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November2008 Shofar by HC120627014225


									                               The Shofar
November 2008              Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                         Av 5769

                                                                  the sake of ______ God created the world”. The only
                                                                  problem is that it is not clear what should go into the

                                                                  Rashi offers two suggestions. He suggests that the
                                                                  pasuk should be translated as either, “for the sake of
                                                                  Torah God created the world” or “for the sake of Israel
                            Each year during Shabbat              God created the world”. These are not necessarily the
                            Bereshit, I get this same feel-       two things that I would use to fill in the blank, but I
                            ing, of taking a step back. Rab-      think that he makes an important point. I believe that
                            bi Yitz Greenberg says that           one of the first questions that someone asks when be-
                            Yom Kippur is a time to break         ginning a spiritual journey is why was the world creat-
                            yourself out of old cycles, the       ed? What is the purpose of life?
                            things that keep you back, and
                            then to have a death to your          Now, I am confronted with an existential crisis because I
  Rabbi Jill & Matt Levy
                           old self so that you can be re-        am not sure that I know the answer to the meaning of
born into a new self. What is so hard for me is that if           existence. At the same time, I believe that Genesis re-
my old self has just died, why do we, two weeks later,            minds us that the beginning of the spiritual journey is
start all over again? It is supposed to be a new year, but        the statement I want to discover the meaning of life.
it feels as if we are doing the same thing as last year.          Victor Frankl, Holocaust Survivor and Psychologist
                                                                  coined the term, logos therapy, or therapy through
                                                                  meaning. He says that the central motivation for living
                                                                  is the will to meaning. His method of therapy challeng-
After reading parshat Bereshit I realized that we are
                                                                  es people to find meaning through suffering, work and
beginning a new spiritual journey, not re-living an old

                                                                  He also says that existential anxiety is defined by the
Rashi asks an important question about the first pasuk
                                                                  unavoidable result of being confronted with the givens
in Bereshit - why does the Torah not begin with the first
                                                                  of existence – death, freedom, meaninglessness. He
commandment, after all isn’t this what we really need
                                                                  believes that existential anxiety can be a stimulus for
to know? His answer is that it starts with “B’reshit Bara
                                                                  growth. And he believes that if we learn to listen to the
Elohim” for a reason. The Hebrew in this verse is ex-
                                                                  subtle messages of our anxiety we can dare to take the
tremely complex and many commentators disagree as
                                                                  steps necessary to change the direction of our lives.
to how to translate B’reshit (commonly translates as “in
the beginning”). Rashi does not believe that it means in
the beginning, but rather should be translated as “for
the sake of”. Therefore the first pasuk would read, “for

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November 2008              Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                        Av 5769

Frankl helps me understand the reason why this is the
                                                                  Rabbi Weekends:
first topic in the Torah and why we have to come back
to it each year. If we want to be people who are new,                      October 31 & November 1 & 2, 2008
changed, or transformed, we have to be asking our-
selves what is the purpose to life. The resulting existen-                 December 12, 13 & 14, 2008
tial anxiety that this question leaves us with is our stim-
                                                                           January 9, 10 & 11, 2009
ulus for spiritual growth.
                                                                           February 27, 28 & March 1, 2009

                                                                           April 3, 4 & 5, 2009
It also informs how I understand the rest of the chap-
ter. Adam and Eve eat from the tree of knowledge of                        May 15, 16 & 15, 2009
Good and Evil and are subsequently thrown out of the
garden. Perhaps the reason why they were thrown out
of the garden is because their real crime was that they
wanted to know all of the answers. God’s response to
them is no! If you want to become closer to me, if you
truly want to understand the purpose of life, you actual-
ly have to live into the suffering, hardship, and work of
the world – You have to toil the earth, have pains in
childbirth, your life span will be limited. You can not
have real knowledge without the quest for meaning.

The end of our year long Torah reading cycle coincides            Change is in the Air!. The election will be here before
with the Jewish calendar telling us that we are not the           we know it and everyone needs to go out and cast their
same person we were before, our old selves are gone -             ballot. What a historical moment and I am so pleased
Yom Kippur killed it. At the same time, we must con-              that all of my friends have such different opinions but
tinue to ask the questions and to start new journeys              although I may not agree with them, I still know that we
into the meaning of life. Bereshit is a reminder that we          all want to achieve the same thing and that is peace,
are on a new journey and that it is not as much about             prosperity and a safe future for our children.
the answers as it is the quest.

Shalom,                                                           Rabbi Levy did a great job over the high holidays and I
                                                                  look forward to her enthusiasm this coming weekend.
Rabbi Jill Levy                                                   Mark your calendars that Jennifer Johnson and I are
                                                                  planning a potluck Shabbat dinner on December 12 at
                                                                  the synagogue with the Rabbi and we encourage any-
                                                                  one with children who would like to spend an intimate
                                                                  dinner with Rabbi Jill come and join us.

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November 2008              Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                           Av 5769

The Sukkah party was a success and I was pleased to               Sacks, the Schindlers, the Belskys, the Roberts and Linda
show a possible newcomer to town that our community               Kamisher. And of course, to Shirley Roberts and her
is small but thriving and takes our holiday celebrations          volunteer team for the delicious Break–the- Fast meal.
very seriously. That was only reinforced when I took
him to Jeff and Michelle Lapidus's house to really chill
inside their Sukkah. He might not move here but I guar-           The Lunch Bunch held on Monday, October 20th at Mac-
antee he left knowing that the torch is being handed              aroni Grille was a lot of fun!! Thanks to B.J. Brigadier for
down in Huntsville, Alabama.                                      making the arrangements.

I have recently relinquished the Rabbi Hospitality                The General Sisterhood meeting will be held on Mon-
schedule to Shannon and Bob Burdeshaw. There are                  day, November 17th, 7 p.m. at the Synagogue. At this
several openings to host the Rabbi dinner in the spring-          time, a Craft Project will be taught on “Etching on
time. Rabbi Levy will eat in a restaurant; she will eat fish      Glass.” Please bring a smooth surfaced glass item, such
in your house. No need to use plastic plates and there            as a mirror, a glass, a plate or a
are several foods that she is not fond of and for that
info you can email me at and              vase. There will be a small cost for supplies needed to
I will give you the details.                                      complete the project. (Sisterhood

                                                                   members will receive a reminder Post Card with the
                                                                  cost for supplies.) The Gift Shop will be opened for Pre-
Shalom Chaverim,                                                  Chanukah purchases.

Sandy                                                             Lots of fun things are in store this year. Please come
                                                                  out and join us!


                                                                  Sue Paddock

                                                                  Etz Chayim Sisterhood President

A special thanks to the following for the beautiful flow-
ers purchased for the High Holy Days: the Polins, the

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November 2008             Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                         Av 5769


                 Next Meeting Date: Thursday, No-                TO ETZ CHAYIM MEMBERS.
                 vember 13, 8PM at the Synagogue
                                                                 In order to keep large trucks and student cars from driv-
                                                                 ing over our parking lot and using it as a break area, we
                                                                 are putting out some Orange Parking Cones to block the
                                                                 back parking lot. If you need access to the back lot and
to perform a mitzvah and bring good for the needy for
                                                                 the cones are out, just move them to the side, but
the Food Pantry and personal hygiene items for First
                                                                 please replace them when you leave.
Stop. Deposit your contributions at the entrance of the
Synagogue. Everyone's support is greatly appreciated.            Max
Please remember these worthy causes especially when
you have an Oneg. Deliveries are made bi-weekly to

SIMCHA & MEMORIAL PLAQUES: $50.00 & $75.00 RE-
SPECTIVELY. Please contact Joe Sacks for further infor-
mation at 883-1889.

HEADS UP NOTE: CHANUKAH Is just around the corner,
Sunday, December 21th....LATKE PARTY. Sisterhood is
sponsoring the Latkes and all the trimmings, and Mens
Club is sponsoring the Bingo games and prizes. ALSO              General Fund
calling all men for Latke graters at 8AM. Bingo will start       From: Dianne Eubanks
at 11AM and lunch at 12 noon. Please make your plans
accordingly                                                      In Honor of the High Holidays

Wishing all good health & happiness for the New Year             From: Anonymous Donor
!!! Joe
                                                                 In Honor of Dorothy & Bill Goldberg, Millie & Max
                                                                 Rosenthal, Janet & Morrie Schindler, Harriet & Joe
                                                                 Sacks, and Sandra Wiederecht.

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November 2008               Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                              Av 5769

From: Ray Applebaum                                                To: Jeff Lapidus - In Honor of his High Holiday Service
                                                                   participation - well done!
In Memory of Nathan & Rose Applebaum
                                                                   To: Diane Belsky - Continued good health.

                                                                   To: Sharon & Jeff Yalowitz - Mazel Tov on the birth of
From: Lynne & Steve Edmondson                                      your grandson, Ari Justis vanLeeuwen.
To: Pam Thompson & Joe Savage - In Honor of Joe's in-
duction into the Alabama A&M Athletic Hall of Fame.

                                                                   Sisterhood Fund

From: Millie Goldstein                                             From: The Liles Family

In Honor of the High Holidays                                      To: Morris Schindler - Glad you are back at home. We
                                                                   hope you will continue to feel better.

Building Fund
From: Millie & Max Rosenthal
                                                                   From: Harriet & Joe Sacks
In Honor of all who participated in High Holiday Services
and those who made the Break-The-Fast so great,                    In Loving Memory of Betty Sacks Kravits, Sister of Joe
thanks to all.                                                     Sacks

                                                                   In Loving Memory of Jack Kirsch, cousin of Harriet Sacks

To: Sharon & Jeff Yalowitz - Mazel Tov on the birth of
your grandson, Ari Justis vanLeeuwen.
                                                                   From: Diane & Howard Polin

Outdoor Lighting Fund                                              In Loving Memory of William C. Polin, nephew of How-
                                                                   ard Polin
In Memory of Gertrude and Perry Schlein by their
daughters, Natha Hancock and Robin Slomka and their

Randy Sacks Memorial Fund                                          Remember the food pantry on your Oneg. First Stop
                                                                   needs personal hygiene items. Bring a few cans of food
A very generous donation From: Dr. & Mrs. Alan Sacks
in memory of Randy Sacks.                                          when possible.

                                                                   Be sure to visit our website for the latest news…

From: Harriet & Joe Sacks                                                      TU   UT

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November 2008             Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                             Av 5769

                                                                 Unless otherwise noted Shabbat Services are Friday
                                                                 night 7:30pm, Saturday 9:30am

Online Donations are Now Possible
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             Make a donation the Etz Chayim
             Website using Paypal. Look for                           Nov 1   Cheshvan 3        Sarah Goldstein*

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For a $5.00 per message donation Millie Rosenthal will
send a handwritten message from you to acknowledge                   Nov 11   Cheshvan 13       Herschel Tzvi Rabinovich
a Simcha or loss. These donations will also appear in the
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                                                                     Nov 15   Cheshvan 17       Abraham Belsky*
               November Calendar 2008
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Date    Time        Event                   Place
                                                                     Nov 16   Cheshvan 18       Molly Levy Buchman
11/6    8 PM        Men’s Club              EC
                                                                     Nov 17   Cheshvan 19       Elise Margaret Hoehne
                    General Sisterhood
11/17   7 PM                                EC                       Nov 19   Cheshvan 21       Pauline Baron Kripke*

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November 2008                Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                              Av 5769

                           YARTZEIT   TT

                                                                         Shabbat Onegs & Candle Lighting
   Nov 22      Cheshvan 24      Margareta Bernstein*                                                  Shabbat Ends: 5:21 PM
                                                                    Shabbat, Nov 15
   Nov-22      Cheshvan 24      Helene Kamisher*                                                      Parshah: Vayeira
   Nov-23      Cheshvan 25      Gertrude S. Goldberger
                                                                                                      Light Candles: 4:20 PM
   Nov 27      Cheshvan 29      Irving Weinberger
                                                                    Fri, Nov 21
                                                                                                      Oneg: Adams
   Nov-28      Kislev 1         Lily Yedid
                                                                                                      Shabbat Ends: 5:18:PM
                                                                    Shabbat, Nov 22
                                                                                                      Parshah: Chayei Sarah

                                                                                                      Light Candles: 4:18 PM
                                                                    Fri, Nov 28
                          ANNIVERSARIES                                                               Oneg: Kirsch

Nov 6        Natha and Scott Hancock                                                                  Shabbat Ends: 5:16 PM
                                                                    Shabbat, Nov 29
Nov 13       Mante and Arthur Polin                                                                   Parshah: Toldot

                                                                    TU     UT

                                                                    TU       UT

Shabbat Onegs & Candle Lighting
                               Light Candles: 5:35 PM
Fri, Oct. 31
                               Oneg: Kleiner
                                                                    Nov 1         Linda Sue Maier
                               Shabbat Ends: 6:31 PM
Shabbat, Nov 1
                                                                    Nov 2         Kelley Zelickson
                               Parshah: Noach
                                                                    Nov 3         Jennifer Roberts
                               Light Candles: 4:29 PM
Fri, Nov 7                                                          Nov 5         Skylar Green
                               Oneg: Palermo
                                                                    Nov 9         Sharon Yalowitz
                               Shabbat Ends: 5:25 PM
Shabbat, Nov 8                                                      Nov 11        Shirley Roberts
                               Parshah: Lech Lecha
                                                                    Nov 16        Jonathan Levitt
                               Light Candles: 4:24 PM
Fri, Nov 14                                                         Nov 17        B.J. Brigadier
                               Oneg: Liles
                                                                    Nov 19        Daniel Goodman

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November 2008                  Synagogue Etz Chayim, 7705 Bailey Cove Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803                       Av 5769


Nov 21       Josh Bulgatz

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Nov 23       Haley Rosenthal

Nov 24       Shoshana Rosenthal

Nov 26       Bill Goldberg                                                    We are updating our records. Please email the
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Nov 28       Yael Roberts

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Recording Secretary                       Sam Sainker                          email address changes in our web based data-
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Trustees                                  Brenda Liles               

                                          Larry Weinberger

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                                          Dennis Bulgatz

Mens Club Representative                  Joe Sacks

Sisterhood Representative                 Mille Rosenthal

Let us know if you currently do not get an email ver-
sion of the Shofar and would like to receive it.

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