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					                                            SCIENCE YEAR 4


                               LEARNING                  LEARNING
  WEEK    LEARNING AREA                                                                   NOTE
                               OBJECTIVES                OUTCOMES
                                                           Pupils identify the      SPS :
                                                            basic needs of           - Predicting
                               1.1 Understanding that       humans                   - Observing
                                humans have a basic        Pupils give reasons      - Communicating
                                      needs                 why humans need          - Making
                                                            food, water, air and       Inferences
                                                           Pupils identify the      CTS
    1                                                       basic needs of           - Group and
    2                                                       animals                  Classifying
          1.Living things                                  Pupils give reasons      - Analysing
          have a basic needs   1.2 Understanding that                                -Evaluating
                                                            why animals need
                                animals have a basic
                                                            food, water, air and
                                                           Pupils describe types
                                                            of shelters for
                               1.3 Understanding that      Pupils identify the
                               plants have basic needs      basic needs of plants
                                                           Explain that humans
                                                                                     SPS :
                                                                                     - Predicting
                                                           Describe what inhale     - Observing
                                                            is                       - Communicating
                                                           Describe what exhale     - Making
                                                            is.                        Inferences
    3       2. Living things                               Differentiate the air    -Making
              undergo life                                  that we inhale and       Hypotheses
               processes         2.1 Analysing life         the air that we exhale
                               processes that humans       State that humans        CTS
                                      undergo               use lungs to breathe.    - Group and
                                                           Identify the passage     Classifying
                                                            of air during            - Analysing
                                                            breathing.               -Evaluating
                                                           Conclude that not all    - Making
                                                            individuals have the     conclusions
                                                            same rate of
                                                           State that humans
                                                            excrete and defecate.

                                                                                             SC/Y4/ - 1 -
                               State the product of    SPS :
                                humans excretion.       - Predicting
                               State the product of    - Observing
                                human defecation.       - Communicating
                               Give reasons why        - Making
                                humans need to            Inferences
                                excrete and defecate.   -Making
                               State humans            Hypotheses
4                               respond to stimuli.
                               Give reasons why        CTS
                                humans responds to      - Group and
                                stimuli                 Classifying
                               State that humans       - Analysing
                                reproduce               -Evaluating
                                                        - Making
                               Predict what will
                                happen if humans do
                                not reproduce.

                              Pupils                    SPS :
                               Give example of         - Predicting
                                habits that bring       - Observing
                                harm to humans life     - Communicating
                                processes.              - Making
                               State the effect of       Inferences
                                smoking on lungs.       -Making
    2.2 Being aware that       Explain that taking     Hypotheses
    certain behaviors can       drugs and alcohol
5   disturb life processes.     can delay a person’s    CTS
                                response to stimuli.    - Group and
                               Participate in a        Classifying
                                campaign to             - Analysing
                                discourage smoking,     -Evaluating
                                drugs taking and        - Making
                                alcohol drinking        conclusions
                                among their peers.
                              Pupils                    SPS :
                               State the animals       - Predicting
                                excrete.                - Observing
6                              State the animals       - Communicating
                                defecate.               - Making
    2.3 Analysing the life     Give reasons why          Inferences
    processes that animals      animals need to         -Making
           undergo              excrete and defecate.   Hypotheses
                               State that animals
                                breathe                 CTS
                               Identify the            - Group and
                                breathing structures    Classifying
                                for certain animals.    - Analysing

                                                                SC/Y4/ - 2 -
                                               State that breathing     -Evaluating
                                                organ for different      - Making
                                                types of animals may     conclusions
                                                be different.
                                               State that animals
                                               State that some
                                                animals give birth
                                                and some lay eggs.
                                               Classify animals
                                                according to the way
7                                               they reproduce.
                                               Describe the life
                                                cycles of different
                                               Conclude that
                                                animals may have
                                                different life cycles.
                                               State that plants
                                                respond to stimuli.
                                               Identify the part of
                                                plant that responds to
                                               Identify the part of     SPS :
                                                plant that responds to   - Predicting
                                                gravity.                 - Observing
                                               Identify the part of     - Communicating
                                                plant that responds to   - Making
                                                sunlight.                  Inferences
                                               Identify the part of     -Making
                     2.4 Understanding the      plant that responds to   Hypotheses
                       life processes that      touch.
                         plants undergo.       State that plants        CTS
                                                reproduce.               - Group and
                                               Explain why plants       Classifying
                                                need to reproduce.       - Analysing
                                               Predict what will        -Evaluating
                                                happen to the world      - Making
                                                if plants do not         conclusions
                                               Explain the various
                                                ways plants

    3. Animals and   3.1 Understanding that   Pupils                     SPS :

                                                                                 SC/Y4/ - 3 -
     plants protect   animals have specific     Identify special         - Predicting
      themselves.      characteristics and       characteristics of       - Observing
                       behavior to protect       animals that protect     - Communicating
                        themselves from          them from danger.        - Making
                            danger.             Identify special           Inferences
                                                 behavior of animals      -Making
                                                 that protect them        Hypotheses
                                                 from danger.
                                                Describe how the         CTS
                                                 special                  - Group and
                                                 characteristics and      Classifying
                                                 behavior of animals      - Analysing
9                                                help to protect them     -Evaluating
                                                 from danger.             - Making

                                               Pupils                     SPS :
                                                Identify specific        - Predicting
                                                 characteristics and      - Observing
                                                 behavior of animals      - Communicating
                                                 that protect them        - Making
                                                 from very hot or cold      Inferences
                      3.2 Understanding that
                                                 weather.                 -Making
                       animals have specific
                        characteristics and     Describe how             Hypotheses
                        behavior to protect      specific
                                                 characteristics and      CTS
                         themselves from
                                                 behavior of animals      - Group and
                         extreme weather.
                                                 help to protect them     Classifying
                                                 from very hot and        - Analysing
                                                 cold weather.            -Evaluating
                                                                          - Making

11                                             Pupils                     SPS :
                                                Recognise the need       - Predicting
                                                 for animals to protect   - Observing
                                                 themselves from          - Communicating
                                                 enemies and extreme      - Making
                                                 weather conditions.        Inferences
                      3.3 Understanding that
                       animals have specific    Make a model of an       -Making
                                                 imaginary animal         Hypotheses
                        characteristics and
                        behaviors to enable      that can survive both
                                                 extreme weather and      CTS
                          them survive.
                                                 enemies.                 - Group and
                                                Give reasons why         Classifying
                                                 models are built in      - Analysing
                                                 such ways.               -Evaluating
                                                                          - Making

                                                                                  SC/Y4/ - 4 -
     3.4 Understanding that   Pupils
     plants have specific      Identify the specific
     characteristics to         characteristics of
     protect themselves         plants that protect
     from enemies.              them from enemies.
                               Describe how the
                                characteristics of
                                plants help to protect
12                              them from enemies.
                              Pupils                     SPS :
                               Give examples of         - Predicting
                                plants found in very     - Observing
                                dry region.              - Communicating
                               Identify specific        - Making
                                characteristics of         Inferences
                                plants that protect      -Making
                                them from excessive      Hypotheses
                                loss water.
                               Describe how             CTS
                                specific                 - Group and
     3.5 Understanding that                              Classifying
                                characteristics of
      plants have specific                               - Analysing
                                plants help them to
        characteristics to                               -Evaluating
                                survive in dry region.
       protect themselves
                               Give example of          - Making
      from dry region and                                conclusions
                                plants found in
          strong winds.
                                strong winds area.
                               Identify specifics of
                                plants that protect
                                them from strong
                               Describe how
                                characteristic of
                                plants help them to
                                survive in strong

                                                                 SC/Y4/ - 5 -

WEEK LEARNING AREA                                 LEARNING OUTCOMES               NOTES
                          1.1Understanding the     Pupils
                          measurement of length.    State the different ways
                                                     to measurement length.
                                                    State the standard unit
                                                     for length in the metric
                                                    Choose the appropriate
                                                     measurement tools to
                                                     measure length.
                                                    Measure length using
                                                     the correct technique.
                                                    Record lengths in
                                                     standard units.
                          1.2 Understanding how    Pupils                       SPS :
                          to calculate area.        Compare a square and a     - Predicting
                                                     rectangle and guess        - Observing
                                                     which object has a         Communicating
                                                     bigger area.               - Making
 13                                                                               Inferences
                                                    Carry out a test to
                                                     confirm their guesses.
 14                                                                             Hypotheses
                                                    State that area= length
         1. Measurement                              X width.
 15                                                                             CTS
                                                    State the standard unit    - Group and
                                                     for area in the metric     Classifying
                                                     system.                    - Analysing
                                                    Calculate the area of a    -Evaluating
                                                     given shape in metrics     - Making
                                                     system.                    conclusions
                          1.3 Understanding how    Pupils
                          to measure the volume     Compare a cube and
                          of solid                   cuboids and guess
                                                     which one bigger
                                                    Carry out a test to
                                                     confirm their guesses.
                                                    State that volume =
                                                     length X width X
                                                    State the standard unit
                                                     for volume of solids in
                                                     the metric system.
                                                    Calculate the volumes
                                                     of cubes and cuboids

                                                                                       SC/Y4/ - 6 -
                               based on the
                               measurements taken in
                               standard unit.
     1.4 Understanding how   Pupils
     to measure volume of     State the different ways
     liquid.                   to measure the volume
                               of a liquid.
                              State the standard units
                               for volume of liquid in
                               the metric system.
                              Choose the appropriate
                               measuring tools to
                               measure the volume of a     SPS :
                               liquid.                     - Predicting
                              Measure the volume of       - Observing
                               a liquid using the          -
                               correct technique.          Communicating
                              Record the volume           - Making
                               measured in a metric          Inferences
                               system.                     -Making
16   1.5 Understanding how   Pupils                        Hypotheses
     to measure mass.         State tools for
17                                                         CTS
                               measuring mass
                                                           - Group and
                              State the standard unit
                               for mass in the metric
18                                                         - Analysing
                              Measure the mass of an      - Making
19                             object using the correct    conclusions
                              Record the
                               measurement using
                               standard unit.
     1.6 Understanding how   Pupils
     to measure time          Identify different ways
                               to measure time
                              State that processes that
                               repeat uniformly can be
                               used to measure time.
                              State the standard unit
                               for time in the metric
                              Identify tools for
                               measuring time.
                              Measure time using          First Semester
                               appropriate tools           Exam on week-
                              Record the time                    19
                               measure in metric

                                                                  SC/Y4/ - 7 -
1.7 Realising the         Pupils
importance of using the    Choose and use the
metric system.              appropriate tools to
                            measure the volume of
                            liquids and masses of
                            the ingredients in a
                           Give reasons for any
                            differences in the dough
                            prepared by pupils using
                            the given recipe.
                           Conclude the need for
                            using metric system.

                                                       SC/Y4/ - 8 -

        LEARNING               LEARNING
WEEK                                                 LEARNING OUTCOMES                  NOTE
          AREA                OBJECTIVES
                                                      Classify objects into
                                                       groups according to the
                                                       materials they are made
                                                      Identify materials that
                                                       conduct electricity.
                                                      Identify materials that
                                                       conduct heat.
                                                      Identify materials that
                                                       float on water.
                                                      Identify materials that     SPS :
                                                       absorb water.               - Predicting
                                                      Identify materials that     - Observing
 21                                                    can be stretched.           - Communicating
                                                      Identify materials that     - Making
                                                       allow light to pass           Inferences
 22                                                    through.                    -Making
                                                      State what a conductor      Hypotheses
                          1.1 Understanding the
                          properties of materials.
 23                                                   State what an insulator     CTS
       1. Properties of                                                            - Group and
                                                      Conclude that a good        Classifying
 24                                                    conductor of heat is also   - Analysing
                                                       good conductor of           -Evaluating
                                                       electricity.                - Making
                                                      Classify materials based    conclusions
                                                       on their abilities to
                                                       allow light pass through.
                                                      State what a transparent
                                                       material is.
                                                      State what a translucent
                                                       material is.
                                                      State what an opaque
                                                       material is.
                                                      List uses of transparent,
                                                       translucent and opaque

                          1.2 Applying the           Pupils
                          knowledge of                Suggest ways to keep
                          properties of materials      things cold.
                          in everyday life.           Suggest ways to keep

                                                                                          SC/Y4/ - 9 -
                                 things hot.
                                Design an effective way
                                 to keep things hot or to
                                 keep things cold.
     1.3 Synhesising the       Pupils
     knowledge about uses       List objects and the
     of materials based on       materials that they are
     their properties.           made.
                                Give reasons why
                                 particular materials are     SPS :
                                 used to make an object.      - Predicting
25                                                            - Observing
                                State that materials are
                                 chosen to make an            - Communicating
26                                                            - Making
                                 object based on their
                                 properties.                    Inferences
                                Design an object for a       -Making
                                 specific purpose and         Hypotheses
                                 give reasons why
                                 certain materials are        CTS
                                 used to make it.             - Group and
     1.4 Knowing the           Pupils                         Classifying
                                                              - Analysing
     importance of reuse,       Give example of natural
     reduce and recycle of                                    -Evaluating
                                                              - Making
     materials.                 Give example of man-
                                 made materials.
                                State that man-made
                                 materials come from
                                 natural materials.
                                Give reasons why
                                 materials need to be
                                Practise reusing,
                                 reducing and recycling
                                 to conserve materials.
     1.5 Understanding that    Pupils
     some materials can rust    Differentiate between a
                                 rusty object and a non-
29                               rusty object.
                                Identify objects that can
30                               rust.
                                Conclude that objects
                                 made from iron can be
                                 rust.                        SPS :
                                Design a fair test to find   - Predicting
                                 out what factors cause       - Observing
                                 rusting by deciding          - Communicating
                                 what to change, what to      - Making
31                               observe and what to
                                                                     SC/Y4/ - 10
                                keep the same.              Inferences
                               Carry out the test and     -Making
                                record the observation.    Hypotheses
     1.6 Understanding that   Pupils
     rusting can be            State the different ways   CTS
     prevented                  to prevent objects from    - Group and
                                rusting.                   Classifying
                               Explain how these ways     - Analysing
                                can prevent rusting.       -Evaluating
                               Explain why it is          - Making
                                necessary to prevent       conclusions

                                                                  SC/Y4/ - 11

          LEARNING               LEARNING
WEEK                                                  LEARNING OUTCOMES                   NOTE
            AREA                OBJECTIVES
                                                      List the constituents of the
                                                       Solar System
                             1.1 Understanding the    List the planets in the
                                 Solar System          Solar System in a
                                                      State that planets move
                                                       around the Sun                 SPS :
                                                     Pupils                           - Predicting
                                                      State the size of the Sun      - Observing
                                                       relative to the size of the    -
 33                                                    Earth                          Communicating
                             1.2 Understanding the
                                                      State the size of the Earth    - Making
                                relative size and
                                                       relative to the size of the      Inferences
                              distance between the
 34                                                    Moon.                          -Making
                             Earth , the Moon and
       1. The solar system          the Sun.          State the relative distance    Hypotheses
                                                       from the Earth to the Sun
 35                                                    compared to the Relative       CTS
                                                       distance from the Moon to      - Group and
                                                       the Earth.                     Classifying
 36                                                  Pupils                           - Analysing
                                                      State why certain planets      -Evaluating
                                                       are not conducive for          - Making
                                                       living things.                 conclusions
                             1.3 Appreciating the     Predict what will happen if
                             perfect of the planet     the Earth is placed much
                              Earth in the Solar       nearer or farther from the
                                   System.             Sun.
                                                      Conclude that the Earth is
                                                       the only planet in the Solar
                                                       System that has living

                                                                                        SC/Y4/ - 12

WEEK      LEARNING AREA                               LEARNING OUTCOMES                 NOTE
                                                      State that there are
                                                       limitations to humans
                                                       abilities to do things
                            1.1 understanding the
                                                      Identify devices used to
                                importance of
 37                                                    overcome human’s
                           technology in everyday
                                                      Explain how certain
                                                       devices are used to
                                                       overcome human’s             SPS :
                                                       limitation.                  - Predicting
                                                     Pupils                         - Observing
                                                      Give example of              -
                                                       development of               Communicating
 38                        1.2 Understanding the                                    - Making
                              development of                                          Inferences
                                                      Recognise the needs to
 39                             technology                                          -Making
                                                       innovate or invent devices
                                                       for the betterment of        Hypotheses
                                                     Pupils                         CTS
           1. Technology
                                                                                    - Group and
                                                      Identify problems they
                                                       encounter in their daily
                                                                                    - Analysing
                                                      Generate ideas to solve
 40                         1.3 Synthesising how                                    - Making
                                                       the problems identified.
                           technology can be used                                   conclusions
 41                           to solve problems.      Design a device to solve
                                                       the problem identified.
                                                      Demonstrate how the
                                                       device invented can be
                                                       used to solve the problem
                                                      State that technology has
                                                       advantages and
                             1.4 Analysing that        disadvantages.
 42                        technology can benefit                                   Final Exam on
                                                      Conclude that technology        week- 40
                           mankind if used wisely.
                                                       can benefit mankind if
                                                       used wisely.

                                                                                      SC/Y4/ - 13

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