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    Learning guitar in school is not just simply about memorizing some chords or scales but requires a significant
   base of knowledge, study and practice. Learning guitar is a great choice. While it definitely takes a lot of work, it
                                                    can also be fun
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                                                     Tips On Buying An Electric Guitar
                                                                By Phil Morris

    The electric guitar is the cornerstone of an exhilarating musical experience. A good guitar will
enhance the musical experience. If you love all kinds of music then your electric guitar should be able
to play all the genres of music well. But if you want to play a specific type of music like jazz or rock,
choose an electric guitar that allows you to play only that type. If you are interested in purchasing an
electric guitar, here are some useful tips to make your purchasing easier. It will give you a good idea
about the things you should look for while buying the electric guitar.

Before purchasing the electric guitar, consider the following points:

· Decide on your budget: A good electric guitar can cost anywhere from $99 to more than $20,000.
Hence you need to fix your budget before you start visiting the shop or going online to buy the product.
Since the price range of the good electric guitar is high, once you fix your budget, it makes your task

· Choose the sound you want: One of the vital aspects of buying an electric guitar is choosing the right
sound you want. Some guitars are better capable of switching from blues to jazz to rock without
anyone noticing a change. Others are meant for one type of music, so you cannot change the sound
immediately. Before purchasing, listen to the guitar sounds of your choice. Consult a music expert to
determine the type of guitar used in the recording. He will be able to help you determine the type of
guitar that will help you achieve the same result as in the recording. Besides, you should be aware of
the type of music you want to play to help you in the selection process.

· Get the feel of the electric guitar: If the guitar doesn’t excite you when you hold it, it is not the right
choice for you. Look around in other shops both online as well as in the market before settling on the
perfect guitar for you.

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                                             Preparing For Your First Guitar Lesson
                                                              By Gabriel Adams

 So. You've decided that you'd like to learn how to play the guitar, huh? Great decision! In this article,
I'll cover the basic things you'll need to get before you're ready to start taking guitar lessons.

The first thing you'll need is pretty obvious: a guitar! You should really give some serious consideration
to what you want in a guitar before you buy one, though.

There are three major classifications of guitars: acoustic, classical, and electric. Acoustic is pretty much
the most versatile, but it may not be what you want.

An acoustic guitar is a steel stringed guitar with a hollow wooden body. As it's name suggests, it can
be played acoustically, meaning that you don't need an amp to play it. You can use an amp with an
acoustic guitar, though. Some come with pickups already installed inside the guitar - you just plug in a
¼" sound cord and go. These are called acoustic-electric guitars. If you choose a guitar without this
feature, you can buy a soundhole pickup for your guitar for about $60, which allows you to plug your
acoustic guitar into an amp.

A Classical guitar is similar to an acoustic guitar, except it has nylon strings and is designed somewhat
differently. As it's name suggests, a classical guitar is ideal for playing classical guitar. You might also
want a classical guitar for fnger-picking or Spanish music.

An electrical guitar is usually a plastic solid body guitar with thin steel strings. It requires an amp to play
it. Electrical guitars have a unique sound, and are often used with effects pedals to distort or change
the sound of the guitar. Electric guitars are central to rock music, as well as being integral to many
other types of modern music.

Once you get your guitar, you'll still need a few other items. If you're playing an acoustic or electric
guitar, you'll want some picks. I'd suggest you start with Medium picks for most music. You should also
buy a capo, which is used for changing the key of your guitar. Be sure that it fits your guitar properly
before you buy it though.

With these items, you should be ready for your first guitar lesson.

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