results sheet tetrathlon by Mp019cte


									Tetrathlon Results 2012 Season                              Members Name

Competition                                                                                               Final Pos in    Number Comps
   Date           Competition Details         Shoot score     Swim Score     Run Score     Ride Score        class       in class if known

You will receive a group email advising it is time to send your results sheets in. You can record both PC and Non PC events
on the same sheet, if you need to use more than one sheet then please do and send them in stapled together. Sheets should
be sent to DC, Nicola Honey, Home Close Cottage, Reading Road, Burghfield Common, RG7 3BT or emailed to
they will then be shared with the committee for team selection purposes. You should continue to email your Tet Manager (Brian Goodenough elingfarm@cl
with your results as they happen.

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