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					Genetics Pet Project                                         Name ________________
                                                             Period _____
35 points
You will design a pet by tossing 2 coins to determine its traits. Heads is for the dominant
gene and tails is for the recessive gene. You must then design the pet. You will mate
your pet with someone else’s pet to produce 6 offspring. You will design each of the six
offspring and follow the project rules for labeling and making punnett squares. You will
then present your pet and offspring to the class.

Make your parent pet large. The offspring should be the size of the template.

Score Sheet

Parent Paper Pet (16 points)

      Your pet is neatly drawn and the phenotypes are obvious. It should have 6
      Color it neatly.
      Put the genotypes and phenotypes on the back of the pet. Ex: LL= long tail
      Name your pet.
      All writing should be in pen or on the computer.
      Use a ruler to make your chart of the phenotypes and genotypes.

The 6 Offspring (13 points)

      You have neatly drawn all 6 offspring based on mating.
      Label each offspring with a number.
      The phenotypes and genotypes of each offspring are correctly identified for
       each offspring (Put the offspring on construction paper and write the
       phenotypes and genotypes next to each) Ex: color BB = blue
      All writing should be done in pen or on the computer.
      Use a ruler to make your charts.

Punnett Squares (6 points)

      You have made a correct punnett square for each trait for the first offspring.
       This means you have a paper that shows 6 punnett squares—one punnett
       square for each trait.
      Each punnet square should have the percents written beside it.

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