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					                               LSCB Development Officers meeting

                                       MEETING NOTES

Meeting Title:       LSCB Development Officers Meeting

Date:                7th July 2009

Time:                2pm – 4pm

Location:            59½ Southwark Street

Chaired by:          Howard Baines (Merton)

Minutes by:          Kellie Ann Fitzgerald (LBBD)


Yvonne Onyeka (Bromley)          Helen Elliot (Barnet)            Liz Allen (Bexley)

Alice Peatling (Havering)        Lorraine Buchanan (Croydon)      Angela Bent (Enfield)

George Hawthorn (Kingston) Janet Johnson (Hounslow)               Melissa Friedberg (Islington)

Ian Dean (London Board)          Jonathan Williams (RBKC)         Shirley Walker (Lewisham)

Linde Webber (Wandsworth) Veronica Small (Redbridge)              Karen Neill (Richmond)

Sharon Long (VCS Engage)


Mary Jacob (Greenwich)           Suzanne Elwick (LBWF)            Terry Ellis (Camden)

Jill Downey (LBHF)               Malcolm Ward (Southwark)         Sarah Peel (Haringey)

Points of discussion

1.      Notes of last meeting and matters arising

        (1a)       Parents Downloading Child Pornography
        Helen Elliot informed the group that a Draft Guidance document has been completed and
        with be available in mid August for a short consultation period. All consultation returns to be
        submitted by the end of September for sign off by the main Board.
                  HE to distribute guidance document for consultation

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                              LSCB Development Officers meeting

                                     MEETING NOTES

      (2.3)       Datasets Project
      AP informed the group that Havering will be taking over the final phase of the Pan London
      Dataset Project.
                 KF to forward any Phase II documentation to AP of Havering

      (2.4)       Parental Mental Health Guidance
      ID had asked all boroughs to submit any local policies available. He has received few
      returns but has secured NHS London Guidance

      (4.1)       Serious Case Reviews
      CC had requested that individual LSCB’s forward their overview reports to her directly for
      inclusion in the 2nd Overview Report. These have not all been received yet. Any that still
      remain outstanding need to be forwarded to ID.
                 LSCB Development Officers to check that their reviews have been forwarded
                  to ID

      (5.3)       Working with BME Groups and Faith Forum
      Elaine Ryan has compiled all the returns from London LSCBs and recently presented a
      paper on London Working with BME Groups to the Victoria Climbie Foundation.

      (7)         Admin Arrangements for London Board Sub Groups
      The group discussed arrangements for a rolling minute taker and agreed that this would be
      undertaken alphabetically by borough. Helen Elliot of Barnet has agreed to note take for
      the next meeting on 6th October. Howard Baines will continue to chair as agreed. The
      group agreed that the meeting room was inadequate for the number of Development
      Officers attending the meetings.
                 ID to identify a more suitable meeting room for future meetings where
                 Development Officers to submit agenda items to Howard Baines at
                  ( for October’s meeting.
                 HE to minute on 6th October

2.     London Board update (Papers)
2.1    ID informed the group that Christine Christie has been seconded to the Dept of Health
       Task Force to work on Violence against Women and Girls Strategy. ID will be acting up
       as Chair of the London Safeguarding Children Board for a period of 6 months. HB
       congratulated ID on behalf of the group.

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                           LSCB Development Officers meeting

                                   MEETING NOTES

2.2   Gary Owens has left the London Safeguarding Children Board and has been replaced by
      Nilam Taheem who will be undertaking the Board administration.
2.3   ID informed the group that the London Board would be working much more closely with
      GOL and NHS London which should increase capacity. Mike Scott, a policy officer from
      GOL will be working collaboratively with ID on some of the London Board work streams
      including the Datasets project and the development of a centralised database to
      aggregate the data for benchmarking.

3.    London Board Workplan         - additional comments
3.1   Government Offices for London have agreed to fund some of the work streams that were
      originally identified for funding by Capital Ambition. This means that there may be funding
      available for further development work. Three projects are currently in draft form and are
      detailed in the London Board Update Papers.
3.2   The group discussed the proposal for the London Board to appoint 2 AD level officers to
      offer trouble shooting services. KN offered a view that support is needed at an operational
      level and not at a strategic level and voiced a concern that extra resources are being
3.3   Thresholds guidance document has been completed and is with GOL for sign off.

4.    Barnardos Sexual Exploitation Identification and Treatment Programme
4.1   The group received a presentation from Katherine Barnes and Gloria Stott which detailed a
      pilot programme being rolled out across London. The programme is broken down into
      complementary areas of work:
         Awareness Raising and Identification Training for Professionals
         Awareness Raising with Children and Young People through Schools
         Direct one to one work with Children and Young People
         Advice and Consultancy
         Multi Agency Meetings and Planning
4.2   MF reported that the work had been very successful in Islington and was keen to
      encourage other boroughs to engage with the programme. HE asked about the projects
      experience of multi agency engagement which was reported to vary from borough to
      borough, particularly MET police involvement which is usually linked up through PPD and
      MISPA activities.
4.3   KAF asked if children identified as at risk of sexual exploitation by the project were
      managed within the usual Child Protection Procedures. Katherine confirmed that all
      children identified as at risk would be referred to Children’s Social Care.
4.4   LA asked how accessible the resources are prior to the roll out of the programme. The
      group were informed that Barnardos is available to offer advise and the BE WISE pack
      used in schools is available for purchase.

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                                LSCB Development Officers meeting

                                       MEETING NOTES

5     VCS (CYP) Engage (Sharon Long)
5.1   SL informed the group that CYP Engage is undertaking a Regional Development
      Programme funded for 2 years. The programme will operate with the support of the NSPCC
      (Safe Network) and will be making links with the Workforce Development Council. There is
      one regional Development Officer in each regional area to support Voluntary Sector
      Agencies across the following areas:
                Safeguarding
                Workforce Development
                Commissioning
                Outputs of the programme will include:
                Training the Trainer Programme
                Capacity Building
                VS Network Meeting – 22nd September 09
                Vetting and Barring Workshops for VS agencies.
5.2   SL acknowledged that there is a varied picture across London in terms of VS engagement
      with the Safeguarding Agenda. Those boroughs that have a Children and Young Peoples
      Development Worker in their CVS’s have had significantly more support.
5.3   SL asked the group to describe some of the barriers, challenges and successes they had
      experienced in engaging with the voluntary sector. Members described difficulties in
      engaging the VS in Multi Agency Training opportunities, engaging those organisations that
      traditionally sit outside of formal networks and umbrella organisations and Section 11 Audit
      compliance. KN noted that the transfer over to the Vetting and Barring Scheme will have
      particular implications for the VS. HE reported that she has a CVS children’s link worker in
      Barnet who facilitates networking meetings and forums which is useful. It was agreed that
      scoping voluntary sector agencies was an enormous task.
5.4   SL will be making contact with LSCB’s, CVS’s and Development Officers in order to touch
      base with each local picture to support the development of regional action plans.

6     Eating Disorders and Low BMI in Pregnant Women (Jonathan Williams)
      JW informed the group that K&C is looked at developing a protocol for responding to
      concerns around pregnant women who are experiencing eating disorders or present with
      low BMI. The group discussed the importance of ensuring that protocols fit in with hospital
      and child protection procedures and looked a parallel concerns including; pregnancy in
      mothers with mental health difficulties, malnutrition and obesity. LA informed the group that
      the CDOP are currently undertaking a piece of work around obesity.
                 JW to bring the protocol to the Development Officers meeting for
                 All Development Officers to forward any useful information to JW.
                 Development Officers can circulate the information to their LSCB inviting
                  partners to join the working group being set up in K&C.

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                           LSCB Development Officers meeting

                                  MEETING NOTES

7     The Government Response to Lamming (Discussion)
7.1   The group discussed the implications of introducing Lay Members onto LSCB’s. HE offered
      a view that lay people can be useful in offering a new perspective. SW reported that PCT’s
      have had lay members on their Boards for some time and that it had been viewed as a
      positive move. There was some discussion around accountability structures and managing
      confidentiality and sensitive information. The group agreed that the JD and interviewing
      process would need to be robust.
7.2   The appointment of Lead Members onto LSCB’s was raised. The group discussed the
      potential of the political position of members influencing voting and decision making. LA
      suggested that the boroughs would welcome some Pan London Guidance on Lead
      Members and their role within the LSCB and informed the group that the DCFS was due to
      publish some guidance this week. It was suggested that Lead Members sit in an advisory
      position without any voting rights. LW informed the group that York operated a policy
      whereby Lead Members were invited on an ‘as required’ basis.
7.3   LW introduced a discussion on the relationship between the Children’s Trust and the LSCB.
      LW described the need for LSCB’s and Trusts to streamline their business activity to
      ensure that there is no cross over. The group discussed the implications of the increasing
      safeguarding agenda and the wide range of activity that sits under the Staying Safe
      outcome. Some Boards are focussing on Level 2 and Level 3 needs – the Common
      Assessment and Child Protection Processes and Procedures.
7.4   The group discussed the revision of Chapter 8 (Working Together) and the cost/resource
      implications of implementing new recommendations, particularly the need to have an
      independent chair for SCR panels. The group discussed the possibility of ‘sharing’
      arrangements where boroughs could support each other by sharing chairing resources.
7.5   This led to a discussion regarding independent overview writers for SCR’s. LA described
      experiencing frustration that many of the SCR overview writers available have been
      substandard. The group asked if the London Board could develop a list of ‘Quality Assured’
      overview writers. ID informed the group that this request had been presented before but
      that although GOL was putting together a list of writers they could not offer assurance on
      quality as the standard of reports seemed to differ even when the same writers were used.
7.6   The group discussed recommendation 19 – that all referrals from professional convert into
      initial assessments. There was a consensus that thresholds need to be appropriately
      defined and communicated and that the Common Assessment process needs to be
      embedded first. ID noted that the London Chair, Child Protection Lead and AD groups will
      be able to provide responses to this recommendation during the revised Working Together
      consultation period.

8.    Future meeting dates for the training subgroup (all at London Councils, 59½ Southwark
            Tues October 6th 2009, 12.00 – 1.30

9.    Future meeting dates of the LSCB Development Officers group (all at London
      Councils, 59½ Southwark Street, 2pm – 4pm)

            Tues October 6th 2009.

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