me. Accepting who              parent. I am not saying everything will always be great
God created me to be started the breaking out process           but they will know that you truly are a God’s Servant.
of Kelly Crews Ministries.
                                                                SISTAH Talk:      Please share your upcoming
SISTAH Talk: How was Kelly Crews Ministries                     projects.
                                                                Prophetess Kelly:         There are several projects I am
Prophetess Kelly:         After suffering from a                working on. They are:
devastating divorce I relied on God to shape me into the
woman who He designed me to be. I knew that God                 Impact Radio Network The show is called "Walk on
completely transformed me from a shell of nothingness           Purpose with Prophetess Kelly Crews". The show is
to His priceless designer’s original. Therefore, my             every Tuesday, live from Detroit and heard global via
mission is Isaiah 61 "to bind up the broken-hearted and         web from 3:30pm- 4:30pm. The show is designed to help
set the captives free." God did it for me and He will do it     people understand their purpose. The show is produced
for you.                                                        by Moses Smalley and heard in over 15 million homes.

SISTAH Talk: How was your ministry in writing                   Pretty in Pink is June 30, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. The
books birthed?                                                  location is 5230 Northfield Road, Maple Heights, OH
                                                                44137. The cost is $25.00 which includes great catered
Prophetess Kelly:        My books were birthed out of           lunch. You can register online at
my life experiences. I choose to allow God to use my
experience and how I overcame situations to assist with         Fresh Fire Conference, November 1-3 2012. The
helping others overcome their life challenges.                  location is Oasis of Love Church with Pastors Dr. Walter
                                                                and Lady Adreanna Jordan in Mansfield, OH.
SISTAH Talk: Share enlightening power points
from “Baby, You’re Priceless.”                                  TV show: I will be launching my first Television show.

Prophetess Kelly:         This book was used as a               Music Projects
reference for a group topic in an inpatient drug and
alcohol treatment facility for women and their children.
The feedback that I received was great. The ladies who
participated in the group stated that “reading the book         SISTAH Talk: Please share your contact
was a simplistic, a very easy way to understand that God        information:
created them perfectly”.
                                                                Prophetess Kelly:     Prophetess Kelly Crews , PO
SISTAH Talk: Share enlightening power points                    Box 46265, Bedford, OH 44146 | 1-877-278-5975 |
from “The Designer’s Original.”                       

Prophetess Kelly:       This book allows individuals to
not only know but understand that you are uniquely
designed for your purpose. God made you perfectly to
do what He designed you to do.

SISTAH Talk: Being the mother of two children,
share encouraging words to other mothers.

Prophetess Kelly:        Don’t allow your past to hinder
your precious moments with your child/ren. Love them,
accept them, respect them and encourage them daily,
while you are teaching them the Word of God through
you lifestyle and the Holy Bible. Let them know that God
can do the impossible and their biggest dreams still don’t

                                                              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™      19
                                             Virtuosity - Marriage & Divorce Principles
                                      The Key to a Successful Marriage
                                                         BY KISHA EMANUEL-DURRELL
                                Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church, as his own body. He, who loves
                                            his wife, loves himself even as the church. (Ephesians 5:25)

The heavy responsibility is given to the man to be the         of God’s heavenly Real Estate. God is going to hold you
spiritual leader in your home. As a leader, there are          responsible for your precious piece of the Real Estate.
three principles men should guide their family into:           Your husband should be a Knight in shining armor.

1. In church every Sunday, how can you lead without            I Peter 3:7 says, “Honor your wife as the weaker vessel,
   training or leadership?                                     you are partners in recovering God’s blessing.” If you
                                                               want God to answer your prayers, treat each other with
2. Don’t allow problems to continue find a solution to fix     love and respect. In the contrary, God will allow warfare
   the problem. Men don’t allow the women to do all            into your home. God is a God of order. Disorder is
   the discipline; don’t put all the pressure on the           Demonic. This can cause all kinds of conflict. Conflict is
   women. Don’t let children divide you and your               like clothes in your closet, dirty dishes or piles of dirty
   spouse. Children know false –vs.- authority; true           clothes – this is a demon in your home.
   authority. Make sure your children know you are
   together raising your children.                             Clean up! Holy men and women will nurture their home
                                                               by keeping it clean. It’s hard for a couple to have self-
3. Men should be careful how our praise other women            esteem in a dirty home. Married couples will give 18
   (trouble in the water) Call on Jesus and focus on           hours at work and less than 1 hour at home.
   something else. Integrity is what you are doing when
   no one is watching.                                         Wives, the husBAND holds the house together. When
                                                               the husband is not leading, the house has potential to
Your husband should realize there is a blessing in             fall apart and the band can become broken. Find a
obeying God’s word; and wives, you should submit to            solution. Don’t blame one another. Find a way to fix the
your husband also. I say submit to one another.                band.

Your husband is to bring protection not punishment, not        Wives, keep your integrity. Keep your mind stayed on
disorder, but bring order.                                     Jesus and He will provide you peace, and purity.
                                                               Respect and Praise your spouse; let them know when
Women, be prepared for marriage and get closer to God.         they are do well. Don’t fail to notice the extra things your
Don’t fix yourself on the outside, but fix the inside as       spouse does for you.
Godly as you can on the inside, so when God sends you
a husband you look good on the inside as well as the           Don’t verbalize love only when you want sex…!
outside.                                                       SOMETHING ELSE XTRA!

As the head, husbands must know they are not superior,         Tell one another what your needs are, otherwise they
and are not suppose to use their strength to beat women        will not know what you want/need. Love making is
into submission. Women are more skilled at talking             necessary; your bodies belong to one another; there
therefore you will have to cut off the talking works with      should be intimacy in marriage, holding hands, kissing
kind words. Be mindful what you say ladies: Men lead           and rubbing each other’s feet. (lol)
by their head, women lead by their heart. Both of you
bring something to the table.                                  Mind your temper; take ten, before you speak. PRIDE
                                                               will cause division. Help each other keep their temper
In a relationship men and women don’t think alike. Men         and dignity in marriage. Pray with each other; attend
are often impatient with women, and you are not his            bible study; and read God’s word together at least three
child, servant, and co-laborer. You both are co-laborers       times a week. LIVE SUCCESSFULLY EVER AFTER!
to one another and both are responsible for the house
together. The up-keep and care of the family is a piece        © 2012 Kisha Emanuel-Durrell –All Rights Reserved.

                                                             Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™      21
Domestic Violence & Abuse

                 Emotional Abuse: The Scars Within
                 By TAMIKA L. SIMS

                                      I remember growing
                                      up as a young girl
                                      reciting the following
                                      nursery rhyme,
                                      “sticks and stones
                                      may break my
                                      bones, but words will
                                      never hurt me.” How
                                      my childhood friends
                                      and I would laugh –
                                      even if this was said
                                      during a moment of
                                      sarcastic banter. I
                                      can remember
                                      saying this anytime      Violence begins with the mouth.
and every time I felt personally offended; on the
playground during recess, walking down school                  Emotional abuse cripples the victim – leaving them
hallways, or walking home in the afternoons at the end         feeling helpless and hopeless. It is displayed through the
of the school day. However, I noticed I used it most           use of put-downs, intimidation or accusations. It can be
when someone else’s words put me on the defensive or           described as “crazy-making” and an occasional slap,
said something that inadvertently hurt my feelings.            push, or threat is also a sign. While not the easiest to
                                                               identify, it is definitely the hardest to get over.
As a young girl, I dismissed this statement as nothing         Psychologically, emotional abuse damages your self-
more than that. After all, words could never hurt, right?      esteem and your sense of who you are. It destroys your
Words were meant to be “water off a ducks back”,               psyche and when you are at your lowest, your mental
spoken and then rolling right off. Words were not seen         capacity. Emotional abuse can have devastating effects
as a source of pain, hurt, or abuse. As I grew older, I        on your mental and physical health.
realized that in fact only half of this statement is true.
Yes, sticks and stones can break bones – but words can         What makes this form of abuse so dangerous is that by
and will hurt. In fact, being told that you are stupid or      the time the victim realizes she has been a victim of
being called ugly takes on a completely different              emotional abuse; she is no longer the person she once
meaning once you become an adult.                              was. She is now withdrawn, sullen, losing hair and
                                                               weight because of the stress that she is under,
It is easy for us to identify victims of physical abuse,       depressed, and socially inactive. She believes that this is
because these are the scars that are visible on the            what love is and because domestic violence is often
outside. Black eyes, broken noses and bones, busted            committed in the context of love – it is very confusing for
lips all signify to us that this individual is a victim of     the victim. It makes it more difficult for her to get the
domestic violence. Overtime, all of these bruises are          strength and courage needed to not only leave the
healed with pain medication, antibiotics or the                relationship but move forward with her life. All hope is
combination thereof. Extra make-up may be used to              not lost. There really is sunshine after the rain. I should
cover them as they are healing. Longer-sleeved clothing        know. The majority of the relationship with my former
or pants are worn to hide them. What about the scars           boyfriend was emotionally and verbally abusive. I was so
that you cannot see, the invisible ones: those that cannot     beat down emotionally that I no longer recognized the
be covered up with make-up or hidden by wearing extra          girl in the mirror. Vaguely, she seemed familiar – I knew
clothing. These scars are the most dangerous and in            that I had seen her somewhere before. Somewhere in
fact, more deadly. The scars that cannot be seen often         that image was me – but where? I could no longer see
fester inside of the victim. The victim internalizes the       her. At some point, because I became so dependent on
remarks and slowly begins to believe these very                him for validation, a transformation took place. I became
negative things spoken about them.                             lost and hidden in him. We were interconnected. I in
                                                               turn, developed an unhealthy soul tie. I have been out of
                                                               that relationship for four years now, and it really has
                                                               taken all of that time for me to get back to who I was.

There are still times when I have to erase the “tapes.”           for me to find a counselor that had the experience and
When I have to shake myself and no longer give him                education I needed to feel comfortable and address my
control over me psychologically.                                  issues– but when I did, whew! It was a tough journey
                                                                  because I had to look at me. I could no longer make
Here is what was helpful to me. Take what you need and            excuses or play the blame game. While I did not accept
use it:                                                           responsibility for the abuse, I did accept responsibility for
                                                                  my healing and that meant answering the hard
1) You first – Forgiveness is a gift we should give               questions. Contrary to popular opinion, counseling does
ourselves first. Many times I have been asked the                 not imply that you are “crazy.”
question of whether or not I have forgiven my abuser.
My reply is that I have chosen to forgive myself for              5) Journal – If you are anything like me, you will
getting in and remaining in that abusive relationship.            experience a roller coaster of emotions. Everything from
Forgiveness is a process. Nevertheless it is the ultimate         love, hate, bitterness, rage, anger, joy and peace.
first step in moving forward. I only wished I put it in place     Embrace it. All that you are experiencing is completely
sooner.                                                           normal. Journaling allows you to express your personal
                                                                  and private pain without worries of anybody else. This is
2) Love yourself – you are fearfully and wonderfully              YOUR journey in words, so write until your heart is
made in the eyes of God. He loves you more than                   content!
anyone else ever could. Yet, before you can really enjoy
His love and before you can honestly love anyone else,            You are not alone. There are many women experiencing
you must love yourself. Loving yourself means self-care,          what you are – many have walked a mile in your shoes
saying “no” when appropriate, and never apologizing for           and made it! I am convinced that you can too. If you or
who you are.                                                      anyone you know is in an abusive relationship help is
                                                                  available. Please call 1-800-799-SAFE to be connected
3) Become a reader – Believe it or not, reading self-             to local resources in your community. Love is NOT
esteem affirmations and books on the issue of domestic            abuse. Love does NOT hurt. Yes, while sticks and
violence helped me gain greater knowledge on the                  stones can break bones – words have the power to hurt
subject. It armed me in a powerful way with information           and abuse.
that was real, timely, and eye-opening.
                                                                  © 2012 Tamika L. Sims – All Rights Reserved.
4) Participate in trauma focused therapy – Counseling
was VERY instrumental in my healing. It took some time

Tamika Sims survived a physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially abusive relationship of eight years. Tamika
used the trauma, pain, and suffering she endured to write The Plus Factor - a book that chronicles her journey from
tragedy to triumph.

                                                                Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™       23
                                                                                            Faith & Finances

Financial Takeover
3 Principle of a Financial Takeover – Giving
Excerpts from Hostile Takeover - Manifesting God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Finances

By Cedric Dukes

First it was stewardship, second it was budgeting. The          Obedience giving is the type of giving sanctioned by God
third principle in the financial takeover series is giving.     to support His church. This can be in the area of tithes
The concept of giving has been given a bad reputation in        and offering found in Malachi 3:8-11 or in Matthew
these economic times as most people are holding on.             23:23. The tithe and offering supports the ongoing work
Some have dwindled giving to a self-motivated action.           of the church. Some have said that tithing is the
Giving has been viewed in many circles as an                    byproduct of the law. One has to remember that tithing
opportunity to get money, power, or fame. Is this right?        was started by Abraham in where there was no law. The
Does it benefit the masses or does it benefit a certain         law came later. Abraham gave tithes out of love in which
group of people? You have to look at the intent.                the law could not command. He gave because of his
                                                                devotion and love to God and God rewarded Abraham
I want to discuss the power of giving that benefits the         for his faithfulness. Again the promise that God has for
masses which includes you. I am not talking about               you in giving can be referenced in Malachi 3:10-11.
socialism. I am talking about the giving that pleases
God. True giving helps people no matter their religion,         The next area of giving is abundant giving. Abundant
nationality or culture. True giving does not gain               giving addresses a specific need through family, friends,
recognition. True giving meets the need and in turn,            or coworkers, etc. I am not talking about a handout but
meets your need. Understand when you honor God with             changing the lives of people who are in need. 1 John
our finances, He in turn will honor you. To better explain      3:17-18 states if someone has enough money to live well
how God honors one in finances, let’s look at 2                 and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no
Corinthians 9:7-9. It states, you must each decide in           compassion—how can God’s love be in that person?
your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly         Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each
or in response to pressure. “For God loves a person who         other; let us show the truth by our actions. Abundant
gives cheerfully.” And God will generously provide all          giving is motivated by love. When we love ourselves, we
you need. Then you will always have everything you              will be more willing to share our love with others.
need and plenty left over to share with others. As the
Scriptures say, “They share freely and give generously          The last area is sacrificial giving. Sacrificial giving is
to the poor. Their good deeds will be remembered                abstaining from your wants or desires to meet and or
forever.” God looks at your giving as an honor because          exceed the needs of others. One example is supporting
you gave freely to those in need and He will reward you         foreign work or supporting those who cannot support
for that.                                                       themselves. James 1:27 states that pure religion in the
                                                                sight of God means caring for orphans and widows in
There are 3 areas of giving that can stimulate your             their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you
financial takeover as well as share your resources with         with their material things. I have learned that to keep
others. They are obedience giving, abundant giving, and         from loving money, I had to give some of it away for a
sacrificial giving. Again, giving if executed will increase     mission greater than myself. For the scriptures states,
your finances because God will trust you with more of           that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.
His resources to do the most good. As I stated in the first     Money is not inherently bad but the love of money can
principle of a financial takeover, Psalm 24:1 says that         corrupt every motive. The sacrificial mindset moves your
the earth is the Lord’s and fullness thereof. We don’t          mindset from love to a compete stewardship. Again
own anything on this earth. We cannot take our gold,            God’s promise hold true for you as stated in Proverbs
silver, or any investment with us when leave this earth,        19:17: Those who are kind to the poor lend to the LORD,
we will wind up giving it away. We must put back into           and he will reward them for what they have done.
the earth that we have taken away. The power of giving
solves this problem.                                            As I have said many times, the purpose of money is not
                                                                for hoarding but doing the most good. Money is

                                                              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™    25
designed to go from your hands to meet the need of                 much more could we move our country out of economic
others. Budget problems can be met if we just follow the           fears if we start giving?
principles of giving. Giving keeps your heart clean and
your motives pure. In doing so, God will trust you with
more. Know this, giving is better than receiving. How              ©2011 Cedric Dukes – All Rights Reserved.

Cedric Dukes is an ordained deacon, author, speaker, and columnist. His book, Hostile Takeover - Manifesting God’s
Plan and Purpose for Your Finances, has changed the way people think about finances and has been featured
nationally. You may contact him at

     Do you want to learn how to manage your money wisely? Join us as we share tips,
                                 resources, and insights.

  BudgetWise Financial Solutions, LLC is a premier financial education and consultancy firm,
                     where we teach people to manage money wisely.


      To support and promote financial literacy and education so that people can move beyond
     repetitive money issues to lives of freedom and purpose. Our products include: Financial
     workshops, seminars and training for educational communities, businesses, and non profit
                       organizations. Individual consultations and coaching.

                          Key areas: budgeting, debt, and savings and investing.


                      Samirian Hill, also known as The MoneyWise Teacher, is the President and founder of BudgetWise Financial
                      Solutions, LLC. As a trusted financial educator and inspirational speaker, she has a reputation for making
                      complex financial concepts simple and bringing order to chaos. She has helped many people improve their
                      relationship with money and get on the path to financial freedom.

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                 beauty and image events, and we even have a RETAIL division,
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Health and Beauty

Summer Beauty & Skin Guide

It is important to be mindful of the products you use (yes,
even the nature of the body wash matters). It’s
absolutely imperative for individuals, particularly those                        A strong sunscreen is a MUST and
with sensitive skin to pay attention to ingredients used in                      Shiseido’s Ultimate Protection
items. With that said, we came up with a simple                                  Lotion SPF 60 is guaranteed to
guideline so you can have the most beautiful summer                              protect the harmful rays from
ever.                                                                            damaging your skin.

                                                              Nail polish is the best way to have
                                                              fun with bold and bright colors.
                   Try your best to avoid scented body        We recommend Thakoon for NARS.
                   washes. Ingredients in perfumed
                   body washes in addition to crazy hot
                   weather can cause irritated skin.
                   Dove’s Deep Moisture Nourishing
                   Body Wash provides the necessary

                                                                                Foundation is not ideal for
Don’t forget to exfoliate prior to                                              summer. We recommend a tinted
applying self tanning lotions                                                   moisturizer with SPF protection.
or sprays. Doing so will help the                                               Clarins’ UV Plus HP Day Screen
product’s adhesion. Aveeno’s                                                    Protection Tint is perfect. It’s light
Skin Brightening Daily Scrub will                                               weight and semi-sheer.

                        Clarins’ Self Tanning Gel works
                        wonders. It won’t make you look
                        like a cheese doodle and you
                        don’t need to wait long before
                                                              Using a bronzer will add a sexy glow to your complexion.
                        getting dressed. Just remember
                                                              A bronzer also helps make the face look slimmer by
                        to apply evenly(and lightly on
                                                              casting angles on your cheeks. Bobbi Brown’s Bronzing
                        elbows, knees and feet)
                                                              Powder does the trick.

                                                                great mascara is Lancome’s
                                                                Hypnose Drama Waterproof.
                 An eyeshadow primer is a life saver
                 (not just for summer but all year round).
                 A primer helps your eyeshadow stay             Lip gloss is all you need for your
                 in place and not drip off of your face         lips. Applying so will help your lips
                 once you’re under the sun. Urban               look healthy and young. Contrary to
                 Decay’s Eyeshadow Potion Primer is             some rumors, most lip glosses
                 the best! You can quote us on that.            contain the same ingredients that lip
                                                                balms do; therefore helping to
                                                                condition your lips. NARS lip gloss
                                                                in orgasm pinky-peach shimmer is
                                                                our favorite (but the brand has a variety of pretty colors).

If you have to wear eyeshadow, the best way to go is
natural. We find Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow
collections to be the sexiest. Use the light shades for day
time and darker ones for evenings.
Sidebar- bright colors are fine but if you’re going to wear
blue eyeshadow, we recommend applying only to the lid           Complete your summer look with a lip conditioning
and smooth it over using a neutral shade.                       treatment. Lip balms helps your lips stay nourished. We
                                                                love The Healthy Lip Screen with SPF 30 from Lavanila.

                        You can get away with just a
                        mascara to enhance the eyes.  
                        It’s best to use waterproof             beauty-guide/
                        mascaras. Some waterproof
                        mascaras are difficult to wipe off
                        but it’s better to be sure that you
                        won’t look like a raccoon. A

                                                              Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™      29
A SISTAHS’s Closet

                                                          Zaria’s CLOSET

 A Mobile Boutique for Women
       of All Occasions

     Call Elonda Moore today to book your own private
         shopping party for your friends and family!

                               Welcome to                     J'Adore!
J'Adore is more than just a brand, Carmen Bradley will help you to create a lifestyle
of luxury living. J'Adore offers unique styles and collections of shoes, handbags and
          jewelry. She is truly passionate about fashion and look forward to
                         helping you meet your fashion needs!

               Call Carmen Bradley today!

                                                  Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   31

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   33
Services & Business Network FEATURE
                 Leslie L. Smith – MS. SMITH INC.

                                                                       ABOUT LESLIE L. SMITH

                                                   Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan; Leslie (formerly named
                                                   Timinica) knows all too well of the challenges of growing up in an
                                                   environment where hope for a better future was merely a wish upon a star.
                                                   However, holding steadfast to the desire to break the cycles of abuse,
                                                   poverty and illiteracy Leslie dwell in poetry, dance and her love of the Lord
as an escape as she continued to strive forward. Motivated by individuals in the schools and community, she modeled
after the behavior that was most favorable in her eye sight and began her journey. Having endured many afflictions, as
well as fallen victim to her surroundings, she is no stranger to suffering, making bad decisions nor the effects and
consequences that follow. This of which has equipped her with the strength, perseverance and passion to keep pushing
and striving toward greatness; against all odds. Above all, she uses these experiences to plant seeds and pour into the
lives of others, hoping that others will benefit from her trials and triumph.

A graduate of Eastern Michigan University, Ms. Smith began her undergraduate studies pursing Special Education
Emotional Impairment. However, after completing her Child Development Associate Credential and teaching as a
preschool and head start teacher for 4 years; Leslie completed her undergraduate career with a Bachelor of Science in
Communication and Nonprofit Administration, pursuing her 1st love: COMMUNITY & HELPING OTHERS! Academically,
she is currently completing her MBA with Capella University.

As a young professional and entrepreneur, she prides herself on traveling a career path where service and making a
difference in the lives of others; especially children, is the core purpose and passion. When she is not working
or volunteering in the community, Leslie enjoys planning fun outings with her princess, and engaging in small gatherings
with family & friends!

                                                      Visit Leslie Online:


Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   35
             17344 West 12 Mile Rd. Suite 106, Southfield, MI 48076,

       Sara’s House/Place is helping to break the cycle of homelessness

one person at a time by providing women with the necessary resources and skills

                  to strengthen and gain their independence.

These families become self-sufficient and contributors to our economic growth.

   Sara’s House/Place will allow the women to reside for at least two years.

      During their residency, the women will be given the opportunity to

          participate in the following counseling enrichment sessions:

                            Money Management
                            Health & Wellness
                            Education (G.E.D.)
                            Spiritual Enrichment
                            Family Care


                                        Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   37
Soul SISTAHS Café of Poetry & Suggested Reading

                                    Renew Your Faith
                          Launch Out into the Deep

Launch Out Into the Deep by Acacia Slaton Beumer was written to
help renew the faith of people who have become discouraged and
disillusioned. Beumer wrote this work with the hope that readers
can find encouragement and a renewal of their faiths when they
read the text and poetry included in its pages, uplifting and
inspiring its readers with its words.

Acacia had faced some trials of her own, which ignited her
passion to write Launch out into the Deep and touch others. She
was diagnosed with schizophrenia and since then had to learn to
not blame God for her misfortunes in life; instead, she has
learned many lessons of faith and was drawn closer to God, an
approach that she encourages others to take, no matter what
issues they are struggling with. This book is perfect for those who
struggle with excess frustrations and anxieties that cause them to question and abandon their
faith. Interviews and review copies are available upon request.

                               Acacia Slaton Beumer is a graduate of Oral Roberts University; she will earn her
                               Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy in the summer of 2012. She
                               works in the Social Service field and finds a sense of joy from helping others. Her
                               husband John is in the United States Army. She has two daughters; Jana is 3
                               years old Jaci is 1. Acacia loves to interact with readers and welcomes questions
                               and feedback. Her next project is to write an autobiography about her many life

If you're interested in contacting Acacia email her at

May you be tremendously blessed and continue to persevere and daily grow in your walk with Christ.

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   39
                                                      Write For Chicken Soup for the Soul
                                                                 and Get Paid!

Angel Encounters                                              independence, not just financial or emotional. Share
We are looking for stories from people who believe that       your story of empowerment and independence to help
they have encountered or been helped by angels. How           women of all ages feel stronger, more capable, and
did your angel manifest himself or herself? How did your      more confident. The deadline date for story and poem
angel help you or someone you know? Please do not             submissions is July 31, 2012
send stories about people who are "angels" because
they do nice things, and also please do not submit            Inspiration for Writers
eulogies where you say that your loved one is now an          Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, books or articles,
angel. The deadline date for story and poem                   paranormal or romance, the process is equally
submissions is July 31, 2012.                                 challenging. Thus, it's important to learn from others who
                                                              have made the transition from dreaming about writing to
For Parents of Children with Autism or Asperger's             being a writer. If this describes you, we want to hear
If you are the parent of a child with autism or Asperger's,   about your setbacks, breakthroughs, and successes.
we invite you to share your story about raising your child    How did you overcome writer's block? Who or what
- the ups and downs, the effect on your family, your          encouraged you when you were about to give up? When
child's special attributes and talents, and the lighter       did you realize that your story was ready to be shared
moments too. You may use a "pen name" on your story.          with the world? This is your opportunity to help other
These stories will provide advice, comfort and insight to     writers -- published and unpublished -- draw inspiration
other parents in the same situation. The deadline date        and learn from your journey to publication (including self-
for story and poem submissions is September 30, 2012.         publishing and blogging). The deadline date for story
                                                              and poem submissions is June 30, 2012.
Great Advice for Making Changes in Your Life
Have you ever read a Chicken Soup for the Soul story          Parenthood
that had a wonderful nugget of advice in it that made a       They always say it's the best job and the worst job. But
difference in your life? We are looking for stories that      basically it's the best! We are looking for your stories
contain great pieces of advice, whether they are little       about parenting - the hard work, the joy, the
things that improve our everyday lives, or major              unconditional love, the funny times and the occasional
epiphanies that can change a life completely. Topics we       sad ones too. Whether you're a new parent of one or an
will cover include advice related to work and personal        "experienced" parent of several, by birth, by marriage, by
relationships, marriage, parenting, health and fitness,       adoption, or by fostering, tell us your stories about
finances, constructive criticism, taking chances, and         parenthood. Funny stories, stories that will make us tear
following your passion. The deadline date for story and       up, stories with nuggets of great advice - all your
poem submissions is August 31, 2012.                          anecdotes are welcome. The deadline date for story and
                                                              poem submissions is June 30, 2012.
Independent Woman
Whether you are single or married, widowed, or                FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL
divorced, you are in charge of your life and the lives of     MINISTER MARY EDWARDS AT (313) 744-MARY
many other people. Tell us your story about running your
independent life, achieving independence, and being a
complete person. We are referring to all kinds of

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   41
Christian Events & Evangelism (C.E.E.) Network

                                  Andrea Helms
                                           SUNDAY BEST FINALIST

                                Andrea Helms is a             school, and at Friendship Church in Denton, Texas,
                                lifelong singer and           where her father was pastor.
                                worshipper. She
                                brought the best of           In 1992, she became minister of music at Friendship
                                her talent and spirit to      Church, where she led worship and directed the adult
                                every performance as          and children’s choirs and the band. She remained there
                                a contestant on               until 1998. Andrea met her husband, Michael, at
                                Season 4 of BET’s             Friendship Church when his family came there when she
                                Sunday Best, the              was 13 and he was 15. “From the time we first saw each
                                world’s leading gospel        other, we knew we were supposed to be together,” she
                                competition television        said. They started dating when she was 15, and later
                                show. It took her to          Michael worked for the church in the outreach ministry
                                the show’s finale,            and eventually became youth pastor. Andrea and
                                where she was first-          Michael were married in 1993. After her father’s death,
                                runner up. Now she’s          Andrea and Michael returned to Denton to co-pastor the
                                bringing her best to          church, where Andrea has resumed her role as minister
                                her debut CD as a             of music.
                                Music World Gospel
                                recording artist.             Besides completing her CD, Andrea has been traveling
                                Moving Forward,               around the country to minister in song. She recently was
                                which features songs          featured in the Jacksonville, Florida run of T.J.
she performed on Sunday Best, was released in stores          Hemphill’s play, Perilous Times II, with Music World
and online everywhere on March 6, 2012.                       label mate Le’Andria Johnson, Season 3 winner of
                                                              Sunday Best. Andrea also has been asked by Dr. Martin
Andrea thought about auditioning for Sunday Best for          Luther King, Jr.’s family to sing at his birthday
two years before the opportunity presented itself. “We        celebration in Atlanta in January 2012. “This is probably
just kept missing it. We would always catch the show          the greatest honor that I’ve had in my entire life,” she
during the tryout episodes and we wondered where you          said of the invitation.
go to audition,” says Andrea. “I received a call from a
friend who said they were going to be auditioning in          Andrea is looking forward to what comes next as a result
Dallas and that I needed to go. Suddenly I started            of Sunday Best and the CD. “When you start walking
second-guessing myself and I almost didn’t go. But I          through the doors that God opens, you never know
showed up, and I was among thousands of people. I             what’s behind that door,” she said. “I really would like to
thought it would be a good learning experience. I didn’t      have a platform for my husband and me to share our
really expect to make it as far as I did. I was surprised.”   ministry with the world. I want people to know who we
                                                              are together and so I’m anxious to see what becomes of
Andrea believes that she came out of the Sunday Best          that.”
experience stronger and more confident than when she
went in. “It’s very taxing because not only are you           Her greatest goal, however, is to use her music to
singing for Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin,       connect people with Jesus. “I want people to know how
Kim Burrell—all these major artists—but you’re on             big Jesus is through what I sing,” she says. “I want them
national television,” she recalls. “You have to dig down      to know that he is real and that you don’t have to be
deep into who you are and try to stay true to who you         cleaned up to come to Jesus, you can come as you are.
are, knowing that the only source that you have is God.”      And if that’s accomplished, then my mission is
Born in Odessa Texas, Andrea was an only child and the
daughter of a preacher who was also an accomplished           To read more, visit
musician. Music was always a part of her life at home, at

Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   43
 The SISTAHS Ministry International | P.O. Box 401121 | Redford, MI 48240-1121 | (313) 451-2559

5th Annual SISTAHS Embracing the Elevation Conference
           Sometimes dreams can seem so far away… DON’T STOP ‘TIL YOU BREAK IT OUT!

         Women of Breakthrough Awards,
        Breakthrough Workshops & More…

                    GUEST SPEAKERS

      Dr. Theresa Edwards
     Prophetess Kelly Crews

      August 24 – August 25
Sponsorship & Vendor Opportunities Available
Uniting Women & Teenage Girls to Impact Their Lives ™   45

Description: June, 2012 Summer Edition of SISTAH Talk E-Magazine published by The SISTAHS Ministry International featuring Prophetess Kelly Crews, Author of "The Designer Original" with Foreword by Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant