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									Was conducted in sheep pasture in safety is not afraid of wolves as he was guarded by three of
the dogs The Good Shepherd sitting under the shade under a tree playing melancholic nostalgic
tunes its branches, and the coveted vayus Meanwhile, the wolf was a fraud surreptitiously
monitors the sheep and pay attention to the dogs, do not dare to approach and suddenly saw the
Aclab Tguettl has been busy with each other Happy wolf laughed and said to himself now
Omkintna opportunity and approached the wolf saw a herd of sheep distal, leaped out and
quickly delved teeth where I took the sheep and cry Ttgo Iighaealolam heard dogs fighting and
keep your Trquaal_khasam and the dispute and set off to all of the wolf and when he saw coming
towards his heart flew panic Vavlt sheep and slipped on the run does not twist on something

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