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For Employees to be by 0Q0S3Rc


									                                                        CONFIDENTIAL                           APPLICATION FORM
                                                                                                      FOR BPS-17

                             HYDERABAD ELECTRIC SUPPLY COMPANY
     (AGHAZ-E-HAQOOQ-E-BALOUCHISTAN PACKAGE 6% PROVINCIAL QUOTA)                               Attested copy of the
                                                                                                    most recent
                                                                                              photograph should be
                                                                                                firmly gummed or
                                                                                              stapled in this space.
                                                                                              The candidate should
                                                                                                  sign across the

HESCO (WAPDA) Advertisement published _____________________________________________________________
in the Daily________________________________________________________________________________________
dated __________________________ issued by __________________________________________________________
Post Applied for ____________________________________________________________________________________

1.            Name in full in block letters

2.      (a)       CNIC No.                                 (a)
                                                                                 -                                 -
        (b)       Sex                                      (b)
                                                                          Male                        Female
        (c)       Postal address in full at which          (c)
                  communications from HESCO
                  (WPADA) to be sent..

        (d)       Permanent address if different           (d)
                  from 2 (c).

        (e)       Telegraphic address                      (e)
                  (if any).

        (f)       Telephone No. (if any)                   (f)
                                                                 Mobile              Office            Residence

3.      Religion

4.      (a)       Date of birth (According to              (a)
                  Secondary School/Matriculation
        (b)        Age on closing date specified in        (b)   Days       Months      Years______
                  advertisement for receipt of
                  application .

5.      (a)       Place of birth                           (a)          Place          District           Province

        (b)       Are you a citizen of Pakistan?           (b)
                  (Answer Yes or No).

        (c)       If married, what is the nationality      (c)
                  of your spouse?


6.     What is your Domicile
                                                      District                               Province*
                                                                             a.     Azad Kashmir

                                                                             b.     Baluchistan

                                                                             c.     Northern & Federally Administered

                                                                             d.     N.W.F.P.

                                                                             e.     Punjab

                                                                             f.     Sindh (Urban)

                                                                             G.     Sindh (Rural)

                                                                         *Tick mark applicable to you.

       Note:           Duly attested photocopy of Domicile Certificate should be attached in support of your claim.

7.     (a)     Father’s Name ______________________________________________________________________
       (b)     Address         ______________________________________________________________________
       (c)     Occupation      ______________________________________________________________________

8.     (For married woman only)
       (a)    Husband’s Name ____________________________________________________________________
       (b)     Address              ____________________________________________________________________
       (c)     Occupation           ____________________________________________________________________
       (d)     District of Domicile                      District             Division         Province

9.     Have you been outside Pakistan? If so, give the following particulars.

                                                  DURATION OF VISIT

Country visited _____________________ From ______________ To _______________Purpose of visit _____________

10.    Give details of your extra-curricular activities including hafiz-e-Quran, Sports, N.C.C./Women
       Guard/Scouting/Girl Guide/Debating/Dramatics, Editor Collage Magazine and Civil Defence Training etc. during
       your academic career. (Add Testimonials.)

Sr. No.                  Activity                                Authority                          Remarks

11.     Academic Qualification:-

        (Give particulars of all examinations passed and degrees and technical qualification obtained
        beginning with Secondary School (Matriculation) or equivalent examination in the order in
        which passed).

Certificate Degree      School/
  Post-Graduate         College/          Board /          Year of       Total        Marks        Division        Subject
 Degree/Diploma        Institution       University        Passing       Marks       Obtained      Obtained        Taken
     obtained           attended
         1                  2                3                4              5           6              7            8

Note:           (1)     All information must be supported by certificates from the competent authorities without
                        which claims will be disregarded by the HESCO (WAPDA) when awarding marks.

                (2)     Any gaps in the academic career should also be mentioned.

                (3)     Mention also in column 6 any medals or position awarded by the Board / University.

                (4)     Mention relevant additional qualification, if any.

                (5)     In case annual, semester, or terminal, or group system of examination is followed in your case,
                        please attach mark-sheet for each year, semester, term or group.

12.     In case you claim an equivalent of prescribed qualifications. Please state if it is recognized by Government or
        relevant competent authority. Quote authority.

13.     Give details of Post-Graduate research work and publication if any, please bring the original
        documents when called for interview.
        (If this space is insufficient give particulars on a sheet of paper and insert here a reference to sheet


14.   Give a resume of your service record upto your present post.

                                   Capacity in which
                                    the post held i.e.                 Duration                                Reasons
 Department/        Post                                                                     Grade/
                                   whether permanent,                                                            for
   office           Held                                                                     Scale
                                    temporary or on             From              To                           Leaving
                                      ad hoc basis
      1               2                     3                     4               5             6                7

15.   If you have been dismissed/removed from Government service under any Provincial, Federal Government
      Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous or State Enterprises, please give below details there-of:-

                                                                                                Dismissed or
            Department                        Post held                 Year

16.   If an ex-service man, furnish the following details and add a copy of the Discharge Certificate.

      (a)      Date of entry into service.
      (b)      Date of release / discharge.
      (c)      Rank at the time of release / discharge.

17.   If you had applied at any time to the HESCO (WAPDA) for any post advertisement by it or for examination
      conducted by it irrespective of the fact whether you appeared in the examination or not, please give below
      particulars of all of them.

                                                          Date of Interview /
            Post / Examination                                                                        Result


18.     Please tick “YES” “NO” against the attested photocopy of certificates and other document which you have
        attached with this application :-

                a.      Secondary School                                  g.      Character
                        (Matriculation)                                           Certificates
                        Certificate                                               from the
                                                                                  last attended

                b.      Intermediate                                      h.      Experience/
                        Certificate                                               Service

                c.      Degree                                            i.      Certificate
                                                                                  of any dis-
                                                                                  tinction or

                d.      Post-Graduate                                     j.      Marks
                        Degree                                                    Certificates

                e.      Research Papers                                   k.      04 Photograph
                        Photocopy                                                 (duly attested)

                f.      Domicile

19.     If in service have you:-
                                                                                                           YES OR NO
        a.      Attached the Departmental Permission Form with your application
                (Annexure to this Form)


        b.      Sent the Departmental Permission Form to your Appointing Authority                         YES OR NO
                and have attached a certificate from your immediate superior
                officer with the application of having done so.

         I have filled this Application Form in the light of the accompanying instructions and the relevant advertisement of
the HESCO (WAPDA). I do hereby solemnly declare that the replies given by me in this Application Form are correct to
the best of my knowledge.

Dates: ___________________                                                                 ______________________
                                                                                             Signature of Candidate






                                          PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY

1.      (a)     Please fill in, sign and detach this page and send it to your Appointing Authority.

        (b)     The Appointing Authority should fill in the requisite particulars on the given space, sign and forward it to
                HESCO (WAPDA) before the closing date.

        (c)     The main application with a certificate from your immediate superior officer about submission of
                certificate form of Departmental Permission to the Appointing Authority along with other necessary
                documents MUST be sent by the candidate direct to the HESCO (WAPDA), so as to reach the HESCO
                (WAPDA) by the Closing date, otherwise it will be rejected.

        (d)     In case a candidate manages to obtain the Departmental Permission from the Appointing Authority before
                the submission of his application it may be attached with his application.

2.      The following particulars should be filled in by the candidate:-

        (a)   Name ________________________________________________________________________________

        (b)   Father’s Name _________________________________________________________________________

        (c)   Post Held _____________________________________________________________________________

        (d)   Office / Department _____________________________________________________________________

        (e)   Post applied for _________________________________________________________________________

        (f)   HESCO(WAPDA) advertisement publish in the Daily___________________________________________

              Dated ________________________________
Dated: ________________________________________________                                        Signature of Candidate

3.      (This Portion should be filled in by the Department / Office)

              Certified that the above candidate has been permitted to apply for the said post and that:-

        (a)     He is employed in this Department / Office as _______________________________________________


        (b)     He holds this post in permanent / temporary or ad hoc capacity.

        (c)     The candidate’s domicile as accepted by this Department / Office and recorded in Official record is
                _______________________ District

        (d)     There is nothing on record of the Department which my render him ineligible for the post.

                                                                                            Name and Designation of the
                                                                                              Appointing Authority or
                                                                                              Authorized officer on his

                The department must forward the above Departmental Permission immediately or inform
                HESCO (WAPDA) at once if it is decided to refuse the permission.

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