Pre-AP World Geography by 78HKc7


									                                 Pre-AP World Geography

      The Pre-AP World Geography course is designed to present an overview of the
human and physical geography of the earth with an emphasis on the five themes of
geography—location, place, region, movement, and human-environment interaction.
Contemporary world issues will be examined with more depth and rigor than a regular
class. Students are expected to read nightly and complete research outside of class on a
regular basis. In addition to the five themes, the major areas of the social studies (history,
geography, government, economics, and culture) will be addressed. Different areas of the
world will be used as examples of the recurring themes of geography. Major concepts of
patterns, conflict, and change will be reflected in each area of study. Social studies skills
of data collection and interpretation, mapping, and research will be used in many of the
units of study. Current events as they apply to both social studies in general and
geography in particular will be an ongoing part of the course. Other activities utilized in
Pre-AP World Geography include Geography Alive! labs, case studies, document-based
questioning (DBQs), Socratic Seminars, map memorization testing, as well as testing
associated with classroom activities.

     The course will utilize the textbook World Geography from McDougal Littell
Publishers and Geography Alive! Regions and People from the Teachers Curriculum
Institute as resources, with much supplemental material from many outside sources.
During the first semester introductory material about the study of geography will be
presented before the students move to a regional approach to the themes of geography.
Throughout the year, current events will be debated and discussed. With each new unit,
students will find an article and complete a writing/journal assignment about the issue
and be prepared to discuss in class in Socratic format. We strongly encourage parents,
siblings, and extended family to watch the news with students on a regular basis and
share your thoughts as students work to form their own opinions of the world.

     Students will complete major research assignments/Scratch projects related to each
unit. Students are encouraged to download this free program from the MIT website and
become familiar with it before we begin projects. Specific information about projects will
be discussed in class and students will have plenty of notice before due dates. The Pre-AP
World Geography teachers maintain websites which will be updated regularly and will
have information about assignments, units of study, movies, and other pertinent
                                 Scope and Sequence
Six weeks #1 –        Discuss summer “Get Ahead” reading, complete assignments
                      associated with Isaac’s Storm
                             ***Project – Isaac’s Storm analysis paper/DBQ/Test
                      Chapter 1: Physical Geography – Looking at the Earth
                      Chapter 2: Physical Geography – A Living Planet
                      Chapter 3: Physical Geography – Climate and Vegetation
                      Chapter 4: Human Geography – People and Places
                             ***Project – Intro to SCRATCH – My culture

Six weeks #2 -        Unit 2: US and Canada (Chapters 5-6)
                              ***Project – Women of the World Projects
                      Unit 2: US and Canada (Chapters 7-8)
                      Unit 3: Latin America (Chapters 9-11)
                              ***Project – SCRATCH Latin America Country Analysis
                              ***Cultural Food Day – students will select and prepare
                      Latin American dishes to share with classes

Six weeks #3 -        Unit 4: Europe (Chapters 12-14)
                              ***Project – SCRATCH Europe
                      Unit 5: Russia and the Republics (Chapters 15-17)
                              End of 1st Semester
Six weeks #4 -        Unit 6: Africa (Chapters 18-20)
                      Unit 7: Southwest Asia (Chapters 21-23)
                              ***Project – Scratch Africa/Southwest Asia

Six weeks #5 -        Unit 8: South Asia (Chapters 24-26)
                      Unit 9: East Asia (Chapters 27-29)

Six weeks #6 -        Unit 10: Southeast Asia, Oceania,
                                    and Antarctica (Chapters 30-32)
                             ***Cultural Food Day – students will select and prepare dishes from any
                                    country studied in the 4th, 5th or 6th six weeks period

STAAR - End of Course Exam – 15% of final grade

*Pace subject to change in the 2011-12 school year due to new state assessment.

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