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					                     Luxury brand Gucci cognitive
       Fashion brand dazzling, GUCCI style has always been the business community look, while
yet elegant fashion capital, the Italian brand of clothing has a simple design, especially the men's
quarter, tailoring novel, filled with eighteen century Venetian style, and then into the cowboy,
space and color of the rock star, so bold in a little unruly, distributing charm.
      Founder Guccio Gucci Europe - Gucci was founded in 1923, Gucci. Located in Florence,
Gucci Group is today the largest Italian fashion group Gucci addition to fashion, business bags,
shoes, watches, home accessories, pet supplies, scarves, neckties, perfume.
Gucci brand fashion has always been known for a high-end, luxury, sexy and as a symbol of status
and wealth "brand image? Rich consumer darling of high society, the business community has
always been favored, while yet elegant fashion capital.
     From the late 1940s to the 1960s, Gucci trotted out of the bag with bamboo handle, insert the
metal loop of soft shoes, printed scarves and a series of classic design, its unique design and
excellent materials                                                               has become a
symbol of elegance                                                                and          luxury,
Jacqueline Kennedy,                                                               Sophia Loren and
Duchess of Windsor                                                                and other lady
celebrities         are                                                           respected.
Gucci       trademark                                                             green, red, green,
blue red and blue                                                                 two?          Color
combinations? Lord,                                                               to      distinguish
natural leather and                                                               dyeing leather. At
the same time, the                                                                company is also
the name of founder                                                               Guccio        Gucci
first to write letters                                                            GG logo jewelry
shading, high-quality                                                             cotton         cloth
known as GG used                                                                  in               the
manufacture          of                                                                    handbags,
jewelry and clothing.
   After World War II, because of the lack of leather and other raw materials to canvas?
Alternatives. The letters of the printed book in pairs G logo and eye-catching red and green Gucci
symbol appears in all kinds of canvas briefcase, Gucci handbags, Replica Gucci Purses and other
Gucci products. Excellent Gucci luggage industry has developed into Louis Vuitton and the
French famous brand. Also become the object of other manufacturers around the world copied,
imitated. With the expanding range of products in a decade or two after the early years, the
Florence-based Gucci rapid rise, the development of an international group with branches all over
the world, the product throughout Europe, America and Asia. Not only popular shoes, bags, boxes,
etc., as well as clothing, perfume, household items, scarves and other accessories.
   It can be said that it is precisely because of these species continue to expand and develop to a
certain extent, improve the visibility of the Gucci brand, it is no longer limited to the existing
market areas, and increasingly become the subject of attention of the brand. Due to the large
number of counterfeit and imitation products appear, the Gucci brand had to spend a lot of
financial, material and its struggle to maintain its good corporate image. In fact, the years of
production and operation, Gucci had some classic iconic products such as flat shoes and
gold-plated ornaments that will never change the Gucci tradition of competitive products, it is also
the kind of Gucci lace shallow-soled shoes, had its huge commercial profits. Gucci's leather
goods in particular, tanning, leather and fine pigskin product to see features. Dawn Mello in
1989 was appointed its vice president and creative guidance, so that the symbol of the glory of
yesterday luxury brand to become a "must" fashionable. 1994 Tom Ford Gucci look.

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