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									                     Tips on Saving Money for Smart Students
School can be quite overwhelming especially with all the projects, home works, rent and even
the partying part. Some parents don’t realize that as a student, you find it hard to save money in
college with all of these and they often don’t or can’t give enough allowance money. Being away
from home makes it even harder and essentials are often neglected. The best thing you can do
is start saving up.

      Shop in advance- shopping early or before school starts will avoid you from using your
       allowance money that is meant to be for you for the week/month. If you hae a part time
       job, then you can utilize that for your shopping needs. If you are staying in a dorm, just
       ask your parents for items such as beding, towels, kitchen utensils, toiletries etc. So that
       you won’t have to buy anymore.

      Sales and discounts- before the school starts, there will promos and sales everywhere
       so take advantage of it. Prices will be lower than on a regular day. With this, you can
       check out laptops, notebooks, ens and pencils and many more.

      Ask- asking won’t hurt, but spending for something that is already available for you for
       free is. Ask for hand me down from your dorm. If they have supplies like old desks,
       dishes, towels, utensils maybe you can ask to borrow or even have it.

      Used textbooks- if you have brothers or sisters or friends, you can ask for their used
       books instead of buying new ones. If they don’t have the books that you’re looking for,
       you can look in book sites online and checkout the free and used books on it. Go for
       paper-back books instead of going for the hard bound books. Prices can go twice as
       much compared to paper-backs.

      Make sure everything fits- going to your pad early on will give you an idea of what you
       need for your pad. As a college student, you have to stay on a budget, you have to
       prevent going overboard your credit to maintain your credit score report. Don’t
       compromise your health just to get yourself by for the whole month. Learn how to save
       money and in the long run, you won’t have trouble with your needs and expenses any

Be smart and save up your money, you’ll learn how control your spending and soon, you’ll be
able to stretch it then maybe you can treat yourself to something fun for all the hardwork you’ve
done. Save money will also help you become financially responsible in the future so keep it up!

If you are a college student, then as much as you want to screw up your FAFSA, you sure want
to improve your credit score. Keep a check on your credit history from the start for a happy
financial life.

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