Kandersteg Scout Camp in Switzerland

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					                                                           BSA Troop 184
                                          Kandersteg Scout Camp in Switzerland
                                               June 30th – July 7th, 2006
   Departure Date/Time:               June 30 , 6.30 a.m. - Meet at Heathrow Terminal 2, at check-in counter with passport
                                      for Swiss Flight #LX 317. Flight is scheduled to depart at 8.40 a.m. Arrives Zurich at
                                      11.30 p.m. Coach transfer to Kandersteg with late aft arrival for camp set up.
   Return Date/Time:                  July 7 - Meet at Heathrow Terminal 2, International Arrivals area for Swiss Flight #LX
                                      338. Flight is scheduled to arrive at 19:05 p.m.
   Camp Location:                     Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Switzerland Telephone: 0041 33 675 82 82
                                      E-mail: reception@kandersteg.scout.org
   Facilities:                        Under canvas (bringing Scout tents). Must bring sleeping bag and ground pad.
                                      Restrooms and showers are available. Bring your own towels and toilettries.
   Meals:                             All meals at camp and huts are catered. Mess kits - not needed. Day packs and water
                                      bottles are a must. . Bring money for both Saturday lunches (Swiss Francs).
   Equipment Needed:                  See equipment list and hiking equipment list. You WILL NOT be allowed to go on hikes
                                      (day and overnighter) if you don’t have the proper equipment. Check the list!
   Optional Equipment:                Camera. DO NOT BRING ANY ELECTRONICS! NOT EVEN A PHONE –none, nada!
   Uniforms:                          Class A for special occasions. No uniforms for travel.
   Spending Money                     Recommend about £60 British Pounds worth of Swiss Francs. All group expenses are
                                      covered. You will need additional money for two Saturday lunches, probably at the
                                      Zurich airport. Bring money for snacks, souvenirs, and discretionary spending.
   Medicals:                          Class 3 Medical Records MUST be on file for both adults and youth.
   Price:                             £500 per Scout or Adult, payed prior to departure.
                                      Make checks payable to: BSA Troop 184
   Activities:                        See schedule.
            Dr. Gale Zappacosta DC, Assistant Scoutmaster
            email gzappacosta@whitelodge1.demon.co.uk Telephone: 01372 465 031

                                 Permission slips are due prior to departure.
  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
                                                                     PERMISSION SLIP

OUTING: Kandersteg Scout Camp Summer Camp: June 30th – July 7th, 2006

My son _______________________________________________ has my permission to attend this Troop 184 outing. I
 understand that the costs related to the activity are the responsibility of each Scout’s family and that the total must be paid
 prior to the event (pre-booked items non-refundable). I understand that all medications must be given to the Scoutmaster
 with written instructions for administering.
Allergies / Medicine Info / Medical Information / Special Comments: ________________________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian _________________________________________________                                    __________________
                                                                                               Signature                            Date

Contact in case of emergency:_____________________________                         _________________             ______________________
                                                                          Name                   Relationship                   Telephone Number

Other Contact Numbers             :_____________________________                   _________________             ______________________
       (If Applicable)                                                     Name                   Relationship                  Telephone Number

Kandersteg is a high adventure experience. The Scouts will be participating in the following activities as outlined,
but not limited to: White Water Rafting, Mountain Bike Riding, Swimming, Trip to Thermal Bade, Trip to Jungfrajoch,
Overnight Hike to an Alpine Hutte, Mountain Lugeing, Stone carving, Bowling and Golfing.
I further give my permission to participate on these activities.

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