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Black Cats - Myths About A Misunderstood Feline


									Black Cats - Myths About A Misunderstood Feline

Black cats are a misunderstood type of feline that is often feared by
people because of the reputation that they bring bad luck. Although they
have a bad reputation in society today, it has not always been that way.
In fact, black felines used to be a sign of good luck all over the world.
So how did these beautiful creatures gain such a negative reputation?

To find out the answer to this question it is best to go back to the
first mention of these cats in history, which was around 3,000 BC in
Egypt. Black cats in ancient Egypt were actually viewed with respect and
honour. This is because they were associated with Bastet, an Egyptian
goddess that resided in the form of a black-furred cat. Egyptians adored
Bastet and would always pray to her, asking her to bless their homes with
good fortune.

Egypt was not the only place that thought black cats brought good luck.
In fact, people all over the world had a positive view of these dark-
furred felines. For example, in Japan, Scotland, and England, people
believed that:

If you find one on your porch, you are blessed with good fortune.

If a black kitty walks into your home, you are truly lucky.

A black cat that crosses your path brings good luck.

A black cat walking towards you brings good fortune, while one that's
walking away from you brings your fortune with it.

If black cats were viewed as such lucky animals, then how did people
start believing that they were unlucky animals?

It all began in America and England during the Middle Ages. The Middle
Ages were a time of great superstition in these areas of the world. With
the idea of witches and witchcraft posing a threat to the well-being of
people during this time, people became sceptical of anything mysterious
or dark in colour. Black cats were soon believed to be witches'
familiars, meaning the cats helped the witches carry out their wicked
deeds. In addition to being familiars, people believed that witches could
also disguise themselves as these darkly coloured cats.

This scare led to the loss of many innocent human beings and cats in
America and England. Strangely enough, with no cats to control the rodent
population, England became over-run with rats, which caused the Black
Plague to spread across the country. This was an unfortunate result of
the destruction of cats, though perhaps it provides a lesson about how
important cats can be.

The Middle Ages were a turning point for the reputation of black cats.
Although these felines were once viewed as a sign of good fortune, this
period in history made people believe that they were bad luck. Don't be
fooled by these old superstitions. Black cats may look mysterious, but
they are actually one of the kindest, most loving types of feline.

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