Oral Interview Rubric - DOC by Mp019cte


									                                     Oral Interview Rubric

Assessment        Commendable 3                   Competent 2                Inadequate 1          Score
             Exceptional oral              Satisfactory oral          Weak oral
             communication skills.         communication skills.      communication skills.
             Maintained eye contact        Had eye contact with       Limited eye contact with
    Oral     with interviewers, used an    interviewers, answered     interviewers, lacked
 Interview   appropriate speaking rate     questions with some        confidence, exhibited
             and fluency, answered         confidence, clarity of     nervous gestures, or
             questions with confidence,    thought, and sufficient    lacked clarity of thought.
             clarity of thought, and       knowledge. Did not         Unable to maintain
             high degree of knowledge.     exhibit distracting body   explanation of topic or
             Utilized appropriate body     language, had some         address follow-up
             language, facial              facial expressions and     comments. Spoke too
             expressions, and vocal        vocal variety. Asked a     slow or too fast, had
             variety to aid speaking.      few questions and may      many pauses (“uh”,
             Initiated new topics, asked   have had a few errors in   “um”), or overuse of
             questions, and had no         grammar. Adequately        vocal fillers (OK, you
             noticeable errors in          addressed all questions.   guys). Did not
             grammar. Addressed all                                   adequately address
             questions in an exemplary                                interviewers’ questions.

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