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					                                                        Gift Certificate Donation Script!

Arbonne Consultant:

Depending on what you are calling for and who you are calling is going to change who you will ask for. For example if you are calling to donate gift certificates
for Nurse’s Week you would ask for the Chief Nursing Officer. It is important to do your best to make sure you are talking to the right person. If you do not
know who that is “ask”. You could say something like, “who would be the best person to talk with regarding making a donation to your employees?”

Once you have the appropriate person on the phone:
Arbonne Consultant:

“Hi my name is (your name) and I am a skin care specialist with a European company called Arbonne. I am calling because every year for . . . (nurse’s day) my
company acknowledges nurse’s with a gift certificate for a complimentary facial and I would love to have the opportunity to acknowledge your nurses. The
gift certificate is free to you and there is no obligation for the recipient. All they do is contact me to schedule an appointment. This is simply a way for me to
get my name out in the community and to recognize people (or you can say women) in the community.

How many nurses do you have on staff?

Great, I can have these printed and to you by, and give them the date. How does it work with your schedule for me to drop them off to you on . . .?

Great, I look forward to meeting you, and I assure you they are going to love receiving the certificate!

Script to use when you receive a call from someone who has one of your certificates!

Note: I keep a spiral notebook by my phone to log all of the calls I have received in it.

Consultant: “Hello, this is Natalie”

Caller: Hi I am calling because I received one of your free facial gift certificates.

Consultant: “Great, can I get your name and telephone number and ask you where you received your certificate?” (for you to know: this is in case the phone
line gets disconnected and so you have a record of where you are getting your calls from, where you are getting the best return on your donation)

Caller: Oh my name is . . . and I am a nurse at xyz hospital.

Consultant: Great, well if this is a good time I would like to take a minute to tell you where I am located and a little bit about what the facial includes so you
know what to expect. I have a studio in my home in (your town). I take daytime appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays, evenings, and Saturday morning
appointments. (It is very important that you give them your schedule so that they know that your time is valuable)

The facial takes about 45 minutes and not only will you be pampered and leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, I will also spend some time educating you on
what is good for your skin and some ingredients to avoid using on your skin. I use an incredible product line from Switzerland called Arbonne, and everything I
use on you during the facial you could use at home on a daily basis. So I will make product recommendations to you, but there is no obligation. (that
statement is critical)

Does your schedule permit you to come during the day or does an evening work better for you? (I say this because I prefer day, if you prefer evening reverse
this sentence. Or if you work during the day, do not give day as an option. The main thing to remember is you are in control of the appointment scheduling,
just like if you called a doctor’s office)

Once you have scheduled the day and time:
Consultant: Great I have you down for (day) at (time). All that I ask is that if anything comes up with your schedule that you call me, so I can put someone
else in your spot.

Give directions. And if you want to do a one-on-two facial to double your profits tell them they are welcome to bring a friend, and you would extend the gift
certificate complimentary to one of their friends. I have had a lot of success with this.

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