Report Card for by DdP2Xx


									Report Card for: _______________________________________________
Date:            _______________________________________________

Personal and Social Progress
____Respects authority                    ____Uses manners
____Respects others property              ____Works neatly
____Completes tasks                       ____Uses time well
____Follows directions                    ____Waits for turn to speak
____Works good in groups                  ____Works well alone
____Listens to stories w/o interrupting   ____Pays attention for short periods of time
____Shares with others                    ____Manage bathroom needs
____Speaks understandably                 ____Separates from parents w/o getting upset
____General understanding of time         ____Understands actions have both cause & effects

Academic Progress
____Can print my name                    ____Uses complete sentences
____Knows my ABC’s                       ____Knows body parts
____Knows how to count to ten            ____Recognizes letters ____uppercase
____Colors in lines                      ____Cut with scissors
____Trace basic shapes                   ____Looks at pictures and then tells stories
____Identify rhyming words               ____Identify the beginning sounds of words
____Recognize groups of 1,2,3,4,5        ____Sort similar objects by size, color, shape
____Recognize some familiar words like “stop”

Fine Motor Skills
____Draw lines and circles                ____Trace my name
____Print my name                         ____Trace some letters
____Write some letters                    ____String a set of beads
____Puts together an 8 piece puzzle       ____Stack a set of blocks

Gross Motor Skills
____Button shirts, pants, coats           ____Zip up zippers
____Begin to control oneself              ____Bounce a ball
____Skip, jump, and hop                   ____Climb on equipment
____Throw and catch a ball                ____Walk heel to toe on a balance beam
____Play games with friends               ____Follow the rules

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