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                             Entertainment Mishaps – Is Your Home Covered?
                                             By Elizabeth Newberry

   If you’re like many Americans, you like to provide some kind of entertainment at your home every
now and then. Maybe you enjoy preparing big meals and throwing a dinner party once a week. Maybe
you have a huge backyard deck or patio and are known for your summertime cook-outs. Whatever the
entertainment is, there is one thing all forms of home entertainment have in common – there are
guests on your property.

You need adequate homeowner’s insurance.

Providing entertainment at your home for your family members and friends is supposed to be fun –
and, it usually is. However, we know accidents can happen anywhere at anytime. One of your dining
room chairs might have a wobbly leg, causing Great Aunt Alice to topple to the floor and fracture a hip.
One of your deck planks may be loose, causing your neighbor, Bob, to trip, spilling hot dog chili all over
his wife’s new blouse and spraining his ankle. Having adequate homeowner’s insurance will help you
during these times of entertainment gone wrong.

Homeowner’s insurance isn’t usually required, unless you’ve borrowed money to pay for your home
and your lender requires you to purchase homeowner’s insurance. For this reason, many people avoid
the extra bill each month by not purchasing homeowner’s insurance. Of course, some of those people
regret that choice when, for example, accidents happen during routine entertainment.

Remember, purchasing an adequate homeowner’s insurance policy isn’t a substitute for good home
maintenance, especially is you frequently provide entertainment at your home. Check those chair legs.
Inspect those deck planks. Make sure there’s nothing dangerous in the yard that the neighbor’s kids
can get into. But, as discussed above, accidents can happen anywhere at anytime. Regardless of
regular maintenance, an accident could occur. Purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy not as your
main line of defense against accidents, but as your back up when all else, such as regular home
maintenance, fails.

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                                                      Stuff Happens: Be Prepared
                                                             By Cheryl Johnson

 As children, if we learned nothing else from those "scary" nursery rhymes, it should have been that
"stuff" happens! Scary? Yes, Scary! Jack fell down and broke his crown... Humpty Dumpty fell off the
wall (worse yet, they couldn't put him back together again!)... The wind blew and down came cradle,
baby and all... little Miss Muffet had her meal interrupted by a spider... and two little Piggies got there
houses blown down. Is that scary enough for you?

What's with these nursery rhymes? Were our parents trying to raise a generation of Stephen Kings? I
never gave it a second thought as a child, but now that I reflect on it, we grew up on nursery rhymes
filled with mishaps that should horrify any little child. I don't think it was the intention of our parents, or
the creators of these nursery rhymes, to actual scare children. But, it is odd, don't you think.

So, maybe there was a secret message in these mishap filled nursery rhymes. Were they preparing us
for real life? In real life, stuff happens. And, if we know life will be filled with these little mishaps,
shouldn't we be prepared? Unexpected mishaps can reek havoc on the best kept finances, if they are
not treated as "expected" expenses.

Like the moral of the Three Little Pigs we must build a strong house so the wolf can't blow it down! A
good plan for preparing for these little mishaps in life is to build an emergency fund. Your emergency
fund provides a strong foundation to prevent mishaps from bringing the house down.

Be prepared for life's little mishaps. Set aside money to get you through the financial consequences
when "stuff" happens. When daddy, or mommy, fall down and break his/her crown, who will earn
money to pay the bills while they recuperate?

It's O.K. to start small. I know that in life sometimes we get ourselves in tight financial situations. But,
even if it's only a tiny percentage of your paycheck for now and you increase the amount as possible,
you'll be ahead of the game. Slowly, yet consistently, include a plan in your budget to build this
emergency preparedness fund. You'll be prepared when life's little mishaps are determined to bring the
house down.

Note: If you have substantial debt, your needs and priorities will be different. Debt steals your time
away. It's hard to make any advancement towards productive financial goals until you've eliminated
debt. But, that's not saying that the one month that your mishap occurs, you won't be prepared. In fact,
you are already somewhat prepared and may not know it. If you are paying extra funds towards
reducing debt each month, you already have an emergency fund built into your debt elimination plan!

As per your usual debt elimination plan, you should apply extra funds to reduce debt each month. If
you are already managing your money to control spending and budgeting to pay down debt, you'll have
those funds available every month. I recommend that you build up a small emergency fund of about
$500 - $1000 (depending on your financial situation). Then continue to apply any extra funds each
month to your debt elimination goals.

If an unexpected expense arises, you'll just redirect any extra funds (simply pay your minimum debt
payments that month) normally posted to your debt elimination goals and take care of your mishap, if

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necessary. And, you'll always have your little back up emergency fund if needed. Then, when all is
taken care of, you'll get back to focusing those funds on debt elimination.

Cheryl Johnson is a mother of four on a mission to become debt free. As publisher of Simple Debt Free
Living at http://www.SimpleDebtFreeLiving.com she hopes to guide and encourage others to become
debt free using budget planning, debt management, and money savings tips and strategies.

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