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					South Bay Cities Council of Governments

December 8, 2008

TO:      Steering Committee

FROM: Jacki Bacharach, SBCCOG Executive Director

RE:      Metro Board member deputy for Southwest Corridor

In October, SBCCOG distributed an announcement for the position of deputy to the
Southwest Corridor Metro Board member Pam O’Connor as well as liaison to the cities
of the South Bay and Westside Cities Council of Governments.

Eighteen resumes were received for the position. In a meeting with Pam O’Connor, it
was determined that there was a clear ‘frontrunner’, a person with the experience,
understanding and ability to serve well in this position from the first day. There were
several others that were put into a contingency list for interviews if the first didn’t meet

The ‘frontrunner’ was Michael Bohlke. Mike spent the last 16 years working for
Supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite Burke as her transportation deputy. Not only did he cover
issues at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for the Supervisor but he also worked
with cities in the district on transportation issues. Mike has a reputation for working
well with the cities in the district and is respected for getting things done.

On November 26 the following people participated in the interview with Mike:
   o Pam O’Connor, Metro Board member for the Southwest Corridor
   o Gordon Anderson, Assistant City Manager, Santa Monica & Incoming
      WSCCOG Interim Executive Director
   o Kim Turner, Torrance Transit General Manager
   o Jacki Bacharach, SBCCOG Executive Director

Each person participating asked questions and in the discussion that followed after the
interview concluded, it was agreed unanimously that the position should be offered to
Mike Bohlke.

After review of the resumes received and an interview with Mr. Bohlke, it is recommended that
the SBCCOG enter into a contract (attached) with Michael S. Bohlke on behalf of the
SBCCOG and the Westside Cities COG for the position of deputy to the Southwest Corridor
Metro Board member. The following conditions would apply:
    o Mr. Bohlke’s contract would begin January 7, 2009
    o Compensation would remain at the budgeted level - $42,500 for the remainder of
        this year (until June 30, 2009) which should be fully covered by the Metro
        contract with the SBCCOG
    o The current 3% fee that the SBCCOG receives for administering the contract would be
        maintained. It is currently $2,300 for this contract year

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