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       Parenting is the most underpaid job ever; but the rewards can be great. Children have to be taught how to
       accept responsibilities to the actions and the decisions they make and take whatever consequences (from
                                         making bad decisions), it brings to them
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                                                  Why Plan An After Prom Party
                                                        By Lori Heatherington

    >From the time I enrolled my daughter in elementary school it seemed that the world was out to ruin
her innocence. Her know-it-all six year old friends with older brothers and sisters shared the world’s
reality with her on a daily basis. And I, who was happy living in the land of talking stuffed animals, was
in no hurry to debate the concept of Santa Claus.

Unfortunately, that age of innocence doesn’t last long enough. Whether we like it or not, reality plops
itself on the sofa in our living room and sits there while our children struggle through adolescence.
About the time that we’re able to find some common ground, they’re talking to us about claiming their
independence and graduating from high school.

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered in parenting, it’s that we can protect our children from many things
when they’re under our roof. Once they’re out of sight however, their own their own. Of course, this
doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad will happen; unless they’re with one of those know-it-all friends
they’ve known since the first grade.

Seriously, peer influence can be a constant source of challenge, growth, and heated conversations in
homes across America. In addition to marketing messages that conflict with our parenting goals, our
teenagers are heavily influenced by their friends. Therefore, it’s imperative that we do what we can to
guide and protect them.

The pressure to experiment with alcohol and drugs is a constant source in the lives of teenagers and is
often the gateway to risky sexual encounters. In addition to alcohol, many teenagers resort to tobacco,
club drugs, inhalants, steroids, and methamphetamines just to fit in. Why not make it easy for them to
just say no on prom night!

Because prom night is seen as a “right of passage,” anything parents can do to create an alternative to
rented hotel rooms and unsupervised parties is a wise idea. According to Mothers Against Drunk
Driving (see www.madd.org/stats/2421), on the weekend of my daughter’s prom in May 2000, the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, FARS data reported that there were 246 total traffic
fatalities. From the “Prom/Graduation Weekend Alcohol-Related Fatalities – 2000” report, 136 of the
motor vehicle traffic fatalities (55.2%) were alcohol related.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

With the help of the community and one another, parents can take a stand against the negative
persuasion and fight the devastating statistics as reported by the NHTSA. By following the outline in
the After Prom Party Guide, parents can plan and implement an After Prom party to keep their
teenagers off the street after the prom. Designed to insure the safety and well being of high school
teenagers, all-night After Prom parties are a sure bet for free food, fun and entertainment.

Although most parents come to accept the fact that their children do make their own choices and they
can’t blame the first grade friends for every bad decision, no parent wants the challenge of “what if”
questions of themselves. Prom night is supposed to be a wonderful time - let’s make it our mission to
keep our teenagers safe and off the streets. That idea was the motivation and the inspiration behind
the After Prom Party Guide.

Lori holds a marketing degree from Dallas Baptist University in Dallas, TX. She co-authored "The
Complete Small Business Internet Guide" (published by Macmillan in '98). Learn more about the After
Prom Party Guide at http://www.after-prom.org

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                                         How To Be Stunning In A Black Prom Dress
                                                                 By Jed Baguio

 In ones teenage life, specifically on high school. Prom night is one of the best things to look forward
too, in fact some of girls prepare for the magical night for the whole year. During prom night, girls slip in
to their best prom dress and hope to leave a best impression.

Prom dress are basically formal party gowns thats long and graceful, well traditionally that is. Prom
night comes in customary ball gowns or theme prom nights. Its best that you "dress to the occasion".

Have The Best Prom Dress

Beautiful, gorgeous and comfortable is on you should look for in a prom dress to make it the best prom
dress. Its best also if you can find a prom dress that can display an image of innocent, charming sexy
and sweet, image of well mannered high school girl image. Some famous prom dress that are always
on the hit list includes asymmetrical hem dress, sequined dresses, satin dress, and the classic
Cinderella ball gown and black prom dresses.

Picking the perfect prom dress for your needs a little planning and thought. You don't have to spend a
fortune for the prom night. You'll discover that there are affordable perfect and great prom dress that
leaves the right impression.

May I suggest a black prom dress. You can have a black prom dress either from retail store in your
nearest mall or made it designed and tailored just for you. But in my opinion black prom dress that are
made to fit for you body measurement leaves the best impact on you prom night buddies. To achieve
this, it is vital that you get your perfect measurement, especially in the parts of the bust, hips and waist.

Black prom dress also conveys the image of "sophisticated". Also getting that black prom dress online
could be the easiest way to shop. You can save time by walking around shops. Imagine you can
browse to hundreds of black prom dress conveniently, quickly and easily. That's what wonder of our
modern technology can do.

Now whether you purchase your black prom dress online or your nearest mall. I wish you all the luck
and good tidings. Follow this mini guide and may you look stunning and gorgeous on you prom night.

Jed Baguio. For More Prom Dress Tips And Articles Visit http://Prom-Dress-Guide.useful-tips.com/

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