6C More about Dissolving by KQp8n3l0


									 Name                6C More About                         My target is

          I can explain when to use filtering and evaporation
          to separate substances
Level 5   I can explain that there are a number of factors
          that can affect how substances dissolve
          I can explain why there is a limit to how much salt
          will dissolve in water
          I can suggest how to get fresh or clear water from
          salty or dirty water using evaporation and
          condensation and explain how this happens.
          I can describe what happens when a solid dissolves
          in a liquid
          I know what evaporation is
Level 4
          I can separate a dissolved substance from the
          I know that a liquid changes into a gas when it
          I know that there is a limit to how much solid can
          be dissolved in a liquid
          I can name a factor that can affect the rate of
          I can name some things that cannot dissolve in
          I can name some things that dissolve in water
Level 3
          I can suggest a way of taking solids out of water

          I can separate a solid from a liquid using sieving or
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