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									                                                     Duayne Scott
                       Stratex Green Village, Jalalabad Road, Police Dist #9, Kabul, Afghanistan
                                  Mobile +93(0) 793770966 • duaynescott@msn.com

                                                            Personal Data

Name: Scott, Duayne, M.                                    Date of Birth: 03 August 1969 Age: 42
Address: 63 Scott’s Ford Lane                              Citizenship: United States of America (USA)
         Fredericksburg, Virginia 22406 (USA)              Gender: Male
Telephone: +1.804.895.5029                                 Security Clearance: TS/SCI
Email Address: duaynescott@msn.com                         Highest Military Rank: Major, US Army


American Military University                               Charles Town, West Virginia (USA)
M.A. Management                                            Graduated 2011
M.A. International Relations and Conflict Resolution       Currently Matriculating

University of Maryland                                     College Park, Maryland (USA)
B.S. Information Systems Management                        Graduated 1995

                                                          Relevant Training

Combined Arms Service and Staff School                    Standard Army Retail Supply System Executive Management Course
Combined Logistics Captain’s Career Course                Quartermaster Officer Basic Course
OSHA Compliance Management Course                         Commodity Command Standard System Functional Course
Unit Movement Officer Course                              Personnel Information Systems Management Specialist Course
Officer Candidate School                                  Equal Opportunity Officer (EEO) Course
Fundamentals of Defense Supply Chain Mgmt                 Defense Property Disposal System

                                          Summary of Professional Skills and Expertise

    Certified Project Manager with over 23 years of leadership, operations management, multi-functional logistics, and information
    systems management experience in multiple locations to include thirty months in Afghanistan. Extensive experience in quality
    assurance; adept at applying Results Based Management techniques to program planning, monitoring, and reporting to achieve
    maximum results. Managed and supported several multilateral capacity-building projects with proven ability to conduct strategic
    planning, build teams from diverse groups, and create external partnerships to enhance cooperative efforts. Innate ability to
    interpret organizational guidance and create actionable work plans to support the mission. Application of vast military and
    civilian experience enabled the successful management of Human Resources, Logistics, Supply Chain Management,
    Procurement, Budgeting, and IT Support effectively in any environment. Expert knowledge of multiple Enterprise Resource
    Planning (ERP) applications and ability to leverage automation to improve efficiency, accountability and performance at national
    and subnational institutions. Traveled extensively throughout Afghanistan while training the Afghan National Police and growing
    the Correction Sector Support Program. Developed partnerships with the following organizations: ISAF, Ministry of Interior,
    Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice, US Embassy, US Military, Afghan National Army and National Police. Uphold strong
    values in concurrence with UN principles; familiar with Afghan culture, gender sensitive, and presently learning Dari.


Bronze Star Medal; Meritorious Service Medal (2); Army Commendation Medal (5); Army Achievement Medal (6); Joint Meritorious
Unit Award; Army Good Conduct Medal (2); National Defense Service Medal (2); Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal; Afghan
Campaign Medal; Global War on Terrorism Service Medal; Armed Forces Service Medal; Military Outstanding Volunteer Service
Medal; Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) Professional Development Ribbon (2); Army Service Ribbon; Overseas Service Ribbon
(2); NATO Medal; Air Assault Badge; Quartermaster Order of Saint Martin Medal.

                                                       Professional Associations

American Legion
Association of Quartermasters
Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
                                                      Duayne Scott
                        Stratex Green Village, Jalalabad Road, Police Dist #9, Kabul, Afghanistan
                                   Mobile +93(0) 793770966 • duaynescott@msn.com


Master Project Manager – American Academy of Project Management
Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Supporting Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-Core Technologies
Internetworking Microsoft TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

                                              Summary of Relevant Work Experience

Nov 2010-Present: Chief, Regional Unit Support, PAE Group, Kabul Afghanistan
Responsible for creating, resourcing, and executing regional support operations and program expansion to all 34 provinces in support
of the capacity-building efforts of the Corrections Sector Support Program (CSSP), International Bureau of Narcotics and Law
Enforcement (INL), US Department of State. Responsible for regular project monitoring identifying constraints and gaps in
implementation as well as developing solutions to mitigate shortfalls. Responsible for identifying necessary support items and
initiating the procurement process. Responsible for reviewing, editing, and submitting all Serious Incident Reports for the
organization. Tasked to serve as Deputy Program Manager and Security Unit Chief on multiple occasions for extended periods.

        Created partnerships between USFOR-A, ISAF, the US Department of State, and the GoIRA to create life support networks
         to sustain our advisors operating in the provinces
        Planned and directed the expansion efforts to six new regions: Wardak, Uruzgan, Farah, Laghman, Khost, and Ghazni
        Drafted and presented several top level briefings to US State Department Senior Management identifying program progress
         through the evaluation of key indicators
        Developed the CSSP Emergency Evacuation Plan and SOP in response to specific threats against our compound
        Analyzed intelligence reports and developed mitigation strategies to protect our personnel, preserve resources, and
         accomplish the mission
        Developed continuity books, SOPS, and created the Program Demobilization Plan; setting the standard for the entire
         CIVPOL project
        Provided expert oversight and accountability of expenditures and financial resources in accordance with the Federal
         Acquisition Regulations

Apr-Aug 2010: Procurement/Platform Support Coordinator, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc Arlington, VA USA
Served as Procurement and Platform Support Coordinator with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in support of various
Department of Defense Agencies. Directed materiel procurement, distribution, and support for multiple platforms in use in various
theaters worldwide.

        Managed and cross-leveled assets across multiple locations through the use efficient use and application of ERP systems
        Streamlined operations, improved accountability, and developed standard operating procedures to ensure continuity of

Jul 2008-Mar 2009: Operations Expert/Consultant, MPRI Inc, Prince George, VA
Provided operations and multi-functional logistics subject matter expertise to Intelligent Decision Systems, Inc in the development of
a web-based Captain’s Career Course supporting the U.S. Army distributed Learning Educational and Training Products.

        Provided accurate and timely expert subject matter support to several geographically dispersed instructional designers
         telephonically and via email

Oct 2008-Apr 2010: Operations and Strategic Analyst, LMR, Inc, Prince George, VA USA
Served as Operations and Strategic Analyst for the Command Post Exercise - Sustainment (CPX-S) Cell in support of Sustainment
Units to Afghanistan and Iraq. Shared operations and logistics expertise and developed, synchronized, and injected scripted
information to controllers and responders to provoke actions to meet exercise-training objectives not provided by the exercise

        Successfully developed and synchronized the training exercise with the simulation plan in support of four Sustainment

                                                     Duayne Scott
                       Stratex Green Village, Jalalabad Road, Police Dist #9, Kabul, Afghanistan
                                  Mobile +93(0) 793770966 • duaynescott@msn.com

Nov 2006-Oct 2008: Chief, Evaluation Division, Directorate of Lessons Learned and Quality Assurance, US Army, Fort Lee,
Responsible for the assessment, accreditation, and capacity-development of 21 Reserve Logistics Training Battalions and 19 Regional
Training Site-Maintenance (RTS-M) providing reserve component training by Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).
Responsible for

       Provided institutional guidance that improved the capacity of multiple training battalion ensuring over 23,900 soldiers
        became Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) qualified in over 39 logistics occupational specialties
       Consolidated leadership of three departments ensuring continuity of support as the Title XI program downsized and the
        mission transformed; efficiently managed over of $447K in operational funds in accordance with US Army regulations
       Supervised and directed 13 Senior Non-Commissioned officers and four civilians ensuring 40 logistics training organizations
        maintained full institutional accreditation and eight units achieve institution of excellence
        Created Knowledge Management Portals to share lessons learned within the quality assurance community; standardizing
        data collection practices between components

Oct 2005-Nov 2006: Planning and Support Officer, Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan (CSTC-A), Kabul,
Provided multifunctional logistics planning and support to the 62,000 members of the Afghan National Police (ANP) located in 34
provinces and provided mentorship to develop the capacity of 54 ANP Logisticians serving in the National and Provincial

       Enhanced the strategic partnership between the ISAF and CSTC-A; improving the range of support provided to the ANP by
        eliminating duplication of effort, conserving resources, and improving unity of effort among international stakeholders
       Improved accountability of asset allocation which encouraged donor nations to contribute the necessary materiel for the
        growing ANP
       Expertly planned and executed the receipt and distribution of over $40M in police equipment; fielded $2M worth of
        furnishings two months ahead of schedule
       Led the procurement of goods and resourced the standup of ten new ANP Regional Headquarters and 14 Provincial
        Command Centers
       Developed and employed effective risk mitigation practices; safely conducted over 446 tactical convoys covering 4,563 miles
        under constant threat of hostile fire while gaining accountability of 17,506 7.62 mm rifles issued to the ANP
       Developed multiple decision briefs based upon key provincial indicators which were instrumental in shaping training and
        asset distribution policy in support of ANP expansion

Jun 2003-Oct 2005: Senior Accreditation Team Chief, Training Development and Evaluation, Directorate of Quality
Assurance (DQA), Fort Lee, VA USA
Responsible for the assessment, accreditation, and capacity-development of seven Reserve Quartermaster Training Battalions
providing reserve component training by TRADOC.

       Provided institutional guidance that improved the capacity of multiple training battalion ensuring over 14,900 soldiers
        became MOS qualified in over 24 Quartermaster occupational specialties to one standard
       Conducted multiple surveys gauging training utilized in updating training curriculum in the form of Critical Task Review
       Personally conducted over 84% of scheduled accreditation visits traversing over 124,000 miles across the continental United
        States, Puerto Rico, Germany, and Hawaii
       Faced with a 50% reduction in strength, aggressively cross-trained the down-sized team on all tasks and decentralized
        operations resulting in improved continuity and efficiency

Aug 2001-Jun 2003: Commander, Fort Lee, VA USA
Served as Company Commander of an Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Company responsible for the training of a daily strength
of over 300 Unit Supply Specialists (MOS 92Y) and 15 cadre members.

       Trained over 3,000 Unit Supply specialists with a 2% attrition rate, the lowest rate within the Battalion.

                                                     Duayne Scott
                       Stratex Green Village, Jalalabad Road, Police Dist #9, Kabul, Afghanistan
                                  Mobile +93(0) 793770966 • duaynescott@msn.com

       Prepared the unit during the Battalion Command Inspection; passing each inspectable area receiving 17 commendable ratings
        of 26 areas assessed
       Maintained lowest disciplinary activity in the Battalion with zero Soldiers absent without leave
       Created and presented Quarterly and Annual Training Briefs to higher headquarters to gauge progress and adjust training
        needs to support the mission
       Maintained 100% accountability and serviceability of $500K in organizational equipment
       Provided expert oversight and accountability of expenditures and financial resources in accordance with Army rules and
       Successfully trained over 1,200 Soldiers during eight accident free Logistics Warrior Field Exercises
       Earned Unit Safety Award for 12 month period with zero safety accidents or incidents

Jul 1999-Dec 2000: Platoon Leader and Accountable Officer, Dexheim, Germany
Served as Platoon leader for the Supply platoon and accountable officer for the 1 st Armored Division (1AD) Multi-class warehouse
with $67M of incoming and outgoing supplies per annum supporting over 10,000 Soldiers.

       Leadership resulted in warehouse receiving commendable ratings during both Division and Corp Command Inspections;
        received a commendable rating for Unit Movement Operation planning
       Streamlined the Authorized Stockage Listing (ASL) from 357 to 299 lines; a reduction of nearly 20%
       Cross-trained platoon on all tasks to quickly respond to shifting priorities and fast-changing demands
       Expert oversight and security administration resulted in inventory adjustment reports of less than .24%, 100% location
        survey, and 97% inventory accuracy, surpassing all department of the Army standards

Oct 1998-Jul 1999: Executive Officer, Dexheim , Germany
Served as Executive Officer for the Supply and Services Company in the 1 st Armored Division’s Main Support Battalion. Responsible
for ensuring company operations were properly conducted and training management for the company’s four platoons.

       Ensured the unit maintenance program was enforced for all vehicles and equipment exceeding all readiness standards
       Managed all human resource functions for over 140 soldiers to include: pay, retention, discipline, travel, leave, awards,
        evaluations, and promotions
       Converted the Commander’s guidance into planned, resourced, and executed training events
       Provided expert oversight of all financial and budgetary transactions in accordance with Army regulations
       Developed an automated training matrix of the unit’s Mission Essential Task List (METL) by collective and individual tasks,
        helping leaders quickly plan and maintain training proficiency
       Expertly coordinated four unit field training exercises and personally led the flawless execution of the quartering party, initial
        defense security setup and operation of the Unit’s Tactical Operating Center
       Complied all elements of the Unit Status Report consisting of indicators relevant to personnel, equipment and training; this
        metric was instrumental in shaping unit priorities to ensure mission readiness
       Tasked to serve as Company Commander in his absence for extended periods of time

Jun-Oct 1998: Chief, Automation Management Office (AMO), Bosnia
Officer in Charge of the Task Force Eagle (TFE) AMO providing direct Information and Communications Technology (ICT) support
to four battalion combat teams, one brigade combat team, and non-divisional teams deployed to eight geographically remote base
camps in Bosnia.

       Provided direct support maintenance to TFE’s 4,000 items of ICT equipment to include:60 Standard Army Management
        Information Systems (STAMIS) while maintaining a readiness rate of 99.35%; exceeding the 90% standard
       Safely planned, coordinated, and monitored over 40 convoys covering 1,618 miles incident and accident free
       Developed a cross-training program improving support to mitigate existing personnel shortfalls
       Coordination with TFE G-6 resulted in 39% decrease in equipment evacuated to higher level maintenance and a 33%
        decrease in repair time
       Developed and maintained the TFE Information Disaster Recovery Plan for operational and historical information

                                                     Duayne Scott
                       Stratex Green Village, Jalalabad Road, Police Dist #9, Kabul, Afghanistan
                                  Mobile +93(0) 793770966 • duaynescott@msn.com

Oct 1997-Jun 1998: ICT Officer, Automation Management Office, Bad Kreuznach, Germany
ICT Officer for the 1st Armored Division (1AD) Automation Management Office facility providing support maintenance to over 300
STAMIS and ICT infrastructure for five Brigades located throughout Germany and Bosnia.

       Motivated 12 Soldiers and one civilian to maintain STAMIS readiness at 99% and 98% for deployed and garrison units
        respectively exceeding the 90% standard
       Supervised the New Equipment Training of 60 officers and NCOs on SMS-1/2( Standard Army Maintenance System) ERP
       Supervised the relocation of the Automation Maintenance Office facility with zero loss of automation assets and zero
        decrease in Division STAMIS readiness
       Developed a database to track division STAMIS readiness and implemented the use of standard programs to track $190K
        TDY and training expenditures and account for repair parts usage
       Maintained 100% accountability and serviceability of $500k of automation equipment and $42K of repair parts; supervised
        the turn-in of over $1.5M of excess and obsolete automation assets

Apr 1993-Nov 1997: Staff Sergeant, HQ Staff and Faculty, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY USA
Performed duties as Senior Data Analyst and Non Commissioned Officer in charge; responsible for data base management, daily
operations and enforcing current policies and procedures directed by the AG and Department of the Army. Ensured timely and
accurate reporting of personnel and strength accounting information; maintained files supporting the data base, conducted automated
queries, and monitored cyclic input and output of the Personnel Reporting System ERP for inconsistencies or abnormal processing

       Ensured excellent Internal Control Review; achieved and sustained a monthly combined PSC and Unit SIDPERS processing
        average of 98% for the past forty-four months, exceeding the DA standard of 96.5%.


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