Mario _Keep Learning FOR THE FUTURE_ by TitisLukis


									Mario (Keep Learning FOR THE FUTURE)

"The more you want, the more that only so desire. Desire to focus on
enabling the achievement of many desires"

Mario has names True to the original Maryono Sis. Born in Makassar,
Indonesia, March 5, 1956. True to his wife and son named Linna named
Audrey. Mario is known as a master motivator and speaker in the
country. Mario was educated at New Trier West Higt (level of high
school) in Chicago, USA, 1975. Kemudaian college majors and the
linguistic and English lessons in IKIP Malang (S-1) and continued
Business Interaction, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. And Indiana
University, USA, 1983 (Operations System, MBA). Mario has worked at
Citibank Indonesia (1983-1986) as Head of Sales, BSB Bank (1986-
1989) as Manager of Business Devolopment, Aspac Bank and others.
Some of his works that have been published: Becoming a Star (2006),
One Million Second Chances (2006). Mario increasingly popular in the
eyes of the people of Indonesia with the show Talk Show "Mario Golden
Ways" on Metro TV.

Words - words that Mario Inspiring:

"Your weakness is only temporary, because you are being strengthened,
but if you make less the number of results, it becomes a permanent
"If you have not found a job that suits your talents, your work any better
now. You will perform a talented secermelang "
"You do not need an expert to start doing something, because you build
the skills of do it. Do not do it! "
"People - people who stop learning will be the owner of the past. People
are still continuing to learn will be the owner of the future "
"You can give without loving. But you can not love without giving "
"You will not be able to avoid thirst to emulate. Then imitate, make sure
that your hard act to follow. To him or her, you be the original "
"The biggest strength is the ability to beat the stress of thinking is right.
You become more peaceful when you think about is the way out of
trouble "


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