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                                          Dora The Explorer And Her Memorable Songs
                                                                  By Low Jeremy

   For the kids all over the world, watching Dora the explorer is not complete without having to hear
the song that Dora sings in every episode. In all of Dora the explorer’s journey, children get to enjoy
the different kinds of songs that she comes up with depending on the adventure that she is in.

It should not surprise you that your child will be wanting to have his or her own CD with all of Dora’s
song recorded in them. Children cannot seem to have enough of the songs that they hear everyday
when watching Dora. Chances are, they would want those same songs present whenever they want to
hear them.

This is the influence that Dora the explorer songs have brought to kids. In any movie or show, there is
always a song being sung that you can relate to. This is also the same thing with the songs from Dora
the explorer.

Once kids hear them, there is a huge possibility that it will become their favorite song from then on.
Being the song for Dora the explorer makes it all the more wanted.

Why are Dora the explorer songs well-liked?

One of the reason is that all the songs from Dora the explorer is especially made for pre-schooler and
toddlers. The songs are made to suit their simple tastes and pleasures. These are the kinds of songs
that they can easily relate to.

When creating Dora the explorer songs, the composers are taking into account that children should be
able to understand them. Since these songs are for them, it is important that what the song is about
should be what they do and what they like.

Not only that, Dora the explorer songs are also like an explanation of the journey and the adventure
that she is in. You will notice that the songs she sings when she is happy is different from those that
are sung whenever she is sad. This shows the emotions that Dora feels on her adventures. And this
are the emotions that children are not finding it hard to understand.

It is said that when a song is played over and over again, you can easily memorize the lyrics and the
melody that it has. This is the same case with Dora the explorer song. Do not be shocked when you

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

hear your children singing a song in Spanish. Chances are, they are singing one of the songs that they
hear from Dora the explorer.

Having the songs in Spanish does not make it any hard for children to understand the message and
the melody that the song has. This is a part of their learning experiences. Not only will they learn
important values, they also get to have basic Spanish word lesson. This is definitely one thing they will
not be able to learn from school.

The popularity of Dora the explorer have made it possible for everyone toddler from any parts of the
world to have memorized every word in Dora the explorer songs. By now, they might even have them
memorized by heart and can probably sing them word for word when they are watching the show.

So the next time you hear your child sing a song in Spanish, do not fret. They are not really singing
something they should not be. They are just singing the songs that they hear from Dora the explorer.

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              The Good That Dora The Explorer Can Give To Kids And Parents Alike
                                             By Low Jeremy

 Dora the explorer clip art is specially made to cater to the needs of children to have their favorite
cartoon character be printed anytime and anywhere they like it to. If you think that everything and
anything about Dora the explorer have already been made, wait until you see their clip art.

With modern technology comes the technology that children can make use of. In the past, there were
only coloring books and stickers where children can enjoy putting on colors and having their favorite
comic characters around. Nowadays, those things have been changed to clip arts. Many children are
enjoying collecting their very own Dora the explorer clip arts.

>From the time children can read and understand how the computer works, you would often see them
intent on reading or getting all sorts of things done using the computer. The makers of Dora the
explorer may have this thought in mind when they created the clip arts.

It seems that children are not anymore innocent on the technologies that the computer and the Internet
can bring. Oftentimes, you will find them searching for more and more things and information about
Dora the explorer over the Internet. This is because they are not contented with what they see on TV
or DVD’s. Knowing children, they want to have more of their favorite Dora in anything they can get their
hands into.

Dora the explorer clip art is one way of giving your children the enjoyment of having Dora around. The
good thing about Dora the explorer clip art is that you can not only save them but you can also have
them printed.

Your children will definitely be delighted in having a lot more of Dora the explorer in different poses and
in different adventures present in anywhere they want them placed. You can have Dora the explorer
printed in black and white and have them compiled into a coloring book. Think of the fun your children
will have coloring them the way it appears on the original clip art.

Moreover, you can have Dora the explorer clip arts printed on photo papers to make them as stickers.
Now, your children will have as many Dora stickers as they want posted on their bags or lunch boxes.

The advantage of Dora the explorer for the parents is that they do not have to buy these things like
they do the coloring books and stickers. A lot of these clip arts are already available online and for
everyone to download. There are those that come with a minimal fee and there are also those that can
be downloaded for free.

All parents have to do is search for a website that offers Dora the explorer clip arts. Once they have
found what they are looking for, your children can choose from the many available clip arts that show
Dora in her adventures. The options are endless. For sure, your children will have a field day picking
the ones they like best.

Another good thing about Dora the explorer clip art is that it gives you the chance to bond with your
kids when they join you on the selection process. Dora the explorer clip art will give you the quality time
you need with them without having their attention diverted easily to something else.

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

This content is provided by Low Jeremy. It may be used only in its entirety with all links included. For
more information on dora, wallpapers, websites, information & story, please visit

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