Speech Contest Scoring by HC120627004732


									                           Summer 2008 Speech Contest Score Sheet

           Content                              Delivery                                  Language
      Speech Development                       Physical                                Appropriateness
             0-5 Points                Appearance, Body Language                    To speech purpose and
                                               0-5 Points                                 audience
   Did it have clearly defined                                                           0-3 Points
    Opening, Body and Conclusion?         How did the speaker look?
   Was it easy to follow?                Did the                                  Was the language used
   Did it have a logical sequence?        clothes/colors/accessories                compatible with the
   Was the purpose clear and well         enhance or detract from the               speech?
    defined?                               effectiveness?                           Was it compatible with the
   What support material was             How was the stage area and                audience?
    there?                                 lectern used?                            Did the word pictures sell
   Were facts, examples,                 Did the body language                     the speaker’s ideas?
    illustrations or humor used to         contradict or reinforce the
    enhance the message?                   message?
                                          Were the gestures effective/
                                          Did the eye contact cover and
                                           hold the audience?

          Effectiveness                              Voice                           Correctness
             0-5 Points                       Flexibility, Volume               Grammar, Pronunciation
                                                  0-5 Points                      and Word Selection
   Was the purpose accomplished?                                                     0-2 Points
   Was it of interest to the             Did the voice convey the correct
    audience?                              feelings for the message?                Did the speaker use
   Was it relevant to the topic?         Did it have variations of rate and        correct grammar?
   How did the audience respond?          emphasis?                                If slang or misused
                                          Was the volume adequate and               grammar was present, did
                                           varied and was the microphone             it make a point?
                                           used effectively?                        Was it intentional or a
          Speech Value                              Manner                          Were the words chosen
             0-5 Points                     Directness, Assurance,                   appropriate to the
                                                  Enthusiasm                         message?
   Was there a clearly defined                    0-5 Points                       Were they appropriate to
    message?                                                                         the audience?
   Did the message develop               Did the speaker appear sincere,
    logically?                             concerned for the audience?
   Did it lead to a conclusion?          Did the speaker appear
   Were the ideas original or a re-       confident?
    hash of other material?               Did the audience believe the
   Was it in good taste?                  message?
                  5                       Did the style, pace and
                                           demeanor build a link with the
                                          Did the speaker show
                                           enthusiasm for the message?

                                             (Subject to Change)

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